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  1. Where can I go in Vegas to bet on Samuel signing with the Pats? Seems like a total Pats WR and 100% target for them. Not sure that's a good thing for his fantasy value though.
  2. Gesicki is a great call. This late season injury has dented him a bit, if he had been healthy I bet he would still be tearing it up and be harder to land. Aiyuk, as someone said, love the player, hate the situation. The offense still runs through Kittle, and then it's 1A/B with Deebo. I think Aiyuk is the kind of guy you wait to get end of next year or mid-season where he's had a 5 game stretch with like 10 catches. Because the talent is there and his situation will change. I just don't think it makes sense to pay a premium now when he's gonna be starting next year as potentially the 3rd
  3. Yeah I feel you. I'm in no hurry, and I had eeked out a win in the semis I might rightfully have that same entrenched endowment effect bias as you. I think you're totally right though in that it will be tough to have a good trading partner who can send you a back in return. The only good way to move them is if you yourself are already sitting on a Dobbins or Swift and can roll the dice moving one for a top tier WR +
  4. A thousand pardons, your majesty. He showed he can be a 9/100 guy with Hill. My point is even with Hill in he showed he could be a consistent ppr machine. Throwing out the bizarre Denver game he was: 9/104 9/105 8/84 Obviously ypc is puke but that's another 120+ catch season. But your stance is the exact reason why I list him as a great buy. He's an easy guy for two people to have drastic opposite opinions of.
  5. This. I own Henry & Kamara and just missed out on b2b ships with them. If I can get Swift/Taylor+ for one of them I think I'd do it. Post-Brees Kamara is a scary thought.
  6. If I didn't already own him, I'd be trying to get Michael Thomas. Time was probably mid-season to get him, but owners might still be bitter. He showed with Taysom that he can still be a 10/110 guy week in and week out.
  7. Arrow is pointing way up on this kid. Not sure the AJ contract situation for 2021, but assuming he is cut/retires or Fitzgeralded, I'm expecting low end WR1 numbers. Even if Burrow is not at 100%, he's shown against a bad D he is qb proof, which is what you want out of a top dog. This guy just ticks all the boxes for up and coming stud WR.
  8. I think the fate of us Kamara folk who lost last weekend is more lamentable.
  9. Didn't have the stones to roll with him. Going with Claypool upside vs Bengals D that is 31st in explosive pass plays. Hoping for upside. Good luck to any who are putting him in their lineups. It was a tough call.
  10. I expect Shaheen to have a solid outing with Gesicki out.
  11. Flirting with putting him in with Thomas now out but man it's a scary prospect coming off injury with him. This last wasn't a concussion though right?
  12. Ha even better. The guy I am playing almost put in Allen. That would have just been icing on the cake.
  13. Nice stat line to wake up to. Especially with opponent playing Ekeler who basically had a floor game.
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