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  1. Some great ones in this thread. My desert island song would very possibly be Interpol - Evil . Video.
  2. Do you like to teach? I read there is a large need for teachers. Easy to try as a sub without investing time getting your certificate. Not much money in subbing though.
  3. How do you market directly to this particular pool of renters? Thx
  4. Expected move was $5.30 or $51.90 . Interesting how accurate those values were thus far but I do not know its overnight low tick. Good luck, Bossman.
  5. Am I seeing this right, an expected move of $19 on a now, $27.32 stock? That is 323% IV, lol. Good luck.
  6. The $1.99 soy milk is udderly better and cheaper than Silk.
  7. Just another big thanks for helping motivate me. Five months and lost 25 lbs (202.5 to 177.5) so hit my first goal of 180. I'm short so still overweight. Hoping to add height over the rest of the year. I did this on 1500 cal./day so not at all active. I suppose I could work on this as well.
  8. For income generators: I feel there is some decent premium to harvest in SLV. Trading at 25.35 and 6/18 $27 calls bring in $.48. That is 1.8% in 5 weeks plus potential 6% more in appreciation. It feels like its going to bounce around $24-$28 while it digests latest move up. USD bearish trade which is admittedly getting a bit extended. Metals are prone to large moves down so plan accordingly.
  9. Yes. New job for both. 24 year olds. Those two areas seem like good suggestions. Yep, she'll be in the Cap Building. That's what they were thinking as far as commute directions. Let him make the trek out to Rockville each day. She's not sure what hours will be like as an aide. He'll be an 8-5 er.
  10. Any suggestions on rental location for a young couple moving to the area in July? He in Rockville, MD. She in the capitol area. Starter salaries around $110k/yr. Luckily no school payments for now and foreseeable future. I believe the closer to capitol on their budget the better to give him the longer commute and get by with one vehicle. Thanks and go WFT!
  11. Not sure if this might interest you: Value Line "Agressive Stock Portfolio" apparently has $LGIH as a buy with a $230 price target. I know nothing about them other than they were mentioned in a random video I watched the other day.
  12. How's the AC? Regardless, I'll start the bidding on this at 1/8th bitcoin, 22,500 dogecoin, and 60 shares of GME.
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