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  1. Please stop interfering with this thread's confirmation bias. It vexes me.
  2. Got him in two dynasties, 5-1 in both so have buffer. I prefer this scenario. I should make playoffs no matter what, would just love to have Toney ready to lock and load heading into the playoff stretch. Have a feeling I'm gonna need the cavalry.
  3. Guy with Carson on dynasty league basically dumped him like a bad contract. This cat is usually pretty shrewd in getting value and feels like he basically added Carson in to the deal to inflate his side. Smart move and I think the only way you can get anything for him at this point. Team A gets Miles Sanders Henry Ruggs Dawson Knox Team B gets Chris Carson Dallas Goedert 2022 1st round pick 1.11 #11 2022 2nd round pick 2.11 #23
  4. Any further update? Saw a beat reporter tweet that Giants were expected him to miss some time. Such a brutal tease.
  5. On the flip side, when watching the Game Highlights on Gamepass and I see Tannenhill directly under center from his own 25 I'm giddy with anticipation.
  6. I don't know what I did to merit top 3 SP Browns expert status. Let's just say I'm flattered but this board needs more Browns fans. I'm a Pats fan and don't know much about Cleveland. It's in Ohio, right?
  7. This comes up year after year with coaches managing star players reps as it becomes clear they are playing out games in a lost season. But is there anything statistical to back this up? I feel a healthy star players tend to play football regardless of the team's status. Maybe there are a handful of clear examples of a similar scenario where a start player returned mid-season after injury and the team was already out of it so the coaching staff reduced their reps, but that just seems odd to me. You either totally IR them (why even risk practice?) or you play them as normal.
  8. I was almost off. Without a ticky tack hold he's 120/2
  9. Yeah that was a mild hold. 120/2 was within reach.
  10. I put in Chase Edmonds. Only reasonable option.
  11. Yeah reading reaggrivation and out for game. Sorry for those with the stones to start him. Did all he could in one drive at least.
  12. Only thing stopping him is that ankle. Assuming it was? Didnt see injury just him on bench and the tackle out of bounds
  13. Flip flops but went with AJ Brown despite matchup.
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