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  1. Other than the fact that what you just wrote has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, OK?
  2. I think you’re absolutely right. Square and programs like it have changed everything. It’s less cash than ever.
  3. So what? Do you really believe that China, or Russia, or anyone else would take that risk? A radical Islamist state with nukes, that scares me. Because they are crazy enough that they might not care. China and Russia, they’ve had the ability to kill us all our entire lives. It’s just something we have to live with.
  4. I generally agree with you, although it’s my experience that cash heavy retail businesses don’t report anything close to what they actually take in. But it’s almost impossible to catch them though.
  5. Is it really scary? China has already had the ability to destroy us instantly with ICBMs for years, if they so chose to do so. How does this make them more of a threat?
  6. I don’t hate Trump. And I also don’t agree with your assessment of him.
  7. A couple poor moves, no real disasters IMO. More of a success story than anything else.
  8. All these Molly Ringwald flicks run together in my memory.
  9. Sorry- I meant Sixteen Candles. My bad.
  10. See what I mean? Im all for it John. Many moderate Democrats are. This is an issue we could find some consensus on.
  11. What has gained traction is the feeling that we need to do SOMETHING. And yes, throwing money at new technologies would get approval. But anything that raises costs or loses jobs probably won’t. I keep thinking we could get support from Republicans if we looked more at nuclear as a viable alternative. Conservatives are typically against spending money on solar or wind but they love nuclear.
  12. I agree with this to a certain extent. But- the Democrats will never have enough power to deal with climate change on their own. Even if they pass something that they can all agree on, the Republicans will only reverse it once they take power (which they will because the public won’t love whatever the Democrats do.) The real problem is that the public will not accept having to make sacrifices as a trade off for rewards that they will never see, which are mostly intangible. They never have and they never will. We have to come up with a solution to fighting climate change that does not involve sacrifice. I don’t know what that is.
  13. I saw a list recently of movies that would never be made today because they are racially insensitive, homophobic, insensitive to women, etc. Some of these movies are all time classics and some of them I’ve always loved (for instance Pretty in Pink- racially insensitive to Asians and objectifies women and worse.) And yet, if not making these movies is the trade-off for a more civil society in which we respect each other more, then I will take it.
  14. I get what you’re saying and I do sympathize with some of it. You’re right that there is a lot more than race and my initial objection to CRT was based on that. It shouldn’t be all about race. But on the other hand it should be MORE about race. The truth of what happened regarding this issue hasn’t been taught enough. And it hasn’t been given enough emphasis IMO. It deserves a lot more, I believe.
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