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  1. they'll sit him till after the bye.so 4 weeks. could be a league winner down the stretch, however.
  2. longer gestational period in Cleveland.
  3. in the thread's title, what's the 'NFL late' season??? some secret decoder ring I'm missing or something, can I phone a friend, buy a vowel? did you mean the playoffs? why not just say the NFL playoffs, then?
  4. games that jump off the page to me: WFT getting 6 pts, at home, with a 55.5 over the highest of the week and one of the highest of the season thus far. Reid's former pupil Rivera takes on his former mentor. I've seen enought WFT games the past 30 years to know this is the type of game they look other-wordly and play spirited football. As it goes, this is about WFT offense attacking Chiefs pathetically weak defense. I don't see the Chiefs with a CB/db that can stop Scary Terry, nor do I see a defensive front 7 that will stop or even slow down Gibson and McKissic. You take the WFT getting the pts.They're going to control the clock. take the under. Can someone please explain how Balt is giving 3 to LAC? Bungles won't beat the Lions in Det, and have no business giving pts here. Browns win by more that 3 pts, at home. Trev Lawrence and Co are heating up , they're moving the ball well, the running game is on fire. take the Jags getting pts @ home vs lousy Fish team
  5. nope. looks to me like he's another OBJ - head case idiot. this guy is as likely to be kicked out of a game for a bad temper as he is to score a 90 yard TD. no thanks.it's only a matter of time before he becomes a drama queen WR ala OBJ. next.
  6. he's marvin harrison all over again. but better. as the season wears on he's going to get more and more action.
  7. isn't Doug Pederson on speed dial on Jax front office phones? you can get Pederson and Matt Patricia for DC , cheaper than a K-mart blue light special. somewhere, tom coughlin is laughing his butt off
  8. if Michael Carter is available he's going to be a stud RB going forward, nearly all of NYJ carries went through him last 2 weeks. only going to see more and more of this going forward. Hunter Renfrow - steady targets and recs.out-targeted Waller week 4.
  9. all-in on DH this week, he might stomp the Cards here, plant his flag and shove Michel back to the bench. hey thanks for filling in for me last week, but I got this. expecting a full-on torching of the Cards run defense by DH
  10. intrigued with Aiyuk here. coming out of the doghouse, maybe this is his breakout game. Niners going to need to score pts and their run game is suspect with so many moving parts. at some point Aiyuk is going to have that massive game. Who does Ramsey lockdown is it Moore or Kirk? IF it's Moore, you're screwed there. If it's Kirk, you've got some wiggle room. N.O. defense has been pretty stout against the pass tough to go with Golladay. Dsmith is OK he's not going to hurt you, good chance Eagles look better than last week maybe a spirited effort vs Kool Aid's team.
  11. Marshall Faulk was very electric, more so than Barry. Joe Montana was a maestro. Emmitt Smith Priest Holmes had a cup of coffee as one of the most electric players ever. defensively: Charles Haley was so unstoppable. Lawrence Taylor. Reggie White. Ed Reed.
  12. I don't know if Gibson is a sell high or a buy low right now. having a hard time figuring out what to do with the guy.
  13. you robbed the guy blind, you should be brought up on charges. Montgomery ?😂 that guy is a lesser RB , C. Patterson is even better than him right now. I had Monty his rookie season, got tired of the Trent Richardson 2.5 yards and a cloud of dust schtick. a 4th pick included? so what you made out like a bandit.
  14. y'all are overthinking this. just who have the Panthers beaten this season ?? Jets. Texans. Saints. not exactly a murderer's row of opposition.Panther D is VASTLY overrated. Dak is matchup proof. Ride him till the wheels fall off.
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