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  1. Russell Wilson has awful playoff matchups week 15 against Washington and 16 against the Rams and he hasn’t been cooking consistently lately. For this year I am not confident starting him in the playoffs, but for dynasty purposes, I’d give a late 1st for Wilson easily just for future seasons.
  2. Don’t understand how this scenario is a nightmare, I actually think it’s awesome to have this many teams still competing for playoff position this late in the season.
  3. John Elway was just seen throwing routes with some of the WRs, might be signed and activated later today.
  4. Terry McLaurin, just wow, easily can see why he is a team captain, crazy to think how good he can/will be.
  5. Dynasty leagues are totally different than redraft leagues, when rebuilding this scenario can happen and hopefully if it did and an owner or the commissioner wanted to investigate why you played a turd 🙂 , you have a good explanation.
  6. Let’s see, Micheal Thomas misses week 2 thru week 8, in week 9, his first game back, he scores just just over 10 points in PPR leagues and you are saying benching Thomas in week 10 was smart/fine play for a backup RB who might get some points in garbage time. Mattison had scored barely over 10 points total in his 3 previous games combined. I’ll just have to disagree with your opinion on benching Thomas for Mattison was a smart move for week 10.
  7. I can understand opinions on both side, even the vote is not too much in favor of my that this is collusion. But what I can’t for the life of me get behind the idea than any knowledgeable fantasy player could justify benching Michael Thomas for Alexander Mattison for week 10 of the season. Thomas just returned from missing 6 games to put up 10 points PPR leagues and an owner is going to bench him for Mattison. There should be 100% agreement at least that nobody would do that from what we saw in week 9 from Thomas and Mattison.
  8. Every game has an impact on who makes the playoffs and seedlings. Nothing I dislike more in playing fantasy football is when owner doesn’t submit his/her’s best lineup to compete each week. All games have ramifications for who makes the playoffs and the seedings. Though this particular instance of an owner agreeing to sit a top fantasy option in order for a trade to occur looks harmless at first for some of you, hopefully it backfires on the owner in the future and the tables will be turned where he misses the playoffs because another owner sits a stud that they just got in a trade.
  9. I think only DeAndre Hopkins would have been able to hold onto that one.
  10. That was a dumb play by the special team player.
  11. Micheal Thomas falling out of the top 24 is pretty surprising.
  12. Man, McClaurin look good today, didn’t get a TD, but was targeted a bunch and he just gets open. Really only 1 disappointing game all year, and it was against the Rams who shut down DK Metcalf today also. He’s exciting to watch, one of the top WR for the next 3 to 4 years.
  13. McClaurin owners have to feel more confident now going forward considering Kelce is one of the greats of all time and Tyreek was still able to put up those stats his rookie and 2nd year with Alex Smith. Now that Alex Smith is getting starter reps, that’s only going to help the timing between him and Scary Terry.
  14. He came back in after one of the trainers was working on him, he caught the short pass with 2 seconds left.
  15. I’m pulling for a Cowboys victory. Gives Washington a better shot at winning the division, but with Cowboys QB situation, it would be a shock if they can beat the Eagles. I know part of me wanted Washington to have a shot at Trevor Lawrence next year, but the division is within reach and I’m hoping they play their hearts out and get it. I was kinda of shock to find out the Kyle Allen was rated the #1 high school QB in 2014 and I think the #7 ranked overall. Maybe there is a chance he can develop into something special.
  16. Metcalf made one of the greatest hustling plays I’ve ever seen, he’s something else.
  17. The Saints seem like a good landing spot, but they don’t seem to have any interests, at least publicly. Have the Saints just labeled AB as a player they won’t touch with a 10 foot pole? On a different note, I think the chances are extremely likely once AB does return, a hammy injury will follow, not wishing an injury on him, but being out of football that long and getting up there in age, I would be amazed if he doesn’t suffer some kind of setback.
  18. Golden Tate throwing punches into the goal post after his TD, I think that was for Jalen Ramsey.
  19. He will be a disaster if he’s the same guy he was with Pittsburg. He hated JuJu getting the attention and how in the world is he going to handle DK Metcalf being the alpha male WR. This will be a train wreck for the Seahawks. If AB doesn’t get the majority share of targets/TDs, he won’t be a happy camper.
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