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  1. I would like to go to Beaver Creek eventually, but that would be a long day trip from Denver.
  2. I think we will do a few runs down some double blacks but mostly single blacks. Although I plan on snowboarding a few halfdays, ie board in the morning and ski in the afternoon. For snowboarding mostly blues with a couple single blacks. I do want to spend one day at Arapahoe Basin, but probably the last day. That still leaves one more ski hill that we need, probably one of Breckenridge, Keystone, or Winter Park. I eventually want to ski them all, which I should be able to do by next year.
  3. I am going Monday and I am unsure where to go. My brother has a place on west side of Denver near 70. So we will be doing a day trip. Maybe Loveland? I am open to suggestions and will be going at least 3 days over the next 2 weeks. I have only been to Copper and Vail in the Denver area. Any other choice would be new to me.
  4. I more strongly think that this is the Pietro from X-men. It looks like agatha summoned him from a different multiverse and is controlling him?
  5. I have lived in Bismark, Riverdale, and Stanton North Dakota(in addition to other cold places like Montana and Wyoming). I understand the need for their infrastructure to be able to work in the cold. I know it is possible to design equipment that does not fail in the cold. We just have a different opinion is all, I think a cost/benefit analysis would show that it is more beneficial to save the money and invest elsewhere rather to prevent an event that has occurred 3 times over the last 32 years.
  6. It absolutely has to do with capitalism, people prefer cheap energy to preparing the system for extreme events. You do not have where you live in your profile, were you effected by this? You seem to have a pretty strong opinion that it should not have happened. I was personally effected and it did not bother me.
  7. Most people only lost power for 2 days at most, some people lost monday/tuesday, others tuesday/wednesday, etc. Almost every work call I have we discuss how long the power was out, I have a pretty decent sample size at this point.
  8. His comment is ridiculous. Obviously some people were not prepared, but the vast majority were.
  9. Given a limited budget for the houston area infrastructure, would money be better spent on preventing power outages from tropical storms or from winter storms.
  10. Everyone complains when they make money, however no one has any sympathy when they go through an entire year of losing money and laying off employees. That one day of profits is not going to help these companies too much, the US land oil and gas market is still fragile. Edit, gas prices were not just a Texas thing, most of the country is going to have some expensive natural gas bills this month. My brother is a plant manager at a sodium carbonate processing plant in Wyoming. They had to shut down for the week because they made more money selling their contracted natural g
  11. I have never met an elected official. When I was a teenager, my dad met a colorado house of rep member at a mining convention. My dad asked the congressman for 3 tickets into Norad and the congressman said yes. So when I was ~15 years old, me, my dad, and brother got to go on a tour of Norad. I did not know any better at the time, but my dad said we were out of place. There was 15-20 other people on the tour and all were VIP's and we were just schmucks.
  12. This event happened in 1989, 2011, and 2021, lets assume that this event will continue at the same rate as in the past, every 15 years. The average centerpoint customer pays 1,860 per year, which is 28,000 dollars over a 15 year period. A 5% increase in price would be 1400 dollars over that period, I think that is too much and anything more would be a non-starter. For 1400 dollars someone could buy a 7000 watt generator and mitigate the risk on their side. Plus this generator would also help with hurricane power loss, where as insulating the gas wells and lines in the gas power plant
  13. It should not be, they build nuclear plants in cold weather, however texas did lose 1/4 of it's nuclear capacity during the outage.
  14. I am speaking as someone who lost power for multiple days and I work in upstream oil and gas. I do not think we should upgrade our infrastructure to prevent this. We can put up with a few days of lost power once a decade to ensure our cheap electricity rates in the summer. If we improve the infrastructure to prevent these once every decade type events we will pay more as a consumer. I think that within 5-10 years solar panels and storage will be much more cost efficient which would help mitigate this on a local scale. While I do not think solar works for commercial
  15. We have had power 23 of the last 24 hours now. There are still lots of people without power, how come they are not doing a better job of rolling these blackouts. I could deal with power for 12 hours out of the day instead of 23 if it meant more people would get half a day of power.
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