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  1. Out there today. Hope it's full and not limited.
  2. Missed Thursday as well. Choo choo! So glad I had the patience and didn't cut Hill loose. Get Hill active
  3. Can't decide between him or Tre Mason at flex. Fisher has me scared with the "Stacy may get 25 carries this week" talk. Regardless if he does not score a TD or surpass 100 yards receiving, I am CUTTING him in redraft.
  4. Of course, assuming Reed stays healthy..... With the QB turmoil in Washington, you have to think Reed's best bet for production is for RG3 to reclaim the reigns, correct? They had some great chemistry last year.....
  5. Great. Freaking. Post. I feel very fortunate that this guy has fallen so far under the radar. I can kind of see why as no one thinks Cincy can support more than one WR from a fantasy standpoint. I felt the same way for weeks as I stared at him as a FA and didn't take the plunge. With Jones being on IR I took the plunge and he will replace Watkins as my WR2 going forward. Expecting at least WR2/WR3 numbers on a weekly basis. Choo choo!
  6. You can't start him but you can't drop him. End of story.
  7. We cut the cord! Our triple play bill (cable/phone/internet) was about 192/month total now with just internet we’re down to 58/month plus taxes. We got a $50 HD antenna from Amazon and it works great. We ordered another one for downstairs. It felt do good dropping off the equipment at Comcast. I had tried to negotiate a better deal with them but they kept saying the offers were only for new customers. Of course I dropped off the equipment and the guy said that for only another 10/mo I could get cable TV back with HBO, for a year or two. It’s ridiculous that they make you go through with the threat to give you the sweetheart deal. But after questioning him he did admit that the 10/mo extra didn’t include the 10/mo High Def fee and the cost of the DVR/boxes so I didn’t fall for the trick. The last straw was our cable box didn’t work so I called tech support, was on hold for 26 minutes, and then got disconnected to a fast busy signal. Did anyone call me back? Of course not. No more Comcast! I will not pay for your bloated TV and terrible customer service.
  8. Researched it more and this $49 deal starts 9/14 in Best Buy stores. I'll be there first thing to snag one! These have always been $169-$199 - $49 is a steal! They are definitely going after the growing "cord cutter" market.... Just to be clear, these new $49 boxes are not the same as the $169-$199 Tivos. They are manufactured with a cheaper CPU, which doesn't mean anything if all you will ever do is just use the one Tivo box. But if you ever decide you want to buy a Tivo Mini to view your Tivo content in another room, you find that this unit doesn't support the mini. It's not just a licensing issue. The CPU is too slow to support the Mini. Also, you can never opt for a lifetime subscription on this unit. While this is 100% a licensing issue, and 0% a hardware issue, Tivo gets to make the rules.... so while you'll save $120 to $150 in buying the unit, you could end up paying hundreds more in the long run due to always having to be month to month with the unit. I'm not saying it's a bad unit to buy. It's a good option for the right customer.... I just wanted to make sure you didn't think it's the same as the $169 to $199 units. They are better hardware and can be licensed for lifetime service. thanks for clarifying. that was not clear on their website. will ponder the right move.
  9. Researched it more and this $49 deal starts 9/14 in Best Buy stores. I'll be there first thing to snag one! These have always been $169-$199 - $49 is a steal! They are definitely going after the growing "cord cutter" market....
  10. Just caught the part about needing a pay TV subscription to watch cable shows on Hulu Plus. Ok, no thanks. The Tivo at 15/mo is a much better option - thanks Spock! Anyone get the Tivo Roamio? They're offering it for only $49 with one year activation at 15/mo. Not bad! https://www.tivo.com/discover/antenna
  11. If you come to the conclusion that Hulu is worth the $10 a month, then I'm not sure why you conclude there is no way you'd pay $15 a month for a Tivo subscription. Hulu is essentially just on demand access to free OTA shows. But Tivo does this for 100% of the free OTA shows in your area, while Hulu only does it for a subset of those shows. For only $5 more a month you can record anything, and not just have what Hulu decides to provide. Hulu recently began offering cable channel shows, but from what I understand you have to be a pay-TV subscriber of those channels to watch the shows via Hulu. So without being a pay-TV subscriber, Hulu is just on-demand free OTA shows. ETA: if you did the life time subscription, then after 50 months Tivo becomes cheaper than Hulu.... and cheaper and cheaper and cheaper as time goes on. I am confused. What is OTA? Over the air? Local? Comedy Central shows like Daily report are on Tivo?
  12. Hulu+ is more for tv shows as opposed to movies (netflix) or full season purchases and binges (amazon). We use it to watch shows like MasterChef, Top Chef, Daily Show, @Midnight. We just wait a day and then those first run shows are up on H+. We actually didnt renew our netflix and only have amazon b/c of the 2 day shipping. So for us OTA and H+ would be enough Awesome. We love the Daily Show. I'll have to see everything else they have. If they have Colbert Report as well I may have to splurge.
  13. Can’t take it anymore. Comcast bill almost 200/mo for the triple play that started out at 99/mo. Dropping landline and cable and just keeping internet. We are not big tv watchers. We mostly DVR the limited stuff we watch so we can check it out after kids go to sleep. We’ll live without it – no way am I paying for a Tivo subscription. Have the Amazon hdtv antenna (the knock off of the Leaf) coming this weekend to check out while we get ready to cut the cord. My question – we already have Netflix and Amazon prime – does anyone think Hulu Plus at 10/mo is worth it as well? From those who have or have had all 3 is there anything special about Hulu Plus that will help us miss cable even less? TIA
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