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  1. Buzbee even provided evidence today where 1 of the 18 woman who came out in support of Watson had in the past made statements that she would never work with Watson again and that the word is getting out about him. Somehow Buzbee got copies of her DMs that she sent in the past. Also, I don’t understand why people are shocked that Buzbee and his client tried to get a settlement before it reached a trail. I’m pretty sure that’s how most civil lawsuits are handled. “Lawsuit Settlement Process - Statistically 90% of all lawsuits filed are settled before trial. Of the 10% of the cases th
  2. 1st criminal charge, not related at all to the women Mr. Buzbee is representing. But Mr. Buzbee did confirm he filed a new lawsuit today also, which now makes it a total of 22 lawsuits. Not sure why Watson’s lawyer, Mr Hardin, is saying he is glad that a criminal charge has been filed because he will now at least know the identity of one the anonymous women. But this is a “new” woman, unrelated to Mr. Buzbee and the 22 anonymous women who have file lawsuits.
  3. Can’t believe how Mary’s account of what happened can be considered good news for Watson. Basically confirms what the other woman are saying, but not as awful, even though Watson offered her the opportunity to touch his unit, he didn’t force her, but that didn’t stop him from doing his weird thrusting. “This towel is “itchy”, lol, that cracked me up.
  4. I kinda think that Watson and his attorney have been more willing and are discussing possible settlements and maybe that’s why Buzbee hasn’t pursued the criminal charges as of yet. Just the threat of doing it might be what leads to these suits being settled.
  5. I was just reading on a Houston Texans forum that 2 woman are leaving the civil suit and are filing criminal charges. We’ll see if this is true or not soon.
  6. He clarified that issue later and said that a “detective” contacted him, not the HPD.
  7. He won a huge settlement against BP, and some other big settlements, he must be a pretty good lawyer.
  8. This is his statement regarding that: “I need to dispel some silly rumors,” Buzbee said. “Yes, I live on River Oaks Boulevard and I live near the McNair family. I don’t know the McNair family. I wouldn’t recognize Cal or Hal or whatever his name is, if I saw him on the street. This case has nothing to do with the Texans, has nothing to do with free agency. The timing? I don’t know anything about that silliness and frankly don’t care about it. The Texans are not a team that I follow. This case is about brave women who are willing to step forward knowing that they will be criticized and ost
  9. I don’t see why he would be lying, he’s already rich, famous, has given over $20 million to charity. I think his net worth is over $700 million. He seems more than just a sleezy lawyer that some are calling him. But if he is lying like you say he is, I will be surprised.
  10. Hard to believe that Dwayne Haskins is older than Sam Darnold.
  11. Don’t think he got hurt, he was just ineffective and Williams was looking good with his touches compared to CEH. CEH maybe still wasn’t at 100% health from his previous injuries, at least as an owner, that’s what I am hoping.
  12. Worse case GB goes for the TD and fails. They have to stop TB and have enough time to try for a TD and 2 point conversion, then hope for OT. A good result would have been getting the TD, but failed on 2 point conversion. So down by 2. They still have to stop TB and have enough time to get ball back and only have to kick a FG to win. The best result would have been getting the TD and 2 point conversion. Kicking the ball to Tampa, holding them and getting the ball back with enough time to kick a FG to win the game, if not, take chance in OT The worse case was not going for TD
  13. Agree 100%, to much risk going for the FG and then having to guarantee Tampa goes 3 and out and then having enough time to go 70 or 80 yards for a TD. The only smart play I saw the GB coach was to jump offsides on purpose, I was surprised Tampa didn’t just decline the penalty.
  14. One of the reasons the GB coach justified kicking the FG was that they still had all of their timeouts plus an extra timeout at the 2:00 warning. Tampa Bay returned the kick but the returner slid and stopped the clock with 2:02 left. Why didn’t he keep running which would have taken the clock down to under 2:00 and that would have used up the timeout for the 2:00 warning? Was he afraid of fumbling? I was shocked when I saw him sliding. That slide gave the Packers 40 seconds, it didn’t end up hurting the Bucs, but it could have.
  15. I’m only play in dynasty leagues and mainly use DLF for my main content and their forums. Really don’t follow any poster on FBGs for dynasty, though I really enjoy the Shark Tank forum. DLF’s trade calculator, trade finder, off-season mock drafts and their frequently up to date rankings by multiple analysts is something that I find worthwhile and entertaining. Enjoy listening to a bunch of different dynasty podcasts, unreal how many are available, really like the ones that Matt Williamson is involved with.
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