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  1. I like it and want to think I'll be watching it for a while but I give the over/under about 8 episodes at this point. You have dialogue limitations, rely too much on physical comedy, there's only so many ways to play out the "oh, crap, I'm limited by THIS" scenario. Every scene is a play up of the fact that he's on the border of a mental meltdown (that's exhausting to a reader or viewer...you can't stay on the roller coaster 100% of the time). It just can't maintain ratings. The novelty of it is it is an apocalyptic comedy, counter to the seemingly hundreds of apocalyptic dramas we have ha
  2. It was "nearly a dozen banks in the Portland area". So he definitely didn't travel very far.standing in line at 12 banks to make sizable withdraws is an all day event.He withdrew large amounts. You float that kind of money in their bank and you don't stand in any line in 1960's or 1970's. As a matter of fact, he walked right in to one bank and was speaking to a higher up within moments.
  3. "Can't you see this horse loves me?"I had a woman did that to me. Didn't make her my wife.
  4. Very good Western. Honestly, Im not sure if its underrated or not. It certainly isnt heralded, but anyone who has seen their share of movies and westerns knows its good. Ive never heard anyone say its bad. I think even people who think Kevin Costner sucks would call this a solid movie. Above all else, Glover-Costner-Kline-Glenn have great banter and interactions.I don't want to kill you and you don't want to be dead.
  5. In the middle of it right now. The scope of the game is amazing.....just seems three times as big as Fallout III.DARN! Just got it like two weeks ago from best buy, and literally put the box and receipt in the trash last night. Too bad, I was happy with the 19.99!Just got into over the long weekend, and really enjoying it so far. I like the multiple factions in it, and how they are relating so far. I think i'm enjoying it more the fallout III, and so far only a couple of lockups.Just bought a copy a few minutes ago. Turns out it is a BB pre-order version, so I have codes for the armor, gu
  6. Chasing Amy is a top 10 movie all time for me, but I never feel good about recommending it to anyone, so I pretty much don't. It's very much a Kevin Smith movie, with all the good and all the bad that entails. I think it is one of those "in the moment" movies, where you had to be in the right place, right time when you first saw it and it just sticks with you.So you were a loser dating a curiously unattractive bi-sexual woman when you first saw it?
  7. Tribes:Ascend late 2011.Official link. The original tribes is still the best FPS I ever played. Current FPS don't even come close. Looking forward to this! :thumbup: Tribes was awesome.Don't get me started. I loved Tribes.
  8. Fine, but it's not beyond ridiculous to say that I thought BG sucked.Pretty much is. BG wasn't my cup of tea, I didn't enjoy it. But it certainly didn't suck.
  9. I watched it years ago on USA. Liked it then, can't watch it now. Though the immortal dirtbiker is amusing.
  10. Just watched Le Horde. It is a French fast zombie movie. "Aha, French people are weird."
  11. Watched Doghouse yesterday. It is a newer, British Evil Dead-like movie. Tongue firmly in cheek from the beginning. I loved it.
  12. I saw the live taping of this. So phenomenal. A must for any comedy fan, I think his appeal's pretty broad.I wasn't expecting much, but this guy was funny.
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