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  1. No. 3 in February. 2 in April. 1 in March, June, July, august, September, November. Me and hubs in May, October. Jesus in December. January is our break.
  2. 3 of my kids had birthdays in February. They got cards with money from some family members. I had the oldest write thank you notes and the younger two were signing them. I put them in envelopes and sealed. #10 (6yo) says “wait! Shouldn’t we put money in there?”
  3. I admit I was impressed and made her repeat it so I got it down right. But still ac/dc? That’s pretty good parenting. My youngests like to sing the “eye eye eye eye” part in the beginning of crazy train. That’s something, right?
  4. My teen boys (#5&6, 16&13) were arguing about something, as usual. After listening to all their yammering my daughter (#7, 11yo) says “this is why Artemis swore to stay a virgin and turned her back on the company of men!”
  5. I’m doing the no candy thing too. I’m doing it to help a friend quit smoking. I’m already jonesing for chocolate. I’m eating an apple instead. I better dump weight and she better not smoke.
  6. Nice. I have started with plates now too. I got myself grandmother’s China from my aunt. I hope to get my mother in laws, and her mothers.
  7. I don’t know if they’re worth anything more than cherished memories. Nobody wants the old stuff anymore. Older folks are having a hard time giving their things away!
  8. You guys might think this is stupid, but I collect tea cups. It is something I use so I don’t mind the space allocation. My preference is Eastern European. Or occupied Japan. I have one occupied Japan. I have a few different Eastern European. One I had that was broken was Czechoslovakian. Since the country is two countries now, they aren’t made anymore. So if you see one in an antique store, get it for me if it’s under $20. Just look on the bottom and it says where they are made.
  9. He doesn’t. It’s a perfect set up. Got the windows open half way on each side. They are across from each other. He has a full bathroom. Computer internet phone. No air intake, just a blowing in register. I will be the only one to go in and take him food.
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