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  1. more concerned about the holdout than the team. lot could happen between now and September though. he's proven that he can produce no matter who is at QB, i agree.
  2. I think a franchise tag/holdout is a strong possibility here.
  3. Yeah. I’m not even that high on him but felt he was close to BPA and a bit safer than my RB2 options.
  4. you can still change your lineup. you just can't add anybody to your roster if you have active players on IR. yahoo has always done it this way.
  5. anyone hear from Bloom? I can reach out if not
  6. this is just like last year where nearly every team besides the Sabres got to keep playing. good times.
  7. Lol at Kreider. Sabres rolling Skinner and his $9MM cap hit on the 4th line. Good times.
  8. They toured the US just about every year. Kind of the opposite of very rarely, no?
  9. At least now the Sabres can blame the NHL office for all their problems
  10. Oh. PE Bellemare. Averages 10 minutes/night and is 35 years old. Totally forgot about him.
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