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  1. I might start plugging him in over Higgins who has been ok, but Cooks just seems like he'll be more consistent. And Houston somehow not a total dumpster fire. We'll see with this new QB if Tyrod is out for awhile.
  2. Agreed. But he was drafted. ETA: Talking dynasty to clarify.
  3. Thanks for update. So might be premature stash. But still like this kids upside and situation better than most wire options.
  4. Updates sound like he could potentially start if Pittman and Campbrll are no go's. Have him on one taxi and just made pre-emptive add in another. Not much in that WR room keeping him from being fantasy relevant as soon as this year.
  5. Crazy. I worked for years with his dad. I knew Drake was accepted to USC as a WR but living in Europe now and not following college ball I had no clue he was such a prospect. Awesome to see. Great family and deserving all of success.
  6. TBF the CM thread only went so far because it was shot out of a cannon.
  7. Not even week 2 and we're at 11 pages. What was the Tatum Bell thread at when it died?
  8. He's got the diva part down. Now he just needs to work on the wide receiver thing.
  9. Yeah I have no idea how to value assets in 10-teamers. I'm in a 14 and a 12 with 2r/2w/2f so lots more startable players.
  10. Crazy is a strong word. Irrational is better.
  11. I'd go for JJ if he's available. I had Njoku as my top claim but he had 5 claims and was #1 taken. I was swayed into making Cooper my #2 option after reading Ingram's beyond effusive praise: I mean I know it's a player hyping his teammate, but that's pretty steep.
  12. Could this late bloomer be this year's Logan Thomas? Tyrod has shown a reliance on TEs. I'm making a claim as a backup TE while Engram does his thing on IR.
  13. Not sure I'd replace Jonnu with him. He'll end up #1 or #2 in targets on Pats offense and Mac looks like he'll develop sooner rather than later.
  14. Is this his final contract year? I know he was a fairly young unpolished prospect so it's not too alarming if it takes him this long to get it together. Might have some nice value on his next team if he can play himself into a decent contract.
  15. Didn't watch the game but sounds like actually led the team in targets? He's sitting on both my dynasty wires. Are we saying there's a chance?
  16. I've got him one dynasty. I was holding JJ, Parham, Tremble and Noah Gray in development TE roll during preseason and kept JJ simply because he seemed to have fastest path to production. Feeling smart for once ....
  17. From what I've been reading, would not shock me if Urban makes a Petrino-esque exit from the NFL
  18. Not meaning to jinx! Apologies to all the McLorry-Luvins out there.
  19. I'm not sure McL will be worth more than Higgins by Halloween.
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