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  1. If the FDA grants an EUA, the stock will soar. If they say you need 100 more patients, the stock will be crushed. Woodcock has been very vocal about being more lenient in the pandemic. Let's hope that leniency extends to small companies and not just BP. However, after the story about Mexico suing Gilead for trying to block other HIV treatments, I am sure they are also in Woodcock's ear urging her to get more data from CYDY.
  2. I just got off the phone with someone who is VERY knowledgable has been involved but not with CYDY. Key takeaways: 1) They focused on the critical pop. Humanigen and Relief both pulled criticals from their studies. This is very positive because there is nothing to treat these people. 2) 24% reduction in mortality in that cohort--not stat significant because of the low number of patients (62) 3) Stat significant reduction in hospital stay by 6 days. This is a big money saver and is what got remdesivir an EUA. 4) They've enrolled 45 OLE patients with the blessing and help
  3. This way worse than I thought it was going to be but the FDA is still working with them and they've enrolled 45 OLE patients. That tells me they're scrambling to get more data.
  4. You're right. I missed that it was for the critically ill segment only.
  5. They are probably using the data from these patients to power up the trial.
  6. I think they're still alive. BP drugs have been approved with worse numbers.
  7. Looks like they might have missed statistical significance by one death (p-value ~0,058).
  8. What does everyone think about doing 7-point matches for the quarters, 9-points for the semis and having an 11-point final?
  9. Added a few more. A round number makes the mental math easier.
  10. I had great dice and Murph couldn't get off the bar in the first game.
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