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  1. Didn’t watch the segment but Johnson absolutely deserves to be mocked.
  2. No doubt. I have to go Bakersfield 2-3 times a year on business. Ever since I started voting Democrat, an alarm goes off as soon as I enter Kern County.
  3. Actually @Gilroy34’s post, strange as it sounds, is a step up from the congressman I quoted, who apparently doesn’t even believe that there were any lunatics who jumped the wall. “Completely peaceful, no different from a guided tour.”
  4. In other words, am I a reasonable, rational, honest person? I hope I am.
  5. This is a compelling argument for you and I and those who want this nation to be safe.
  6. I just listened to some Georgia congressman explain his vote to get rid of Cheney. As best I can remember word for word: “She called what happened January 6 an insurrection. It was not an insurrection, it was a peaceful gathering with protestors taking photographs in a peaceful fashion, no different from tourists on any other day. Nothing of consequence happened on January 6, just completely made up by the media.” This is where we are. Andrew somebody from Georgia.
  7. Yes, they are lying (probably to themselves as well) because they are embarrassed. Their explanation makes no sense.
  8. Now 6 Israelis dead, and over 60 Palestinians dead and 20 children. Again, what is the endgame?
  9. It’s not that outdated. I haven’t seen any public health officials come out and encourage people to stop wearing masks the way some of you are doing. When that happens I will pay attention. Which is my entire point: I trust them. I don’t trust @tonydead. Tonydead told me to stop wearing my mask over a year ago. He’s been wrong about this virus from the beginning. For him it’s a political thing. As for you Ivan, I trust you way more than Tony, but not nearly as much as public health experts. They’re the ones who have trained for this their entire lives. And despite the BS that gets spread ar
  10. I appreciate your thoughts. I’ve got my annual physical exam coming up in a few weeks, do you mind if I send you the results? I trust my doctor but I can always use a second opinion.
  11. From the Cleveland Clinic: why you shouldn’t take your mask off yet, even if vaccinated: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/already-vaccinated-heres-why-you-shouldnt-stop-wearing-your-face-mask-yet/ Once again, I find myself torn between deciding for public health experts like the Cleveland Clinic, or Internet posters like @tonydead. I simply can’t make up my mind, it’s that close.
  12. Except she didn’t do this either. Cheney was silent about Trump after the impeachment vote. It was only when Trump started pushing the false narrative again, attacking her and everyone else who voted to impeach him, and started pushing for the Arizona recount and other shenanigans- that’s when she responded after receiving questions about it from the media. This is all about Trump targeting Cheney, not the other way around. And it’s about Republicans being embarrassed by her response because they know she’s telling the truth. But she didn’t press the issue; that’s simply fa
  13. Except that she never talked about how the party sucked.
  14. Inflation likely to be transitory: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/inflation-increases-likely-to-prove-transitory-fed-official-says-11620824400
  15. Of the so-called “crisis” listed, the only one that could be a serious problem for Biden is inflation. But hopefully (for all of us) that won’t be the case.
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