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  1. RR was terrible. The finger wagging really irked me. By far the worst guest host so far IMO.
  2. I am around--Sunday around lunch?
  3. TIL Nobu is a restaurant and a Las Vegas hotel.
  4. Haven't been in several years but going with some buddies in a couple of weeks. Anyone stay at Aria? Is it on par with Wynn, Encore etc? Best restaurants? Thx Nobu is a fantastic restaurant but very spendy. Jalapeño Yellowtail is to die for. As is Black Cod Miso.
  5. Shoot the lock off your wallet and treat your wife to a show at the Shaw Festival, have dinner at Trius and spend the day at Mississauga Beach.
  6. Again, WTF are you upset about? HE TOOK #### OUT OF YOUR FRONT LAWN CONTAINER AND PUT IT IN HIS GARBAGE CANS. Stop playing the victim and move on. You have nothing to be upset about.
  7. Why are you upset? He took bags filled with your dog's poo and put them in his garbage. If you are so inclined, ask his motivation but I'd be very wary of declaring war over this. You will come out smelling like the contents of the bag IMO.
  8. Prob the highest luck score I've ever gotten. Dice were on my side. GG
  9. BG is down for maintenance. Was supposed to play @Caveman33 now
  10. This times 100. She's awful--constantly laughing.
  11. Chet beat RajunCajun 5-0. @Gatorman what's your availability tonight and going forward?
  12. I posted yesterday that I am around. This afternoon or tomorrow work.
  13. He was the huge winner tonight. The “best” fighter ever couldn’t even knock him down. It was either fixed for FMM/LP III orFMM couldn’t hit him. Neither is a good answer for FMM.
  14. The "best" fighter ever couldn't even damage a YouTube star. Hugely damaging to his legacy. Huge win for Paul. Very possible this was a set up for a second fight. Disgusting. Not even an announced winner.
  15. Another reminder of why I should never spend a dollar on boxing ever again. What a ####### joke.
  16. Supposedly the best fighter ever against a YouTube star. Boxing is a farce.
  17. Not the kind of domination that I expected.
  18. @ragincajun @Gatorman I am around for the next hour or so if you want to play.
  19. I am available for the next hour or so. Happy to play
  20. Sorry guys--I have been swamped. Possibly free later tonight or Friday.
  21. I liked it when Roland chopped down the tree and stole mushrooms from a squirrel.
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