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  1. That’s a lot to go through BF. Getting back to your normal will get you there. Thanks for all your encouragement to the rest of us even as you face your own challenges.
  2. I can’t be sure but my best guess is you’re not a 50 year old woman. We work differently.
  3. Found this article: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/obesity-exercising-not-dieting-may-be-key-to-avoiding-health-risks It resonates as truth to me but I don’t like it. Why can’t I just sit here, not eat ice cream, and lose weight and be happy? And is there a trick or mind game I can play to make we want to exercise?
  4. Willie Garson of Sex in the City and White Collar https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/5806747001
  5. 202 today. No ice cream over the weekend. I’m kind of irritated with myself on how hard it is to not eat ice cream. I’ve been buying salads at favorite places to treat myself. And I picked up some keto cup candy things from Costco to eat one at night before bed. I’m glad I’m not on meth.
  6. Sex Education (Netflix) dropped Season 3. It was very good. Too short. I miss it already.
  7. I just read these articles to set my mind for the day: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/3-step-plan-to-stop-sugar-cravings Then thought about ways to reward myself for success. I decide 1) to spend money on good salads from places here in my little town (support local) and 2) after a week or month spend money on a good massage. Money is precious to me because I don’t make any. My husband is the sole wage earner so for me to spend on myself I need to feel good about it. This is a me thing, not a him thing. He doesn’t pay bills or know what I spend on anything let alone treats for myself.
  8. So this might sound stupid but I’m hoping it helps me get over this slump. As fate would allow, I have an old friend from high school/college years who has entered a PhD program for counseling or life coaching and needed three volunteers to be her guinea pigs. I volunteered and told her I want to break my sugar addiction. We had our first session last night. I’m back on the no sugar wagon. I’m going to take @PIK95advice and not count things, but just not eat carbs/sugary things. Meat/fruit/vegetables. Drink nothing but water. Let’s see how this plays out.
  9. We were driving and the kids were talking about money. One kid (5yo, #11) said something like “the money grandma” on the $1 bill. I thought it was hilarious. But then the older kids said it came from a show, so it wasn’t as funny anymore.
  10. That’s so weird to me. I have different friends from different aspects of life. Do you just talk to each other all the time? Who do you do stuff she doesn’t like with?
  11. My closest real friends are not. These are secondary, even tertiary level friends. But I do have some close idiots as well. But I gotta love em.
  12. Well I’ve been stupid the last couple months and this last week in particular. Vacation, birthdays, weekends with friends. Always a reason to over indulge. So I’m back up to 203. Not happy.
  13. I wish she was. It seems like most of my sick antivax friends are doubling down on it being the right decision.
  14. I have a friend who is super anti vax and super anti mask. She got really sick with covid this week and said she got the regeneron. I didn’t know what that was and she said it helps prevent infection or serious sickness if you get it. I said “like a vaccine?” And she did not find that funny.
  15. Big fat Greek wedding dad. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2573261/my-big-fat-greek-wedding-michael-constantine-dead-at-94-nia-vardalos-tribute
  16. Mindy has passed through and it is a bright beautiful morning here!
  17. The winds have picked up. I am on the top floor (3rd) of our beach house. I can feel the whole place shaking. I never feel this at our house 1 hour inland! It’s kind of freaky.
  18. I’m sitting in mindy on vacation right now. Nothing major. Just rain.
  19. Tiger King fans will remember Erik Cowie https://www.google.com/amp/s/tvline.com/2021/09/07/tiger-king-erik-cowie-dead-zookeeper-joe-exotic-netflix-obituary/amp/
  20. I have a 12 passenger for most things we all go to and a Prius when it’s just a couple of us. Everyone who drives pays me for insurance. Anyone who wants a data plan gets their own. I have an amazing husband and great friends. The kids are pretty decent people.
  21. That sounds a lot like a popular dish around here: busketti
  22. 4 of mine have moved out. 7 more to go. The rooms seem so big and empty now. 3 come back every Sunday for dinner. 1 moved to California (we are in Florida)!so we only see her once a year or so. I am proud of all of them for getting out there and holding their own and making life what they want it. But sometimes I get overwhelmed with missing the old days when my oldest was 5 or even a baby. I miss her so much. Good job dad! You launched him into a bright future.
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