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  1. This. The ride queues are particularly garbage strewn. A kid in the row behind me actually asked the ride attendant if she hated her job because of how she was acting. Really gives you an appreciation for the effort at Disney.
  2. We were there last Wednesday for "members bring a guest free day". Crowds were definitely bigger than our last couple of visits. We were only able to get in 6 rides in about 5-6 hours. On previous visits we walked right on multiple rides and even got to stay on a couple times to ride again.
  3. Perhaps, but there's nothing particularly "Budapestian" about our downtown area. So maybe it's somewhere else. I don't know exactly where the filming took place. FWIW, our town was also used for some of the Earth scenes in GotGv2.
  4. Allegedly, Black Widow is filming scenes in my town this week. Crew commandeered our church parking lot yesterday and brought in a bunch of older model cars and trucks. Working under the code FIGARO, which is what was used for Infinity War.
  5. Right, should've said "expands upon the rift" that actually started way back in Avengers, continued in A2 but really came to a head in CW.
  6. Civil War establishes the rift between Tony and Steve. Their relationship, at least early on, is based primarily on the events of that film. Tony lashing out at Steve and then later returning his shield.
  7. In the scenes with Hawkeye in the tunnel, he appears to have on the same device Cap, Tony and Ant-man had in the leaked set photos. Perhaps, wherever he is, he's time traveling...
  8. Yes, I think I have. As stated earlier, I've watched this guy throughout high school. I've seen him standing out in the cold at 7 AM opening car doors for K-2 grade drop off, I've seen him show up at kid's birthday party and play with them for an hour, I've seen him give a pregame talk and sign autographs for a 10U rec football team. Will he continue to grow, mature and change? Of course, but he's not going to suddenly become someone other than who he's always been. He wasn't on SI covers prior to this week, but he's been a celebrity in Cartersville, GA for the past 4 years and he's as g
  9. Why did you select those three guys, with well known character issues, as comparisons and examples of how players may not live up to expectations?
  10. I had the pleasure of watching him all through high school (same school that produced Ronnie Brown). He is obviously an unbelievable talent and that was apparent starting as a high school freshman. His poise and skills are off the chart. I would be shocked if he's not one of the best to ever play the position when it's all said and done.
  11. I'd try and play some keep away then. Does your opponent have any obvious holes he might be looking to fill via FA? If so, use the spot that way.
  12. I admit I can be hypocritical when it comes to reboots/remakes. I enjoyed the new Spider Man. Although that was different because they were trying to (re)establish the character in a larger, evolving universe. Jumanji, while not completely original, did build on and reference an existing mythology/previous film. They didn't simply cast a younger actor in the Robin Williams role and try to hit all the same beats. I might even be on the lookout for info on Magnum for some of the same reasons you listed (copter), but there's probably not enough draw for me.
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