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  1. This isn't just due to some status reset after the week finished, is it?
  2. 20 yard pass on 3rd and 20? this is the jets? (nice throw)
  3. i've never seen so many passes 10 feet over the receiver's head
  4. This should be interesting, today's theme is 20 yard throws to nowhere
  5. Why would you wait to catch a kickoff on a bounce?
  6. traded 48 for mims, 2 4ths, and 6th round next year! I like it
  7. I didn't think there was any chance mims would still be there
  8. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1244026547520102401 (baldy's breakdown of becton) 😀
  9. Apparently the 7 other inactives are more hurt than he is, and this may not be an indicator that he will play 😕
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