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  1. Earlier in this thread I made the point that this issue, interesting as it is, matters far more to us political nerds on the left and right then it matters to the vast majority of high school students. I just want to double down on this, after talking to another one tonight, a friend of my daughters who is entering her senior year this fall. She’s had history every year, always gets 100%. This last year she took AP American history and got a 5 on the test (top score.) I talked to her; she knows almost nothing about American history. She regurgitated a bunch of facts and dates for the test; she
  2. They can follow me all they want. If they want to take issue with something I wrote, or agree with it, I hope they DO follow me. If, however, all they want to do is post about me rather than about the issue at hand, I wish they wouldn’t.
  3. I’ve never read a post from you that wasn’t about the topic (until just now lol.) You’re also not one of those I was referring to.
  4. I disagree. @BladeRunner is not one of those I was referring to. Almost all of his posts, certainly the vast majority, are about topics not other posters.
  5. Sports teams from Boston suck. (Actually, I don’t need to limit this to sports teams.) Go.
  6. I’ll answer because you asked. But you also asked me earlier not to take shots against other posters, so I will try to be as general as possible: There are certain people here who follow me around from thread to thread taking shots at me. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a debate idea like this one, or if it’s a particular response I have to any specific subject; they love to rag on me. I’m not gonna name names but you can tell who they are by the fact that their posts are always about ME rather than whatever subject I am raising. As to why they do this, they have several reasons I’m sure:
  7. Do you want to debate me? come on it would be totally fun. We could choose one topic for now. I know you disagree with me on immigration. We could do it just on that issue.
  8. The Republicans would not only have to take back the Senate, they would need 67 seats. Or, they would have to find some Democratic senators to go along.
  9. I was like swinging between 80% he’s trolling and 20% he’s serious But with this post there’s simply no room for that 20% anymore.
  10. You don’t? Here’s a hint: the debate has nothing to do with the piling on. Just an excuse.
  11. 25 out of 26? You’re on quite the roll.
  12. Right, but that doesn’t make it racist in intent.
  13. This gets repeated a lot and I honestly think it’s very unfair to Christians who support Donald Trump. Here is one argument in their defense: many conservative religious Christians believe that abortion is murder, an immoral act. Suppose they are confronted with two candidates for President: the first lives an immoral personal life, unchristian, but is pledged to select judges that view the right to an abortion to be unconstitutional. The second lives a moral, Christian life, but is pledged to select judges who will protect abortion rights. If these folks choose the first candidate, what
  14. One of my favorite skits ever. But you’re absolutely right. Rather than tell me they’re not interested in debating, or better yet just skipping over the thread, these folks have to come in here and rip me for even WANTING a debate in the first place.
  15. It’s not about defending Biden. It’s a much older argument. Conservatives believe that programs designed to target minorities (such as affirmative action, or this latest plan) are by definition racist since they aid those minorities to the exclusion of other non-minorities. Liberals don’t believe this; we hold that when the purpose is to aid minorities in a positive fashion to make up for inequities it cannot be racist.
  16. It’s not any better the second time around
  17. Some of these responses are hilarious. @John123playing board cop and trying to instruct me on what this forum should be about. @tonydeadtrying to psychoanalyze my motives (they’re actually pretty simple Tony- I thought a structured back and forth debate would be fun and educational-that’s it!) @Ramblin Wreck opining that I’m too emotional, wouldn’t follow GG’s convoluted and insane rules and…oh yeah I almost forgot: RW says I POST TOO MUCH (Hey Wreck how many posts is that now you’ve devoted to whining about me, squis or sho? Someone guessed it was 20 out of the last 21 but I can’t find the 1.
  18. You know, until you brought it up, I never realized just how much time I spent posting in here. I sure wish somebody had pointed this out to me a long time ago.
  19. Really? So this is the ONE pastime that should be replaced with good works in the neighborhood? All other forms of entertainment are fine, but a debate idea deserves shaming and “why aren’t you out helping others?” Quite a bit of hypocrisy IMO
  20. Why the negative response? If you’re not interested in this, why respond at all? To answer your question I’m not determined. Just thought it would be fun. If nobody takes me up on it, that’s cool. But the resistance to the idea is a little surprising.
  21. You’re the perfect guy for my debate idea- seriously. Are you interested? It wouldn’t involve any more posting than you’re already doing.
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