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  1. Depends on scoring, stud linebackers usually go in the first round in my IDP dynasty. For example I chose Devin White at 1.05 and could not be happier with the pick. I like to see other drafts where IDP are valued.
  2. I flew to Denver to go skiing the first weekend after my vaccine kicked in. I would not hesitate to do it again. Before I was vaccinated we drove to Denver with a 3 and a 5 year old. It was not too bad for a 15 hour drive with 2 young kids, but I will stick to flying now.
  3. How many yankees coaches were vaccinated with the J&J vaccine, my guess is they have at least 15-20 coaches? 5 coaches testing positive seems within normal statistics.
  4. The vehicles I destroyed in my 20s were reliable. I sent more than a few vehicles to the junkyard with over 200,000 miles, including multiple Subarus, multiple Toyotas, and a Mazda. I drove 25-40k miles per year on my dirt cheap cars. The best I ever did was a 95 Nissan Sentra that I bought for a thousand dollars at 140k miles. I sold it for 400 dollars at 200,000 miles without putting a penny into it in repairs. The only downside is every time I fueled up I had to add a half quart of oil. It did not burn oil, but it had a bad valve gasket leak. Thankfully those days ar
  5. When I was a dirtbag skibum in my 20's I routinely had 2 cars at the same time. I was so poor that even if i had a working vehicle I would watch craigslist for a great deal on my next vehicle because who knows when the car I was driving would break down. I bought 5+ vehicles for under a thousand dollars and a few more in the 1-3k range. Out of habit I still check used car prices much more frequently than the average person. My WRX with my Cannodale pictured below. I am heading on down to the single track trails now. https://imgur.com/OKTWtSz
  6. I was planning on keeping my pickup for a long time, but used truck prices spiked and new car prices did not. I am unsure if this strategy will pay off in the long run, but I think it will. WRX is in the top 10 of lowest depreciation vehicles. So I think I will lose less on depreciation than what I would have on maintenance. https://www.iseecars.com/cars-that-hold-their-value-study Is your WRX a hatchback?
  7. I bought my Subaru WRX at invoice price, which is a pretty decent deal for a Subaru. Not all new cars are selling at or above MSRP, just trucks and large SUVs.
  8. I am still getting the error. Also, we need a thread for general airing of grievances, like not being able to post pictures. For example I would have put a picture of a Festivus pole here.
  9. That is the thing, the vehicles are not depreciating right now. I drove my truck for 2 years and 28,000 miles and i sold it for 500 less than what I paid for it. There was no depreciation. I did research on my current car as well and bought one of the lowest deprecating cars on the market. I used to drive old cheap cars to save money, however I paid slightly more for repairs and general maintenance than the deprecation cost on my new cars. It has been cheaper for me to drive new. My old cheap cars were not unreliable vehicles either, one was a 2001 Tundra and the other was a 2
  10. I sold my car to vroom and they do not do an inspection until it gets back to their place. So you want to make sure to document the condition exactly and put in the comments any important information. I had 2 small scratches on my truck and i made sure to mention them. Vroom gave me the best offer on my truck a few weeks ago.
  11. Two weeks ago I sold my 2019 RAM 1500 Classic with 28,000 miles and two decent sized scratches for what I paid for it 2 years ago. I have been watching used car prices for a while and thought that it was a decent deal. I bought a new 2021 Subaru WRX base model for 27k out the door. Which was the invoice price. I can drive this car for a couple years until truck production catches back up.
  12. I am also in big oil in south texas and we have been work from home ever since.
  13. Our company is doing a permanent 2 day work at office, Wednesday is flex, and then the other 2 days are work from home. For example starting next month I will be working Monday/Tuesday, then on Wednesday if I need to have a meeting with marketing or R&D for example I can go into the office to meet with them and then Thursday/Friday I will be working from home. The downside is that I will be sharing my office with someone from marketing. I am unsure how they will work that out yet. They get some lockable drawers and I get others? What about setting up of monitors, keyboards, etc.
  14. It probably depends where you live. This was in the Bighorn national forest and while not all of the trails allowed dirt bikes, there were hundreds of miles of single track dirt bike trails in the forest. It is one of the most sparsely populated parts of the country which is probably why it was allowed. I have to try to be cost conscientious with all of my hobbies because I have so many. I do have have a decent collection of fishing gear, I have a season pass for skiing/snowboarding even though I live in Houston, etc. I cannot get too crazy expensive into any one hobby. I usually t
  15. When I lived in wyoming i had a suzuki 250 that I used for trail riding and paid 2000 dollars for. If you are going to use power, why spend 10k.
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