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  1. Biden was blowing hot air. He literally can’t enforce this. The entire economy and fabric of society would implode.
  2. By defining it a fetus and not a baby, the unborn homo sapien has no rights, so the law doesn’t apply yet. It’s just how it is, but doesn’t make abortion any less vile or morally wrong. But it is legal, based on the law.
  3. An oldie but goodie on the vaccine https://twitter.com/wheatnoil/status/1339624815137722368?s=21
  4. The delta variant and school openings was always going to cause an explosion in cases. Fortunately I think it will blow through rather quickly everywhere and numbers will plummet. I’d expect an inverted V in most places as the very contagious variant burns through available hosts.
  5. No offense Tim, but are you really saying that no Americans are being held hostage? One could make the argument there are tens of thousands of innocents (of many nationalities not just Americans) being held hostage in Kabul right now.
  6. For some reason just spent 2 minutes analyzing Debbie Gibson’s dance moves. Something I did not expect to be doing tonight..:
  7. This might be true, but that's a testament to what society has become, and has nothing to do with how big of an event this is.
  8. I don't have the time today to search this and filter through the BS, so maybe one of you knows: Is there any accurate info on hospitalization and death rates for children from the Delta variant, especially in comparison to the original covid-19 strain?
  9. I guess the risk of another variant is always there, especially a potential variant that eludes the current vaccines. But outside that, I'll be ready to move on with life. Yes there will certainly be covid outbreaks, but someone up the thread said it best.....we need to mentally accept that we will get covid and be ok with that. If vaccinated, we should be fine. Yeah there will be a substantial chunk of people that aren't vaccinated, but that's my choice, as these are free and widely available.
  10. You're right that it will likely only move the meter 5-10%. But for me it's much more than a numbers thing. At that point, everyone will have had the opportunity to get vaccinated. Then we should be able to move on with life and if someone is willing to take their life and the lives of their kids in their own hands by refusing vaccination, it's on them.
  11. Vaccines for kids is really the last big event we need to get back to normalcy. Once that is approved and some time has passed for kids to get vaccinated, then we can just move forward and it really will be “just a flu” for those that get the vaccine.
  12. Kind of starts with the media. OMG COVID CASES ARE SPIKING isn’t a productive message anymore.
  13. Bought for 75, sold for 400. IT appears I may have priced too low. I'm coming from nbatopshot where that kind of return is unheard of. oof
  14. Yeah…. Definitely been a crazy year and things that mattered so much to be a year ago seem so trivial now! Thanks for the kind words gb.
  15. I feel horrible for the individuals that died and the families….but I honestly can’t understand the logic of working at a school when you haven’t been vaccinated.
  16. Very weird that the last two pages is full of discussion on masks. While masks may help a bit (the way most people wear them probably not), this is a vaccine problem. The good news is that while things are spiking right now, it will be an inverted V and quickly burn through the remaining unvaccinated population, which should be the end of the madness unless some freak mutation happens that evades the vaccine. Really what we need is a vaccine for the kids, but in the meantime if you’re an unvaccinated adult, you should be quarantining yourself. There’s no excuse for that behavior imo.
  17. Spent most of my adult life at 210-230. During pandemic was up to 230. Started a strict regime of walking to mentally get me through. Like 20k steps a day. Shed weight to 195. Then was shocked by a divorce. Weight went up a little bit but once I got ahold of myself have been focused as never before. Currently at 185 and in best shape of my life. I run a 5k and workout in gym every day. In 40’s am still dealing with a midsection that was full on “dad bod”. I figure it will take me getting to 170 to mostly eliminate that. Current tweak that seems to be working well is to eat all my carbs around my workouts, be done with workouts and carbs by 2 (other than walks). Have shed 4 pounds in last 3 days doing that. Hoping that can get me off a plateau and shed some of this remaining stomach fat that has been here for 20 years!
  18. This is the scariest thing I've read in awhile. If this variant starts putting kids in the hospitals (most of who cannot get vaccinated yet), I don't even want to consider what is going to happen in terms of lockdowns because a strain that hurts kids has always been the worst-case scenario. I am with nirad in that a strict lockdown would put me in a pretty dark place. But my mental health isn't as important as the lives of children. I hope this doesn't explode as school is starting back today in my area.
  19. Not sure if I entirely buy that vaccinated people spread the same as unvaccinated. Are they saying vaccinated people who contract the disease? Or vaccinated people that do not (asymptomatic) Either way if everyone was vaccinated, who cares how much it spreads because it literally isn’t much of a threat at all. This spike isn’t nearly as concerning to me because the overall hospitalizations and deaths will be WAY down. And for those that aren’t vaccinated, haven’t we reached the point where they bear the responsibility for it, not those of us who got vaccinated and are trying to just live life?
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