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  1. Who knows but someone wanted to accumulate stock quickly.
  2. It's traded 300k in less than 10 minutes. Someone's buying aggressively.
  3. It means you should do as I do instead of following your gut.
  4. I know people who've been in CYDY for 5+ years.
  5. NP doesn't pass the smell test. He comes off like a used car salesman. Couple that with the fact that big pharma companies are huge advertisers in all media and you have your answer as to why there's been little/no coverage of CYDY. The FDA has to approve LL and then there will be coverage. Also, there are dozens of companies saying that they've got a solution for COVID--how is an untrained reporter supposed to parse the good from the bad?
  6. Very good question. You'd think there would have been some kind of leak but also remember that big pharma pays big $ to lobbyists to keep small companies out. NP has a terrible reputation within the industry and the regulators. This is a "show me that it works" situation IMO. Don't let the ####### #shortmafia erode your confidence. Remember that the FDA requested the unblinded data when it was available--according to one poster, it's been available for ~3 weeks and the FDA hasn't rescinded OLE or eIND usage. Stay long and stay strong!
  7. The short squeeze will be epic and could cause some crazy swings in the stock. I'd suggest longs watch and be ready to take advantage. I am thinking about buying back 100k shares tomorrow.
  8. Good match. Congrats to Cletius. Either of you want a non-official match? LMK
  9. If anyone wants a game, respond and I will set it up.
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