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  1. Home ownership is not necessarily a good thing. There are multiple studies that show the downside, mostly as it relates to the labor market. Switzerland has a low home ownership, but Spain has a high home ownership. In the US, New York has a lowest home ownership, West Virginia has the highest home ownership. https://www.nber.org/papers/w19079
  2. I go to Denver a few times a year, the traffic is worse than Houston.
  3. I own him and I have no idea what to do. A mid first and I click accept in a heartbeat. If someone offered a mid-late 2nd I would decline. I would value him late 1/early 2.
  4. 14 team league, can I offer the following trade or is it bad one way? Offer up Kyler Murray 1st round 2022 rookie For Russel Wilson Courtland Sutton
  5. Try a different mouse before you reinstall. That fixed 2 other users with this same error. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_excel-mso_win10-mso_o365b/pressing-ctrl-key-is-zooming-out-in-excel/3b575a47-6876-4710-ac98-9a79a89b11a5
  6. Ok, it seemed targeted towards me since I was the only poster in this thread arguing pro-fracking.
  7. If you targeted this towards me then it is misguided. I refreshed all of the various websites to try and get a vaccine as soon as possible. You should not try to stereotype people on position, I am profracking because I worked as an engineer on fracking projects and I have more of an understanding of fracking than the average person. I am also pro-environment, i think electric car mandates are not coming fast enough, i think solar subsidies should be increased to get rooftop solar on as many houses as possible, and i think we need more nuclear power. I am confident that I am in the t
  8. The Colorado river basin produces 15% of America's crops and 13% of America's livestock. 90% of this is dependent on irrigation. What you are mocking is already happening, we are already choosing to water lawns over crops, read the article below. Admittedly, not much agriculture is going to be lost in 2021, but we are getting close to the tipping point where we will lose quite a bit of agriculture. They will set the 2022 agriculture limits in August and it does not look good. https://www.courthousenews.com/arizona-readies-for-cuts-in-colorado-river-water-allocation/
  9. Do you live in the Colorado river basin? If not then this probably does not matter. Also, I hate to ban things as well, however drinking water, crops, and industry is more important to the united states than lawns. And something drastic is going to have to be done pretty fast in that area of the country. Lawns are the low hanging fruit at least to me. I would rather have foods, jobs, and water to drink.
  10. @Rich Conway Not only has the media not portrayed fracking correctly as per my other posts, there has actually been a net environmental benefit due to fracking. Fracking was the cause of the natural gas boom which was the main driver of coal's demise. The shift from coal to natural gas power plants was the sole reason that United States has lowered its CO2 emissions over the last decade. Fracking has not only helped the environment on the power generation sector, it also helped on the fuel sector. The reason is because if fracking would not have been invented the next cheapest s
  11. That is a different typing of fracking that causes those, where they frack the well and then force the waste water down into the fractures for disposal purposes. I am unsure how i feel about that practice as there are many of those types of wells which have caused issues, however normal fracking for recovery of hydrocarbons does not cause earthquakes.
  12. My brother-in-law(wife's brother) married a woman born/raised in Mexico and she is incredibly conservative. Her whole family has since came to America and they were big trump supporters. One of their biggest issues was related to immigration.
  13. I have worked as an engineer on fracking projects. Your statement is misguided, due to how journalists report on issues. Shallow well fracking is bad for the environment, but that practice has been dropped. Deep well fracking is not bad for the environment. The problem is the small mom and pop oil companies use cheap casing and fracked wells leak through the cheap casing. The media latches onto articles that a fracked well is leaking contaminants, but the journalist is too dumb to understand the problem had nothing to do with fracking. The problem was a small company trying to cut corner
  14. The drug is not proven to remove amyloid plaques in the brain, even at the highest dose it could be a statistical blip. Furthermore, there are quite a few researchers who do not believe that the amyloid plaques cause Alzheimers. So even if the drug worked at its purpose, there is a strong chance that it would not help with Alzheimers anyways. Below is one such study, however there are other independent studies as well. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6208728/ However, the causal link between Aβ and AD remains unproven. Here, in the context of a detail
  15. The quote from the FDA director of drug evaluation is below. Pretty much they approved it not because it worked, but because there was nothing else to treat Alzheimers with, ie snake oil. We ultimately decided to use the Accelerated Approval pathway—a pathway intended to provide earlier access to potentially valuable therapies for patients with serious diseases where there is an unmet need, and where there is an expectation of clinical benefit despite some residual uncertainty regarding that benefit…
  16. The FDA approved a drug that costs ~56,000 dollars per year that does not work. It is snake oil, yet desperate people will pay tons of money for this snake oil. The FDA is failing at its most important job, first it did not approve the vaccines fast enough, now it is approving expensive drugs that do not even work. https://www.statnews.com/2021/06/07/fda-grants-historic-approval-to-alzheimers-drug-designed-to-slow-cognitive-decline/ The drug — which just two years ago was declared a stunning failure — is now expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue for its ma
  17. Nobody likes the 23 year old rb that finished #7 overall last year.
  18. Traded away Antonio Gibson Diontae Johnson Traded For Josh Jacobs Michael Gallup Damien Harris Jacobs and Gibson are only a couple months apart in age, both will be 23 at the start of the season and I think Josh Jacobs is the better player. Diontae Johnson and Gallup are a little further apart in most peoples rankings, but i would not be surprised if Gallup does more this year. I expect Ben to tank and there is no way that offense can support 3 WR's. On the other hand Gallup is going to play for an offense that can support 3 W
  19. In the dry western states the price of water needs increased greatly, and the price should be non-linear. The first 100-200 gallons should be cheaper than gallons 200-300, and once you get over 300 gallons a day for a household the price should be jacked way up. The price should be high enough to strongly encouraging conserving water.
  20. I will give 10-1 odds that this thread is closed in less than 2 hours.
  21. Shaq is not giving up much at the lber position, but he would be an every week starter for the other 13 teams. I could do 1.14 for bosa and 2.07, but I think my dad wants additional draft picks, not just trading up.
  22. Top DE's usually are chosen mid to late 2nd. My dad has Nick Bosa as well because he could not pass him up at 2.06. I figured Joey was a couple years older and would be worth less than that. But yes, my offer is probably light.
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