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  1. Checked the Fantasy Sharks website since MFL now uses their depth charts for IDP. They still have Chinn listed at DB (SS to be specific). Makes the timing of the FBG's switch even more perplexing.
  2. Agreed. Not worried about a position switch on MFL right now. Just thought the timing for the FBG's rankings is odd. Seems more like a change to be made in the offseason. Not prior to week 15 of the fantasy playoffs.
  3. Anyone know why Football Guys has moved Jeremy Chinn to LB in their rankings this week? I know there has been debate about his position, especially at the beginning of the season. And there was some chatter (I think from Gary Davenport) he might be switched to LB next year by Fantasy Sharks (and thus MFL). Not sure of his snap counts this year but do know the Panthers have moved him all over the field. Either way, he has been listed at S all season until week 15 and now suddenly he is switched to LB in the FBG's rankings. I found the timing odd. Would be interested to hear from John Norton or any of the regulars here thoughts as to why?
  4. Raiders SS Johnathan Abram is “undergoing tests” for a right shoulder injury. Abram played 57-of-60 snaps after crashing into a TV cart in the first quarter of Monday night’s win. X-rays were negative, but the Raiders are being cautious given the injury is to the same shoulder that ended Abram’s season last year. Barring a setback, Abram looks on track for Week 3. SOURCE: NFL Network
  5. The Saints only had 19 rushing attempts and were under 24 minutes in time of possession. Raiders only had 46 total tackles as a team so Littleton's opportunity Monday night was depressed. That said, I share the same concerns after a meh first week vs the Panthers. Can't help but wonder if the team/scheme change (playing WLB in the Raiders 4-3) is part of the problem. Don't want to overreact after 2 weeks (especially considering the lack of tackle opportunity vs the Saints) but in my league IDP's are plentiful and it doesn't make sense to hold on too long either.
  6. Spoke to one of the Charlotte Observer writers who covers the Panthers today. Asked him about Chinn starting at LB and his response was this: 'Don't get caught up in him starting at LB today. The Panthers plan to move him all over the field and use him like a utility infielder in baseball this season. He will play SS and be put in other spots as well.' I think we'd all appreciate if you'd pass this along to Gary Davenport. Thanks!
  7. Warhogs is being quite gracious to the new poster... which is commendable. Certainly in the holiday spirit... At the same time, I didn't read anything in Hankmoody's initial reply that was hostile toward fisherkings in any way. He simply provided the proper location and method for start/sit lineup questions. Not something I would expect someone new to the site to know from the start... but helpful information for them going forward. I don't think either are wrong. Happy Holidays everyone. Hope the ball bounced your way in your fantasy football championships.
  8. Not surprised... does anyone really pay attention to his rankings? I occasionally glance to see if he concurs with Norton as a tiebreaker... that's about it.
  9. Those here who were touting Ogunjobi in the preseason deserve a lot of credit. Your eyes didn't deceive you. Well done, especially for those in DT-required leagues. This type of discussion is why I still come here.
  10. Not to be nit picky, but as a fellow Garrett owner I had to go back and double check. Garrett had 3T, 2S, 1PD. Probably just a typo on your part, but don't shortchange yourself... your night was even better.
  11. I kept reading positive reports about Avery throughout training camp. And not just your typical camp puff pieces (usually try to read between the lines on those). The comments that grabbed my attention kept coming from his teammates. Especially his fellow defensive teammates. They were talking him up from the beginning of training camp. He sounds like the real deal.
  12. By all accounts Brice was ahead of Jones on the depth chart the entirety of training camp. The legend that is Jones (based upon draft pedigree and physical measurables) has been largely overstated. He certainly had one huge game last season statistically and showed flashes, but overall the grades were not positive. Way too early to give up on him, but early returns are he is a much better athlete than football player.
  13. Sorry man. He was a free agent in our league and went for a premium in the auction this year. More than I wanted to spend had he been signed and in camp with the Raiders even. That said, the holdout and the Raiders odd stance dealing with him gave me pause as I feared this could happen (being traded to a 3-4 team). Stinks for everyone involved for it to happen this late. I feel terrible for the team who paid the premium in the auction thinking he would be a DE.
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