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  1. Correct. Many seem afraid to move on. But the vaccine allows you to.
  2. A spike could happen, but with a vaccine out there available to all at risk people, the lethality should be far less than it was in previous spikes. And if a large % of people refuse vaccines, there does reach a point where it’s tough to know what to do. Does everyone have to wait around to interact and restart normal life because 30-40% of the population are scared of vaccines? That’s a tough question.
  3. Because the media in the United States is an absolute joke and has been for a long time.
  4. This is definitely something Trump would have said and Trump would have gotten ridiculed for. And rightfully so. Everyone knows Biden didn't watch 10 minutes of the trial and thus can't comment on the particulars. He just doesn't want riots. And that's understandable too. But there are some things a president doesn't say, and this is one of them.
  5. Amazing how people are siding with uefa and fifa against greed. There are many elements I don’t like about the super league, but those two corrupt organizations and their empty threats aren’t an issue. Man City and their team of lawyers walked all over uefa last summer, you think they are scared now? Every team involved just got a bucket of money. Uefa and fifa are powerless and if they follow through on their threats, who cares. The Qatar WC is an absolute travesty anyway.
  6. It’s an empty threat from fifa. Fifa isn’t stupid and there’s no way FIFA would cut off the top players in the game. And if they do, who cares. Fifa is as corrupt as it gets
  7. I feel like a super league would be incredible for the game. The American model works. The Europeans don’t want change and that’s understandable. There is a lot of history involved. But why are fans so worried about a paradigm where City, PSG, Juventus and Bayern run away with 80% of league titles? The entire European soccer model is a free for all where filthy rich moguls buy and sell players, have no accountability, buy and sell kids, allow super agents to run the continent, and exploit the athletes with endless competitions. This new proposal may have flaws, but the i
  8. Success story: I may have posted in here 5-6 months ago, can’t remember. Going through awful personal circumstances and rarely post. But my story may help others who can’t lose weight. 43, 5’11, started covid at 211 and was working out like crazy. Within 3 months was 228. (225-230 had been a hover point for a long time) Current weight is 191, so 37 pounds lost and I totally stopped trying from November until February. I have two issues: I love food and I don’t really enjoy working out. Those two have combined to keep me overweight for my entire adult life. Sec
  9. Assuming the vaccines work, and it looks like they do, the daily counts are going to go down very soon regardless of how many cases/day are out there now. It's just a matter of getting everyone vaccinated. The only way this becomes a big issue is if a very large % of people decide not to get vaccinated. But as long as the vast majority of people get vaccinated, and we keep vaccinating 3M a day, this thing is going away (as a major threat) within months.
  10. Seems very dramatic if you ask me. If the vast majority of "at-risk" people are getting vaccinated, than covid-19 is getting less dangerous every single week. We know covid will never be 100% eradicated. But at some point "case counts" will not be nearly as important as they were a year ago.
  11. This thing is almost at an end, in terms of its status as a pandemic. Once the at risk are all vaccinated, covid will no longer be anywhere near the threat that it has been. A high number of cases in summer of 2021 won’t mean what it meant in 2020, because most of the ones at risk of dying will have vaccines. Hospitalizations and deaths are way down and won’t be coming back, because their primary at-risk group is rapidly getting vaccinated. Things are bright and covid is almost over. Stay positive, wear your masks, and stay cautious for a few more months.
  12. So you’re saying the IRS will use the lowest of 2019 or 2020?
  13. Any lawyerguys want to help me out? Long story short: In 2019, my AGI was under the limit. In 2020, my AGI is OVER the limit. Like an idiot I filed, because I heard that it's important to file early this year and because literally the day after I filed the Senate jacked with the earnings. Am I screwed from getting the stimulus? Here's the senate version of the bill https://www.budget.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/American Rescue Plan Act SENATE.pdf If you go down to page 350, that's where it starts. The section I can't figure out starts on page 352 and conti
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