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  1. Toe hobbles.here with go with the excuses. Mahomes sucked.why can't you just say it.2 picks. barely 100 yards deep into the 3rd Quarter. he sucked. maybe that's the reason why Bienemey doesn't get a HC job??? maybe he sucks in interviews? maybe he's just not as good as ,say, Leftwhich??
  2. put away the annointing oils for Mahomes and the 'dynasty' talk., sorry he's not the second coming QB. glorified stat compiler. have to throw for more than 100-ish yards in a SB. sheesh. that was a pathetic game by Mahomes.but never under estimate Kool Aid's abilit yot F things up. oh, and Spags got his lunch eaten by Lefty. schooled. TB running game really was the key. and Williams. and Gronk. grond-n-pound sorry, but this is the end of the 'generational talent' talk for Mahomes. just stop. when he approaches Russ Wilson's stats then lets talk.
  3. Time to put away the annointing oils. this just in...mahomes not that good, really.. Details at 11. and to those who put stock in Spags..dude ran the STL Rams to what, 2-32 record or some nonsense like that?! please. I said the bucs run game would win and it did. chiefs defense sucks.soft. chiefs o-line soft. need Emmitt Smith to say they got debacled.
  4. hate to say I told you so, but... sorry to the ppl who buy into the catch-phrase-QB talk.I thought he was s'posed to be the greatest of all time ..I thought this was a dynasty in the making.what happened?? todd bowles kicked your butt, that's what happened. oh, and if I'm Kool-Aid there's no way in friggin hell that honey badger sees the 2nd half, take a shower, you're done today, son. what a friggin clown that kid is. sorry , but to be called the 'generational' QB ( what ever that means) you kinda need to throw for more than 100-ish yards in a SB. I mean, really..c'mon now
  5. bust. who in their right mind is 'aggressively' pursuing Wentz.dude's made of glass and kite string. Eagles need to stop with the 'we want significant compensation' nonsense. if all of this was true he would've been traded long before now. maybe he's worth a late second rounder, but the kids coming in to the NFL nowadays, they can ball-out. I don't think you need a guy like Wentz when you can find a guy like Justin Herbert. Wentz has that Kordell Stewart thing about him.good for a couple years, then fading slowly at first, then full speed. He's toast,no matter where he goes, he
  6. Bucs 34-17. When the chiefs show they can stop the run I'll pick them, but with the way Bucs O-line, Ronald Jones and L. Fournette have been playing, I don't see how the chiefs offense sess the field. Think about what these Road Warriors have done - winning in GB in Jan in a Championship game - that's happened, what, like 3 times in Packers history that they've lost a playoff game at home? They've beaten the 'Aints - a team that beat them badly 2x in regular season. take the under, it's a defensive battle. Bucs are Road Warriors, remind me of 2007 Giants. And Bucs have chosen to use the
  7. I don't see how the Jets can or will ever get a half-decent coach now or anytime in the near future. I mean if you're Bienemy do you REALLY want to go coach the Jets and their horrible ownership/front office? I just can't see them attracting the A-list coaches like this. Maybe a guy like a Lane Kiffin, but not Bienemy. just my thoughts. Gettleman should be escorted out of the bldg immediately, and have him take Danny nickles with him. Nagy is just as incompetent as Gase, Despite backing in to the playoffs, they're most likely going to fire him after the 1st round game, horrible coac
  8. this team suddenly looks legit I never thought I'd say that.Matt Stafford is playing his tail off! he has become a must start fantasy QB
  9. the up-n-coming Colts defense takes on the Gordon-less Chargers , indy playing with a chip on their shoulder in the 'you're gonna suck without Luck' era. Colts could be playing inspired football this weekend with people telling them that they've gone from a potential 12-4 team to an 8-8 team..they might come out hot as hell both offensively and defensively Jets' defense vs a suspect Bills offense with J. Allen Vikings will crush Atl Seahawks Lions Eagles will stifle the hapless Redskins
  10. can't hit the ocean with a beach ball 50% comp percentage. Akili Smith is back! don't believe the ESPN hype- Haskins isn't all-that.
  11. Robby Anderson is going to feast in this offense , sneaky good WR for 2019
  12. Why do I get that Akili Smith vibe with Haskins?
  13. Francesa was talking about the eyes the other day.almost feel for Gase, definitely appears like he has some problem there..maybe the lights, maybe he's somewhat blind I dunno he definitely looked like he has a sight problem..the beating he's taking in the media is pretty bad..is there an eye doctor in the house that can describe whats going on here? can't be that he's 'intense' and that's how he always looks.I mean that was like introducing Ray Charles as your head coach. absolutely the strangest interview ever this side of the Al Davis interview thingy with the light next to him and the
  14. I can't see how someone else's castoff is another person's treasure. I wonder, how many people on this board who support the hire, actually watched the Dolphins games the past couple of years? those of us who have can tell you, that Gase is as clueless as they come. just a terrible hire, a coach who is in WAY over his head ( he's OC material NOT HC material). But this is typical Jets football operations , hire lousy coaches time and time again..While I agree that Tannehill was not a good QB, as someone else stated, Gase didn't coax anything more out of him than Philbin did. Just watch some in
  15. when the Jets spank you, you KNOW you're doing something wrong. Matty Patty.LOL. like above poster said, this is 5 straight they've looked completely unprepared and have been ridiculously outplayed .. Could Det be the ONLY team to go 0-16 twice?! wow..
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