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  1. Checked the Fantasy Sharks website since MFL now uses their depth charts for IDP. They still have Chinn listed at DB (SS to be specific). Makes the timing of the FBG's switch even more perplexing.
  2. Agreed. Not worried about a position switch on MFL right now. Just thought the timing for the FBG's rankings is odd. Seems more like a change to be made in the offseason. Not prior to week 15 of the fantasy playoffs.
  3. Anyone know why Football Guys has moved Jeremy Chinn to LB in their rankings this week? I know there has been debate about his position, especially at the beginning of the season. And there was some chatter (I think from Gary Davenport) he might be switched to LB next year by Fantasy Sharks (and thus MFL). Not sure of his snap counts this year but do know the Panthers have moved him all over the field. Either way, he has been listed at S all season until week 15 and now suddenly he is switched to LB in the FBG's rankings. I found the timing odd. Would be interested to hear from
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