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  1. You would be put into the shares at $83.50 if exercised (most certainly if stock closed below $83.50 on expiration day and less likely if trading below $83.50 before expiration). Your cost basis would be $81.09 plus commissions ($83.50 - $2.41). GL
  2. Had the same each time I got on the board. I ended up scrubbing cache on each device I logged in on (3). Reset password. Worked like a charm after this. Perhaps this might help? Good luck.
  3. Lowest calorie, satisfying, chocolate fix under 100 cals?? I need it, man. I need it bad. 4 hershey kisses the best we have at 88 cals? I hate having a bag sit around cause 1 more is only 22, and so on, and so on. 4 weeks: 202.5 to 194 lbs. 1450 cals/day. Thanks to everyone for sharing!
  4. Perhaps someone could start a GoFundMe to purchase a meat slicer for Binky. One that can toggle down to .1? I would happily start it but it's time for my break.
  5. Amazon Prime: " Most Wanted " 7/10. Don't let the cast turn you off.
  6. Can someone explain how 'mentions' turn into a concerted buying campaign? Does it start slow and snowball if the stock begins to rise or does a group all agree to join at the same time?
  7. The Sinner (Jessica Biel) S3 hits Netflix on 2/6. Looking forward to this.
  8. @KGB provided This link in the "stocks" thread. A fine kickoff to its own thread. r/wallstreetbets currently has 7mm+ subscribers.
  9. Key-a-no, Ko-e-no-uh, Wakeen
  10. Have you tried the salted caramel? Im fixing to get an order together to help from 10am-2pm (400 cals). I've tried the vanilla in the past but gets boring fast. Thx
  11. @Major mentioned the Oatmega bars. They look pretty darn good. Before I head out to the store to purchase, I was wondering how others were spending their last 200 calories of the night? Thanks for all of the encouragement and info, folks.
  12. China seems to be a big issue moving forward. An arguable view is the tariffs (even if warranted) got things off on the wrong foot between U.S. and China. How a developed world allows the Uyghur situation is a head scratcher to me but I'd like to learn more. What's going to happen with China relations/prominence over the next 8 years?
  13. Nature vs nurture with these types as always interesting to ponder. Finding who made who could give us a lot of clues for some of these folks.
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