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  1. Most likely, but who can really predict what to expect out of Branden Allen?
  2. This isn't good. Wet field. Blowout. Thinking of benching for Cooks.
  3. Good. Maybe a couple of balls can blow into his hands.
  4. Where do you rank Cook in dynasty if he plays 16 games this year?
  5. There is no progress. We're all screwed.
  6. You know, you don't have to reply to every thread.
  7. Starting over Cooks. The day I decide to bench him is the day I actively try to trade him.
  8. Good point. He's a better player than last year when he was thrown into the #1 role. Now he's already there, and hopefully they can put something on the field that draws some coverage.
  9. This is true. Who's taking Sanders spot in the lineup?
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