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  1. . Scare tactics are working right now on both sides of the debate. Many are still worried sick about getting covid (despite being vaccinated) and many refuse to get vaccinated due to being scared, thus putting their lives at risk. Fake news on both sides has never been stronger.
  2. I have no idea if I’d get my small children vaxed. My 12 year old got the vaccine so I’m pretty sure I would. I tend to trust science and I don’t understand the antivax position. We also don’t know what long term effects there are from serious covid cases. The biggest arguments I’ve seen online against the vax are that there is a huge conspiracy to cover up deaths, but that seems outlandish. I know hundreds of people who have had it with very little side effects from any of them. I know multiple who have died from covid. Seems straight forward. Get the vaccine.
  3. “Get in here guys and let’s rationally discuss killing babies! Wait why is everyone so emotional??”
  4. Biden was blowing hot air. He literally can’t enforce this. The entire economy and fabric of society would implode.
  5. By defining it a fetus and not a baby, the unborn homo sapien has no rights, so the law doesn’t apply yet. It’s just how it is, but doesn’t make abortion any less vile or morally wrong. But it is legal, based on the law.
  6. An oldie but goodie on the vaccine https://twitter.com/wheatnoil/status/1339624815137722368?s=21
  7. The delta variant and school openings was always going to cause an explosion in cases. Fortunately I think it will blow through rather quickly everywhere and numbers will plummet. I’d expect an inverted V in most places as the very contagious variant burns through available hosts.
  8. No offense Tim, but are you really saying that no Americans are being held hostage? One could make the argument there are tens of thousands of innocents (of many nationalities not just Americans) being held hostage in Kabul right now.
  9. For some reason just spent 2 minutes analyzing Debbie Gibson’s dance moves. Something I did not expect to be doing tonight..:
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