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  1. Hurts had the one real bad pass to the guy wide open in the end zone, but he also had around 5 passes he threw right on target that went incomplete only because of great coverage. I can’t believe they took him out.
  2. The scene with the little girl that Daniel saved, all grown up now, that was one of my favorites of this season and of the series.
  3. It’s hard to believe that Ralph Macchio will turn 60 years old in November and Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) was only 52 years old when the 1st Karate Kid movie was released in 1984.
  4. 10 episode binge completed, really liked this season.👍
  5. Not only does Haskins need a new team, he also needs a new agent: “Haskins and David Mulugheta of Athletes First have mutually agreed to part ways, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.”
  6. A lot of mock drafts had Haskins going to the Giants at pick #6, the Giants took Daniel Jones instead.
  7. Yeah, you are probably right, it’s just so confusing why Gibbs wanted Jason Campbell. All of the 2005 mock drafts that I can find have Rodgers going early in the 1st round and Campbell isn’t mocked in the 1st round in any of them.
  8. Just wished Gibbs really liked Rodgers instead, nobody expected Rodgers to fall that far before the draft. There is some good video of Rodgers waiting in the Green Room during the draft.
  9. The 2005 draft, Washington selected Carlos Rogers with their 1st first round pick, and then traded up to get pick #25 to select Jason Campbell, if they had just traded up to pick #24, only one spot sooner, they could have drafted Aaron Rodgers, just imagine if that had happened.
  10. We’ll never know, but it ended up being one of the greatest passes a QB has ever thrown.
  11. Teams usually have their starting QBs as Captains, that is the only logical explanation, nothing else would make sense.
  12. What a bunch of crap, how in the world can anyone justify Josh Jacobs making the Pro Bowl team over James Robinson? It’s just ludicrous.
  13. Older thread link, if anyone is interested in reading it. Using The Word Owner for Fantasy Teams
  14. 2nd team gets a big advantage under this situation when a team gets a FG. They now have 4 plays to get a first down, punting is not an option.
  15. I heard the podcast that Berry was talking about this, he was furious of what Jacobs did, Berry pretty much lost it.
  16. I’ve never seen anywhere in sports where an owner has ever said they “own” a player, maybe they have, and if so, it has to be quite rare. I personally hate when I hear the word “bomb” used to refer to a long pass.
  17. I just saw this and thought it was interesting: Potential Radio Emission 51 Light Years Away
  18. He was heavily involved when he came back from his injured ankle, absolutely no reason to think he wouldn’t do the same this week if he plays, he’s only going to be playing if he is healthy. If he is active, he is going to get a lot of touches.
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