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  1. Ticketmaster is doing this with the NHL. They remove the tix from your account when they sell so the buyer is guaranteed they're real.
  2. I lowered the price on one set of tix over an hour ago and the scraper just lowered his SH price now. The risk I see is that a third party buys the tix off of TM before they're listed on SH.
  3. I am a STH of the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks make it really easy to list tickets for games that I am unable to attend--literally 30 seconds if I know the price. As such, I don't list them on Stub Hub. However, I noticed that someone has "scraped" Ticket Master and listed my tix on Stub Hub for a hefty markup. They are hoping someone buys them on SH and then they will purchase them on TM and pocket the difference. I have mixed feelings about this--on one hand, my tix are being marketed more widely but on the other hand, a scalper is gouging someone else and making $$ off of my tix. What do people think of this? Here's my idea. I've noticed that there's a lag between when I change the price of my tix and when they change the price on SH. I have tested this and know it to be true. I was thinking of listing the tix on TM, waiting until they are "scraped" and listed on SH and then jacking the price on TM and then buying them for the lower price on SH. Is this illegal or unethical? Here are some responses to probable questions. He won't be able to replace the tix with similar or better seats because they don't exist in my section for the number of seats I have. He will either have to cancel my purchase or bite the bullet and buy my tix from TM. Thoughts?
  4. I don't like Bialik at all. Still super frumpy and she also makes multiple grammatical errors per episode: "That's him." "That's them." etc
  5. Wait, the iPhone is done? Since when?
  6. A lot going on. Stay tuned. Very limited in what I can say.
  7. I am getting called out 14 years after my comment? WAT???
  8. RR was terrible. The finger wagging really irked me. By far the worst guest host so far IMO.
  9. I am around--Sunday around lunch?
  10. TIL Nobu is a restaurant and a Las Vegas hotel.
  11. Haven't been in several years but going with some buddies in a couple of weeks. Anyone stay at Aria? Is it on par with Wynn, Encore etc? Best restaurants? Thx Nobu is a fantastic restaurant but very spendy. JalapeƱo Yellowtail is to die for. As is Black Cod Miso.
  12. Shoot the lock off your wallet and treat your wife to a show at the Shaw Festival, have dinner at Trius and spend the day at Mississauga Beach.
  13. Again, WTF are you upset about? HE TOOK #### OUT OF YOUR FRONT LAWN CONTAINER AND PUT IT IN HIS GARBAGE CANS. Stop playing the victim and move on. You have nothing to be upset about.
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