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  1. #11 (5yo, boy) asked for juice today. I get it out and see that there’s two open bottles which usually drives me nuts. But before I could say anything he says “wow mom, you’re a genius! If one runs out there’s another one right there!”
  2. January 1 208 Valentine’s Day 197 Easter 197 I’m not sure how I didn’t lose anything over lent by not eating candy but here we are. Today I am going to binge on bunnies and start again tomorrow. -10 by Memorial Day? Doubtful but I’m going to try.
  3. We are watching “Jesus Christ superstar” on you tube and the scene were Jesus was being crowded by all the people/leppers and he’s singing loud “don’t crowd me, don’t touch me!” #11 (5yo boy) hollers “just punch them Jesus!”
  4. I absolutely would have snapped at them to knock it off and gone to find a parent. But I’m a 50yo woman. My husband wouldn’t have said anything. For the exact same reasons you didn’t.
  5. I’m not going to look at those pictures but I’m glad to read that you had a hugely successful surgery and an even More successful love. Congratulations and happy birthday to her.
  6. We don’t but we set the live location when one of us is driving out of town for eta information.
  7. Then just get a couple from the library for yourself. Beezus and Ramona is good. And Henry and ribsy.
  8. She was a treasure! If you have grandkids get her books for read alouds. I couldn’t get enough of Ramona back in elementary school.
  9. She was recently on good girls. She played Beth’s husbands mom.
  10. If you’ve followed the “losing weight in 2021” thread you know I’ve lost 35 pounds since last June. I was on a candy fast through lent but I got really mad at a kid today and ate a whole chocolate bunny. I was talking about it over dinner and I said “well would you rather a fat mommy or a violent mommy?” #8, 10yo boy, says “well I pick fat because when you slide into violent mom, I can out run you” We all laughed. He’s not wrong. And he was the one I was originally mad at.
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