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  1. This was kind of awkward because the meeting had started and everybody was just sitting there looking down while the women had a stare down. But it had to be done as the transition of head "old-lady" had to be introduced.I've always thought this but never said anything but does anybody else think that the recruits are all a bunch of guys who would be better suited for Dungeon and Dragons. Looking around that table, it looked pretty bare and I couldn't help to think that it would be nice if the recruits who eventually will be members were likable.This is a great point. There is no reason they couldn't have shown the prospects totally kicking ### at some point...even if it was just for 15 seconds. They make them seem like bumbling, quiet slobs. There must be a reason why they were allowed to be prospects...show us.
  2. Meh. Not a surprising ending I suppose. They had 8 zillion irons in the fire and there was no way to deal with all of them. So they chose not to deal with any of them.
  3. This season has been allllll kinds of awesome. Great tension. Great storytelling. Some over-the-top action. A little humor mixed in (though not as much as I'd like). I cannot wait for the finale. If it plays out well, this season could rank right up there will all-time seasons of any show.
  4. Yeah, Tig couldn't handle the guilt anymore and told him. I can't remember, but it might've been shortly after Tig had been tripping on 'shrooms.I certainly remember Opie THINKING it could have been Clay...but I don't think he ever knew for sure.
  5. Does Opie know that Clay ordered a hit on him and it killed his wife? I don't remember him ever finding out.
  6. I think Juice is still alive...and I think Jax will be the one who drives the votes to keep Clay in power. That showdown is coming, but it's not here yet. Jax is in deep with Clay at the moment and he's not going to back away this quickly.
  7. 90 minute premier, according to the FX website! Fantastic. More SOA is always a good thing.
  8. Really? How bout when he tried to convince Mike to kill Gus? That was the dumbest thing they've ever done. Like Mike couldn't have come up with the idea on his own and executed it if he'd wanted to. Exactly. Walter has been making stupid decisions all the way through. This little moment was just a blip compared to about a dozen other stupid decisions he's made. It is not at all inconsistent with his character. Looking down at his feet and NOT speaking up at the dinner table would have been out of character. Walt doesn't keep his mouth shut. Ever. Remember the box cutter scene? Walt talked constantly in the 3 minutes leading up to that. With Tuco. With Hank. With Saul. With the worker at Pollos Hermanos. His chemistry knowledge keeps him in power, his mouth/ego screws it up. That's the show.
  9. You are probably right. This would be a terrible end to the series though.I think Walt is going to kill Hank.
  10. Crazy talk. Brave New World >> 1984 Though it's probably nit-picking because 1984 is really good. I'd put Fahrenheit 451 and We ahead of 1984. All of them are definitely, definitely worth the read though. Some fantastic writing comes out from this subject matter.
  11. You haven't already guessed this yet?The whole for the family thing might have been true at first BUT certainly not now. First, that's not what he said. Second, he's still doing it for his family in many ways. He might not now being dying but the cancer can return. And it's not like he can just go back to being a HS teacher. Gus & Mike know exactly where his family is and have the ability to kill them at any time. His motives might have diversified, but his family is still at the heart of it.The "I am doing this all for my family" part of the post is not supposed to be a direct quote, but instead conveys how he justifies his actions to himself. At the start of this show I would agree 100% that he was doing this for them, but I think that it is just not the case. Walt is changing almost fundamentally into someone else.He was never really doing it for his family. If he was only concerned about his family, he would have taken the offer from his college buddy/partner. HE wanted to be the one to provide. His ego was apparent right from the start.
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