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  1. Given all his formatting and spelling errors in the paid content, maybe he is too busy?
  2. So is this your argument against getting vaccinated? Are you saying vaccines are not efficacious?
  3. I have. For the same reason I do not believe angels are real: there is no evidence.
  4. Find me one peer reviewed political science paper that says the US is not a democracy.
  5. well this is some low hanging fruit: 1. Travel ban - pretty much racist. 2. North Korea - disaster of a publicity stunt. 3. Withdrawing from the Paris Accord - no leadership at all on climate change, plus he is a denier. 4. Cutting funding to the WHO - the height of stupidity. 5. Health Care Plan - coming in two weeks! 6. Appointing an oil exec to head the EPA - i mean, lmao. 7. Trying to overturn a free and fair election - sort of a big one here.
  6. There is no objective reason to entertain these dangerous fantasies. You don’t throw conspiracy theory any rope. Ever.
  7. I know. Ramblings of a narcissistic unstable mind imo. Imagine being so solipsistic that you are prepared to tear it all down rather than admit you lost? It is honestly a level of narcissism that we’ve never seen in public life until Trump.
  8. I think the point is that trump was prepared to do anything to stay in power. Regardless of whether it was above board. Al Gore exercised his legal rights with respect to a specific number of questionable votes in the 2000 election. Which I think was fair in the circumstances. He then conceded and put the country first. I don’t think I need to articulate all the ways what trump did was different than that? Starting with the undermining of the electoral system months before the vote even happened? The bussing of Pence at the end was the cherry on the Sunday.
  9. The two are not mutually exclusive. But you know this.
  10. This is what I am talking about when I say social media is destroying America.
  11. You just looked up and posted a definition of a “Republic”. Do me a solid and post the definition of “ignorance”?
  12. Thought that was what you meant. How is the American “republic” different than a “democracy”?
  13. I dont disagree with anything in your post. Assuming the story remains as it is currently being reported.
  14. Are you suggesting that a president should not be available to assist his party politically going forward? You must have hated the trump years? Or any other presidency before that? it’s part of the job.
  15. The worst. Seriously. I hope he gets what he deserves calling this election. I’d be optimistic, but Canadian polling is notoriously unreliable and I’m worried there will be last minute defection of a big chunk of NDP vote (our leftist party) to Trudeau to save his ###. I wouldn’t vote for Justin Trudeau if god asked me to.
  16. Fair enough. Let me be more specific: The idea that a con man narcissist with no geopolitical experience whatsoever would know more than his generals is a perfect description of the biggest problem with America in 2021; unqualified people think they are experts at everything. Because? Social media. Or, malignant narcissism in Trump’s case.
  17. Norm would be on the Mount Rushmore of comedy. The great comedians of our time’s Mount Rushmore, for clarity.
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