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  1. Hard to believe that Dwayne Haskins is older than Sam Darnold.
  2. Don’t think he got hurt, he was just ineffective and Williams was looking good with his touches compared to CEH. CEH maybe still wasn’t at 100% health from his previous injuries, at least as an owner, that’s what I am hoping.
  3. Worse case GB goes for the TD and fails. They have to stop TB and have enough time to try for a TD and 2 point conversion, then hope for OT. A good result would have been getting the TD, but failed on 2 point conversion. So down by 2. They still have to stop TB and have enough time to get ball back and only have to kick a FG to win. The best result would have been getting the TD and 2 point conversion. Kicking the ball to Tampa, holding them and getting the ball back with enough time to kick a FG to win the game, if not, take chance in OT The worse case was not going for TD
  4. Agree 100%, to much risk going for the FG and then having to guarantee Tampa goes 3 and out and then having enough time to go 70 or 80 yards for a TD. The only smart play I saw the GB coach was to jump offsides on purpose, I was surprised Tampa didn’t just decline the penalty.
  5. One of the reasons the GB coach justified kicking the FG was that they still had all of their timeouts plus an extra timeout at the 2:00 warning. Tampa Bay returned the kick but the returner slid and stopped the clock with 2:02 left. Why didn’t he keep running which would have taken the clock down to under 2:00 and that would have used up the timeout for the 2:00 warning? Was he afraid of fumbling? I was shocked when I saw him sliding. That slide gave the Packers 40 seconds, it didn’t end up hurting the Bucs, but it could have.
  6. I’m only play in dynasty leagues and mainly use DLF for my main content and their forums. Really don’t follow any poster on FBGs for dynasty, though I really enjoy the Shark Tank forum. DLF’s trade calculator, trade finder, off-season mock drafts and their frequently up to date rankings by multiple analysts is something that I find worthwhile and entertaining. Enjoy listening to a bunch of different dynasty podcasts, unreal how many are available, really like the ones that Matt Williamson is involved with.
  7. I hope Washington stays out of the Watson sweepstakes. He’s a great QB but realistically how can you build a team that has a legit chance at winning a Super Bowl if you are paying a QB $40 million a year (Watson’s cap hit in 2022 and 2023) and are just an average team as of today? If Watson was a free agent, I can understand wanting to make a play for him, you can always restructure contracts, but to give up 1st round picks in addition to valuable players and then pay a ton in salary, it would be a big mistake.
  8. Of course Andy Reid is going to say Mahomes looks good, why would he say anything else? Makes the Bills prepare for Mahomes no matter what. If Reid said Mahomes looks questionable/not good and then ends up playing, that would be a bad look the NFL and how serious they are taking the concussion protocol. I’ve watched football for a long time and never heard/seen any play when a player was wobbling like they just got hit by Mike Tyson and the reason was they were choked. I voted 50%, if it wasn’t a playoff game, I would have voted 100%.
  9. A.J. Brown said he had surgery on both of his knees. Brown claims that they believed his 2020 season was done after a Week 2 knee injury, but he managed to play through the pain. That makes his 70-1,075-11 receiving line across 14 games even more impressive. Brown simply is one of the best and most physical athletes at the position. It's unclear what surgeries he had -- his Week 2 injury was reportedly a bone bruise -- but he has months to get back to full health before training camp. With Corey Davis and Jonnu Smith headed for free agency, Brown will be in the WR1 conversation for 2021 f
  10. 2021 Combine Cancelled 😠 No Combine This Year
  11. I don’t see that happening, not only would a team give up a high draft pick, but then they still have to pay Hunt $6 million a year and then resign him shortly when his contract is up to a bigger contract.
  12. Weird that it says that and on the radio today Ron Rivera said Heinicke was a “restricted” free agent and even Heinicke himself says he is restricted in this article. Heinicke Link
  13. Looks like he’s under pressure almost on every play, maybe they need to invest in offensive linemen instead.
  14. Jacobs will be reminded of that crash every time he looks in the mirror, he split his forehead open pretty good. Jacobs Photo
  15. Oh boy, that’s not a good way to end a season, at least he didn’t hurt someone. Las Vegas Raiders RB Josh Jacobs arrested for DUI hours after win. Jacobs DUI
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