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  1. G731G-xb74 I tried to find some documentation, but was unable to. Asus also has a pretty poor customer support site.
  2. I got the J&J shot, does the latest FDA news mean i can go get a booster this week?
  3. I have an out of warranty gaming laptop with a bad video card. What are my options? Is it possible to repair? Has anyone ever sent a laptop back to Asus to have parts replaced, do they even do that type of repair? The Intel video card still works so it is now a very expensive, very heavy, normal laptop. Do I reformat it and donate it to a local school? Any and all opinions/options are appreciated.
  4. Nope. In my 20's my group barely knew how to use our transceivers, the only reason we had them is because they were required to duck under the ropes. We were young and dumb. Years after I moved away one of the group did die to an avalanche. Those days are behind me now, I am content skiing inbounds.
  5. How do we order on October 26? Do we get an email to go to the dealer?
  6. For a truck to be able to roll coal they need to be illegally modified. His parents are the type of people that have no regards for either the law or the environment. I wish cops would go after these illegally modified trucks more frequently. I do not see them too often, but when i do it makes the road stink even when they are not rolling coal.
  7. Booked my first trip of this year, December 9th and 10th at Loveland Conditions will probably suck, but that is why you keep an old pair of skis around.
  8. The 2.0 L turbo has more torque than the old 6 cylinder i believe. Although my guess is you will not notice the additional torque that much. The 0-60 time between the 4 and 6 cyl engines is negligible. https://www.motortrend.com/features/jeep-wrangler-jl-engine-differences/
  9. bob sacamano of course, he could get it.
  10. I found it below: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/800067-gabby-petito-22-missing/?do=findComment&comment=23597776
  11. Yeah I see where it jumped further north overnight. My favorite site is below, I think they do a great job of explaining all possible scenarios and the percent chance if each of them. https://spacecityweather.com/
  12. Should be going south of us though, probably will hit Rockport to matagorda area, although I would keep the batteries topped off if I had a system.
  13. This is why I am getting the ford lightning, we wanted a whole house generator but could not justify the cost. However, between the tax credit and the fact that the ford pulls double duty as a house generator it makes alot of sense. I just wish it would come out soon.
  14. You are safe, the problem is the Tacoma is a gutless vehicle. My first boat weighed similar to yours and I towed it with a first gen tundra with the 4.7L v8, however when kids came i sold that truck and we bought my wife an Acura MDX. The Acura MDX towed 10 times better than the tundra, it was not close. Even though the Acura was a unibody SUV with a 5k pound towing capacity and the tundra is a half ton body on frame with a v8. Not just in acceleration, but also stopping. The MDX had much better breaks than the Tundra. I have also towed with my parents vehicle when i visited them in Colorado. I helped them move a decent sized camper. They have a Lexus GX 460 and it sucks. Maybe the 5.7L tundra is alright, i do not know, but in my experience towing with the toyota vehicles is not good. I love Toyota's, they are reliable, hold their value well, safe, etc. I have had a Tundra and 2 camrys and would buy toyota again, however not for towing until they fix their torque/HP issues.
  15. I would rather have Trey Sermon or Michael Carter, so probably a mid 2nd for me.
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