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  1. It continues to amaze me how people do not understand the difference btw the summer riots and the insurrection.
  2. How many substantive bills get passed every year in the United States congress? Bills that allocate funding for pressing issues whether related to stimulus, disaster/recovery, or health/taxes/ civil/social infrastructure? I’m guessing very few. The Trump administration did basically nothing to drive policy initiatives. It was rule by decree through executive order and bull####, really. No policy. And Congress, outside of Paul Ryan’s tax bill basically did sweet #### all for four years too. Why? Too busy playing power politics and not enough time rolling up sleeves. And it lo
  3. Read the article. They say he is too much like Trump.
  4. It is absolutely amazing to me how the American narrative on covid, opening up, masks and other safety precautions is the exact opposite of most every other western democratic society. It is not surprising to me that the death rate is what it is in America as a consequence though.
  5. The left hates “freedom” and is totalitarian is really flat earth type stuff. Yikes.
  6. So many lies. He just can’t help himself. And he’s so insecure.
  7. I agree. The GOP will do everything it can to ramp up voter suppression, making elections less free, fair and honest.
  8. Standing O when Trump dusts off the Big Lie.
  9. What a weird thing to say. Maybe policy isn’t your thing?
  10. What a train wreck the GOP is. Trot out this washed up number to tell everyone how great he is and play the same tired “hits”that lost the party power. This party has no ideas.
  11. Over under on how many times Trump said he won the election? I’ll set it at 10.
  12. Imagine thinking you have a “deep bench” when the number one guy lost you the executive and legislative branches of government, lost the popular vote by 7 million and you want to run him again. Oh, and the second guy is Ron DeSantis. Lmao.
  13. It will be the exact opposite. He will attack those that have gone against him. Because he is a sad, pathetic man. Oh, he’ll also lie. A lot.
  14. Your point is tenuously being supported by what really amounts to a semantic argument. While there may not be a “gay gene”, that does not mean that people choose their sexuality in the binary sense. Some do I have no doubt. But the vast majority make no conscious binary decision to choose women over men. Or vice versa.
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