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  1. LOL. I feel like the halftime was spent taking a leak, and making the beverage, spilling 73% of it in the process. I don't think we're still on version 1 of this concoction, probably like version 2 or 3.the 'woops' factor has to be taken into acount.
  2. it's highly unlikely that Damien Harris develops into anything significant. this is the same clown who had a couple of years to kick Sony Michel to the curb and came up empty. how can you get behind this guy and think he's the answer? there's just no way that happens. James White is/was, and always will be the quasi #1 RB in this offense. Can we stop with the Harris nonsense already , please? I'd be shocked if Harris goes for over 70 yards vs. the Jets of all teams, this weekend. probably the week White or someone else goes off , while Harris grabs the clipboard and takes notes.
  3. I just stated in another thread..Gibson is open for a screen ### on every single offensive play, ones that would go for min 15 yards every play. the hell is washington doing here?? Gibson should be at 8-98-1, 15-75-1 by now. It's why I have never wanted a player in a washington offense.they just suck, and almost always have.
  4. can anyone tell me why it is that on every offensive play by Wash., beer man drops back to pass, and gibson is WIDE OPEN 3 yards downfield for a Rb dumpoff, and beer man never throws it to him???????? they'd get 15 yards, minimum, on every drop back to pass play that they use. i do not get it. watch next time WTF is on offense.yeah, WTF , as in what the F are they calling???
  5. I dunno, it might be best to sit for one more week, then pounce on the wire. not a lot of standouts clamoring for your attention, as others have said, there's a lot of flash in the pan type stuff out there right now. two weeks is the beginning of a trend, let's see who carries it over through next week. J. Reagor had himself a game, can he sustain it? what about D. Parker? B. Edwards might be the poster boy for one week wonder. is Darnold this year's version of Tannehill 2020?
  6. Cooks is a legit WR2. he's ALWAYS good for 8-80 every week. in my leagues, thats at least 11 pts guaranteed each and every week. it's the steady ppg that I like, not a fan of the guy who goes for 22 fantasy pts one week, 6 the next.talking about you Thielen.
  7. might not be a buy low guy, but DeVonta Smith is a must-add player to your roster. still kinda cheap, but his value is going to rise, sharply. I wish I could buy into what you're all saying about Aiyuk, I have him, I'm done with the Shenanigans, getting off this ship. is James Robinson a buy low candidate? I mean, his usage was critically bad. or, is this offense going to be 80/20 pass/run? A. Gibson? Bengals defense? are they that much improved? D. Watson - is he going to be traded ?
  8. if not rostered, I'm loving Brandin Cooks. I like what Zach Wilson showed once he got going. Darnold looked impressive. Trevor Lawrence threw 3 TDs and 334 yards or whatever his stats were. he also had about 170 dropped passes from bumbling idiots on the Jags roster. if they tighten that up, and after seeing the total lack of commitment to the running game, TL is in for a HUGE year!
  9. Niners..the left coast version of the patriots. never ever take a player in either offense you'll be dizzy trying to figure out which guy to start each week. Damien Harris had a good game. what are the odds he does it again next week? 1-2%? The Niners are just as bad. I'd just rather let someone else deal with the headaches. I have Aiyuk, he'll be dropped this week.
  10. damien harris - it'll be Stevenson next week, then some other guy in week 3. he had one big run but looked average the rest of the game. David Montgomery TJ Hockenson Amari Cooper
  11. Pretty pathetic showing at home Vs the Fish. defense couldn't stop anything the Fish were doing. offense couldn't do anything right. have fun with your 9-8 , 8-9 season, NE. and no, M. jones didn't look otherworldly. he looked worse than that dope biden reading scripts all the time. dink-n-dunk 7 yard passes. but who is he throwing to ? no one. bunch of truck drivers at WR/TE. it's only gonna get worse , all y'all Pats fans had this as a blowout sure fire NE win. what happened!!? instead, you got the snot beat out of you.get used to it, it's only game 1. gonna be a looong season
  12. it's WTF, not WFT. they've always stuck always will. even Joe gibbs coming back couldn't cure their ieptitude. I'm off everyone's bandwagons..no interest in WTF players
  13. pathetic showing. waiver wire fodder for week 2, I'm dropping him.
  14. of course he was all world, you expected anything less?
  15. butt..but..buutt.you woulda been the FIRST guy to pound your chest had Pitts gone 8-131-2TD right? just checking.. dude sucks. arthur smith the HC sux. one of the nfl's 3 worst teams in 2021. come to grips with that.. I mean, a dome game, and the fal-cants..Atl HC is wearing a hoodie sweater ..in 70 degree weather. worse than bears jackwagon Matt Nagy , a bald guy, wearing a golf cap in 4 degree weather. LOL. stupidity at the highest level
  16. you said the defense was elite, care to comment? they look like chumps out there. I thought you said they'd be 'scary' on defensee??? looked pretty ho-hum to me. LB Kyle Chop Suey looks average. who else you got? not much. magic is gone, kid. this NE team is average, at best. nothing special.don't confuse 'elite' level Def play with average like the Pats. when will pats fans realize your time has come n gone, that it's not coming back with this coaching staff. joshy McD sux..BB is just old and clearly lost his fastball. it was a great 20 yr stint at the top.kudos.now take your lumps like every other franchise in every other sport in history.what part of that can't you realize??
  17. no , they spanked you up and down the field. you're right , you're not good. who was the dude who said NE def is elite? LOL. *cough*. yeah ok, welcome 8-9 season, folks. but I thought you were good?! some woman holding a 'we're back!' sign at NE..Lol. no , no you're not. you're a far way from being 'back', sorry. I thought the Star Trek kid Jonnu Smith was gonna make all the difference, I mean they have what $59 mil tied up in TEs? cmon man y'all gotta do better than this. it's comical.Joshy mcDaniels schtick has gotten old, I've been saying it for 2 years. BB is NOT BB without TB12..
  18. NE defense will spend more time on the field than previous seasons simply because of Mac Jones - rookie QB with throw more ints, and cause more turnovers than they had last season. the defense will get worn down. yes, they play Miami twice, and we know that they will get the snot beaten out of them @ miami ,just like always. We know Tua looks like a different ( better) QB this camp/preseason. NE also plays: Saints, Bucs, Jets much improving offense with what looks to be a stud QB in the making ( Wilson), Cowboys - good luck vs. Dak and Co., NE can't score the necessary 45 pts to beat Dallas, @ Chargers with last year's wonderboy, J. Herbert, at panthers not an easy game, Browns at NE - good luck vs. Browns defense how is NE offense going to score 10 pts in this one?! then easy game at Falcons, and then the brutal part of the schedule, where they host Titans ( blowout loss Ten will crush them), at Bills ( another loss), At Colts (and the consensus top 5 Indy defense ), Bills at Pats - another loss to Buffalo, Jags at Pats , and week 17's game at miami . I don't see NE's offense coming off the field for large swaths of these games. but from week 10 onward, this is a BRUTAL schedule for NE. and I'm only saying the Falcons game is easy, but many people here think Atl is going to be a good team, if that happens , NE is in trouble on the road is this one - Arthur Smith is the guy who engineered the Titans recent wins over NE. so it's pretty hard to say NE can be a top 5 defense when they're likely to finish as a 9-8 or 8-9 team this season. I just dont see it. When they have less time of possession because their offense is sluggish and turnover prone, that defense will get worn down as the season goes on. for fantasy purposes this is not a top 5 defense. 1. Rams 2. Cowboys - Dak is the MVP and their offense is going to make teams have to play catch-up, so plenty of INT and sack opportunities 3. Steelers 4. Colts 5. Bucs We always start the season with somewhat high hopes for WFT - and they ALWAYS disappoint. Dolphins are just outside this list, same with Niners and Bills.
  19. afc east: Bills 13-4 Dolphins 11-6 Pats 8-9 Jets 7-10 Afc North: Steelers 11-6 Browns - 10-7 ( they're still the browns.) Ravens - 8-9 Bengals 3-14 Afc South: Tenn - 11-6 Colts - 10-7 Jags - 7-10 Hou - 1-16 Afc West: Denver - 10-7 KC 9-8 Raiders 7-10 Chargers - 7-10 always a let down, never anything more. ============================================== NFC East Dallas - 14-3 ( that defense is LEGIT) WFT - 11-6 Philly - 7-10 Giants 1-16 NFC North: GB - 12-5 Vikings - 10-7 Bears 4-13 Lions 0-16 NFC South: TB - 15-2 Car - 9-8 N.O. - 8-9 Falcons - 2-15 NFC West Rams 13-4 Niners 12-5 Sea - 9-8 Az - 5-12 ( not buying the kliff kingsbury offense, not a fan of Murray) Playoffs: AFC Bills , Dolphins, Steelers, Broncos, browns, Titans bills, Titans get first round bye. Dolphins@Denver, Browns@Steelers steelers@Titans, Denver@bills steelers@Bills Bills go to the SB NFC: TB, Dallas get byes Niners@GB, WFT@Rams GB@TB, Rams@dallas Dallas@TB again. TB wins, plays buffalo in the SB Buffalo beats TB to FINALLY win a SB title ================================================ screw it what the hell I took a stab at it. don't care if the wins/losses are off you get the idea. KC misses the post season. Browns aren't quite there yet. Denver takes a big leap forward - there's always one or two teams that do this.steelers provide the one upset that happens every year, where one of the top seeds falls in the playoffs. Jags are going to look like a new team. Chargers suck they always have they can never get over the hump. Raiders are lousy as usual. Vikings, Car just miss out. Dallas is going to be a force this season. Dak should win MVP. Dallas @ TB for the championship game would be awesome. Steelers @ Bills would be so incredibly to watch - Bills at home in playoffs is something special. going back to the SB for the first time since 1994 ? that place will be rockin! I really hope it happens!
  20. he's going to feast, starting with the Falcons this afternoon.
  21. DeVonta Smith Wayne Gallman - Mike Davis can't be the best man in a whorehouse with a fist full of $50s. please stop the insanity with this dogsled. Sterling Sheperd Jerrick McKinnon - it's too bad many of you believe in John Averageman CEH. rumors are already swirling that Reid wants to get McKinnon some more action. is this a full blown RBBC now? I don't trust CEH to stay on as the RB1 in this offense. It's like the Chiefs dont have mirrors, because they need to take a hard look at themselves and realize CEH isnt very good. Pittman long dart throw - Chris Herndon
  22. he doesn't really deserve any love, I mean what's he do so far? stumbled his way to filling in for Sony last season, then he apparently can't beat out Stevenson? so we have a 1a-1b rB situation? 130 carries, tops. x4.2 per carry = 546 yards..20 recs/160 yards 5 total TD it'll be a 3 or 4 way rbbc you'll kick yourself for drafting him, or any NE RB for that matter. people are WAYYY too high on M. Jones, I don't see him being anything other than incredibly average. NE is going to have much less time of possession this season, fewer first downs, fewer possessions because IMO they'll have more turnovers than last season, this is a rookie QB , folks, let's not forget it. when mac has his first 3 int game who does BB switch to? don't forget the 8 man fronts Mac Jones will see, ones that will stop their run game in its tracks and make Jones beat defenses. we've seen plenty of Alabama QBs hit the NFL , they succeed about as much as Ohio State QBs do. thats NOT a good stat. deck is stacked against NE offense. Now, if you're telling me Jones has , say, the Jags WRs, or Dallas WRs or Denver WRs, I'd maybe just maybe think that Jones can have success. But Jakobi damn meyers and , Jonnu Smith.???. excuse me while I try to contain my laughter. there is no waay in hell this kid succeeds with this scrapheap of WRs and TEs. point being, Harris won't even get going the defenses are going to stop him on their way to sacking Jones.
  23. getting a Marc Boerigter feeling with this kid, i.e., preseason darling, regular season flop. big flop. staying clear of that situation
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