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  1. Free Clifton.

  2. I want to make the sex to that one woman you know

  3. 5 stars isn't nearly enough for the info this guy drops in the SP. Great work.

  4. Looks like we took care of the little name problem here. Same as day one.

  5. What ended up happening here?

  6. I'm playing this season of Uncle Wally's Big Buns Keeper League under official protest. That trade was bull####.

  7. Are people besides Hack allowed to post here?

  8. I'm going to need more details before I give you access to my LinkedIn page.

  9. We've gone "medical". It's like the wild wild west out here.

  10. Decided to out yourself?

  11. Pretty sure I'll be in Jako early January then anything's possible.

  12. Hack road show could be coming to a town near you in 1st quarter of 2010. Are you ready?

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