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  1. Years ago in a redtaft among Jets and Giants fans, some guy took Pennington in the 1st round. Everybody was laughing at him.
  2. Has anyone heard anything about Robby Anderson? Is he definitely suspended or has there been any talk at all about it?
  3. I don't remember the Giants and Jets both drafting QBs in the 1st. If it happens, both QBs will forever be linked together and compared to each other. It would be quite interesting.
  4. The New York Jets will make a push to sign free-agent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with Kirk Cousins likely to land with the Minnesota Vikings, ESPN.com's Dianna Russini reported Tuesday. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Cousins and the Vikings have agreed to a three-year deal, eliminating the top free-agent target for the QB-needy Jets. Bridgewater would be a step down from Cousins. The 25-year-old attempted just two passes this past season—one of which was an interception—after missing the entire 2016 campaign due to a major knee injury he suffered in August 2016. The Jets'
  5. And they should be. I can't see Bridgewater being successful after being mediocre, then getting hurt. He's a nobody with some draft pedigree.
  6. I think Robbie Anderson can be a WR1 for the Jets, if he can stay out of trouble. Would be nice to have a veteran who could show him the ropes. Bryant is not that guy.
  7. There's always room for Jello

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