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  1. You do say more crazy things on a word per minute basis to be honest tho. But you're still embraced
  2. We need a new cornhole for the PSF forum. Joe can you host with some BBQ and boats?
  3. Sure, I mean I know it happened, but it doesnt matter at this point either way tbh. It's old even if our interpretation is different. I get it and I'm good to move it through.
  4. I mean, all of us have expressed the want for dissent and discussion. he's literally the definition of an internet troll. I think 5 or 6 months ago and I paraphrase "I just love seeing liberals getting riled up" - Dont Noonan. That's a troll. That's it and that's all. Then he comes here and cries about being outnumbered. Hit someone and run behind the teacher and cry number 1 suspect.
  5. *sigh* (the original poster realized the mistake and didnt take offense, nor should you) We're good homey.
  6. I for one enjoy the levity here on this page. Good people, on both sides, having a laugh. Forum is fine. As far as Joe's concerned, I offered a pretty reasonable answer pages back. He's historically obtuse with this stuff. It's not that hard and shouldn't cause him this much consternation. People are all fine for the most part with each other. I'd have a beer with almost anyone on this board in a second. Infact, 2 of my only IRL friends I met here are Trump guys and we've spent numerous nights at a bar doing trivia together and had a great time.
  7. Cheers mate (I looked for 3 minutes for that emote of sharing a beer to post here but I'm not good at knowing these new kid's emotes) Also maybe let @HellToupee - he seemed to think it was shtick.
  8. That post was way too serious to be a Joe 8ryant gimmick. Let's be real.
  9. Correct, was kinda to try and prove a point while not being insulting and was taken completely incorrectly. I know there's a fake Joe Bryant with an 8 instead of a B. It gave me a chuckle, it's just useless on some folks. Can we enjoy each other and not make everything into (this guy is a Republican/this guy is a Democrat?). I can, can you? Let's bump this place up in morale. I woulda laughed at myself had I made that loquacious post and quoted the wrong Joe Bryant. Christ on a corndog it's so combative here. In my post with directions as to how Joe could fix this forum I offered to ban myself first.
  10. "Be the change you wish to see in the world or something." - John Stamos
  11. You could try being the one to change first if you're so passionate about it. Lead by example and all that stuff. Just sayin'
  12. You know it's bad when you're not even sure in which thread to argue about this high school drama stuff anymore I posted some decent constructive advice for Joe a page back. Try responding to those types of people offering to help with your frustration instead of policing these individual arguments, and you're on your way to fixing half your problems.
  13. You always seem to make these decisions way too complicated @Joe Bryant 1. There are only like 2-4 lowest common denominators here. Guys always involved in slap fights and actually arguments. Ban them from using this sub forum only. 2. Appoint a few trusted people to help moderate the forum. 1 or 2 extra eyes who participate in a classy way. Make clear their decisions are final and to not whine about them. Every other serious forum on the internet has this. (guys like Tim are here more than all of your current moderators combined and he's not the type who will ban someone just for disagreeing with him. You can just tell. Find 2 or 3 guys like that and let them help clean up any personal attacks, hand out a few warnings if need be). You seem to be stressing about this forum when you don't need to so much. Most discussion and message board stuff will be on platforms like Discord in the coming years anyway. Maybe get a jump start on that. You're trying too hard to be "up in the middle" or "fair" if you will. I could clean this place up in 90 minutes (I'd ban myself too, I'm always a snarky jerk).
  14. She's totally gonna sleep with some Cuban dude on Spring Break after she marries Jordan.
  15. This chili is a mainstay for me. For years and years. The best I've ever had. The only thing I've experienced is that it's not done well for me a chili cook off because it's more authentic chili than anything you'll find. Some pumpkin spiced or green chili enchilada corn chili always seems to get the win for uniqueness
  16. I never buy that line either (who do you want to run a final with). These guys know there will be some kind of twist too where Idris will probably not be on your team by season's end. I would have just told him he's a rookie and hasn't gone into elimination. That's enough to throw him in.
  17. Tell Me Who I Am - critically acclaimed or something. The actual premise is great (true story). I thought the pacing, execution, and feel of the documentary was awful. Unpopular opinion I guess according to critics. It did nothing for me except tell me a pretty macabre story that I could have read about in 5 minutes. Just my
  18. It's Turbo. You could poorly critique a batch of hummus his mom made and he'd probably beat the #### out of you just for fun.
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