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  1. No idea who Q was. But all the "speculation" was really just people spreading crap on youtube and twitter to get likes, follows, and money. Some even outright asked for donations. Lots of the Q movement was nothing more than grifters and people out for money.
  2. He could be removed in the Senate and still run again...I think. Unless there is a vote to also ban him from the presidency.
  3. To me, the 20k national guard is kind of odd. Before the 6th, virtually every "alt-right" guy out there was talking about going to the capital on the 6th. It was everywhere on facebook and twitter. When I check on right-wing accounts, I see absolutely nothing about the 20th. It's insane to see the capital area turning into a fortress with the military everywhere, especially when you literally can't find anything online that points to a massive gathering of Trump supporters on that day. 1k armed national guard would have had no problem with that crowd last week. So it's so weird
  4. I feel like the left is playing hardball and essentially trying to destroy the right, and it's working. Not sure what else they are supposed to be doing right now, from a political standpoint. Focus on burying Trump, splitting the R's, and then handing out big stimulus checks at the end of the month.
  5. McConnell rejects emergency session for Trump impeachment trial, making delay until Biden presidency all but certain. So unless Trump resigns, it looks like he's president until the 20th.
  6. There's very little chance of anything happening in DC for the inauguration. They are locking DC down pretty tight.
  7. Trump literally invited everyone to DC on the 6th. Trump knows that many would be peaceful, but he also knew that the fringe, the conspiracy theorists, the Qanon groups would be there. There is one guy who organized the Stop the Steal protests, who was on-stage with Sidney Powell, Lin Wood in the weeks prior to the 6th. Sidney Powell was in the White House. Ali was also in discussions with a number of politicians. The issue with that person though, is that he claims that he had a permit to protest on the other side of the White House (he was with Alex Jones who is on video telling
  8. I'm sure the left will go overboard here, but they are playing politics bigtime. I think they will make being a MAGA/conspiracy theorist a huge black mark for anyone on the right. This will fracture the right to a massive degree, imo. The silly thing is, it could all have been avoided for them if they just hadn't been sore losers. If Trump had immediately conceded, he could have built a multimedia empire and ran for office in 2024 with a pretty good chance to win. Instead, he was a sore loser and he turned half of his party into sore losers. Their inability to accept the reality
  9. FBI aren't messing around. I'd be quite scared if I had been in that building.
  10. I don't know if she deleted it, or if her twitter timeline shows it, but she definitely posted the "This is 1776" stuff. I'm pretty sure I saw it and posted it here too.
  11. https://www.state.gov/biographies/donald-j-trump/ Could be a hack...But it says: Donald J. Trump's term ended on 2021-01-11 19:40:41.
  12. I'd bet Bezos made the call, but I obviously have no way of knowing that, just a guess.
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