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  1. that 2nd line looks pretty great now Svechnikov/Trochek/Teravainen (only 1 player from their "top line" is also on their top PP unit)
  2. He was available and everybody else was untouchable. Eichel won’t work out for anyone until he gets surgery.
  3. His shtick is pretty worn out but I respect him for being the only real hockey guy on ESPN for a long time when they pretended the sport didn’t exist.
  4. ESPN+ is $70/year or $7/month I guess I need to call stupid DirecTV and cancel CenterIce, which was $160.
  5. we have 5 IR+ spots. if someone is eligible, they can be put in one of those spots and it creates an opening on your roster. if you have a player on IR that gets healthy, you won't be able to make any other roster moves until you activate or release the player.
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