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  1. That is exactly what he meant. Its a loophole that he escapes escalation due to missing a few games but his owner can still get a very high PPG from him when healthy and just put someone else in while injured. Its not like anyone had to take the zeroes. I would be rooting for everyone of my players to miss 4-5 games due to injury. Bizarre.
  2. Fellas, Nitrogen Sports is running a promotion where an admin or mod of an active NFL forum can open a Survivor Pool and Nitrogen will front a .05 bitcoin prize pool: https://blog.nitrogensports.eu/promotions/2019-nfl-survivor-community-pool/ Is there interest in forming a footballguys pool? I can confirm that Nitrogen does a great job running survivor. Been doing their pools for years.
  3. This is very intriguing. Can't believe it isn't getting more attention. Is the crowd tired of being let down by Jermichael or what?
  4. Spiller performed well at the end of last year, but this year he has been on another level entirely. Its not even close.From Week 12 onward with Jackson out:86 carries 446 yards 5.2 ypc; 24 receptions 187 yards 7.8 ypr; 5 total TDs.That is 15.55 fantasy points per game, with one big game coming in week 15 against Miami.So far this year he has put up 54.4 fantasy points in basically 6 quarters of PT exceeding his rate of production from even his best game out of seven starts last year.10.1 ypc, 14.1 ypr, 3 TDs. Small sample obviously and he isn't going to continue at this rate, but he stepped it up big time.
  5. I couldn't tell if a lot of you were joking or serious............but I wanted to go on the record as saying I think Tebow will be a bust and McDaniels is going to flame out this year.
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