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  1. Referring to your city of residence as H-town, D-town, C-town... We get it, your so gangsta hip
  2. I wonder if the Jets are trying to mimic the Redskins scheme. Read option with Geno & pound it with Ivory.
  3. Mad Sweeney would take it in the keister so he could do the pickle dance on film with some coked out wanna be actress.
  4. Wiseguy timed out, so....20.12 Damaris Johnson, WR - PhiPMing next
  5. 19.05 Brandon Weeden, QB - ClePMing wiseguy
  6. wiseguy timed out. Ryan Tannehill's favorite target for 2013.... 18.12 Charles, Clay, TE - MiaPMing dpeease
  7. Look up. I picked 2.5 hrs before your post.
  8. dpeease has timed out again (not hard to do with a short of window as he has), so I'm making my pick & washing my hands of being the pick monitor for awhile.17.05 Ryan Succop, K, KCedit to add that wiseguy was PM'd
  9. I don't think the clock continues to dwindle to nothing. Doesn't it usually stop at 1 hour during a normal 8 hour clock? So in this case dpeease should stay at 45 minutes? 15 min, 7.5 min and further is just silly.And I really don't understand why we're in such a hurry and changing the clocks all the time during this draft. It's f'n February and we all know it takes 4-5 weeks to complete. I can understand if we're dragging well past that timeframe and run rate but we're just slightly past 3 weeks right now. Do we really need to cut the clock to 4 hours? It isn't remotely necessary.WSL Timer Rules Nothing said about the minimum time allowed.
  10. Phenix timed out @ 7:27pm CST, so now he's down to 1 hour.For Rudy:17.03 - Robbie Gould, K - ChiPMing dpeease
  11. So... Phenix joined the timed out party as of 3:11pm CST and is now on a 2hr clock.I PM'd Shadowfax & let him know he was OTC. If he doesn't pick by 7:11pm CST, he'll time out.I have Rudy's 17.03 pick.dpeease is on a 7.5 min clock.Rolling right along!
  12. Considering that we are now on a 4hr base pick clock, Rudy was down to a 2hr window. Peease timed out at 9:11am CST, so Rudy had until 11:11am CST to make his pick. That time has now passed so he is now on a 1hr clock & Phenix is OTC as of 11:11am CST.Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.I'll PM Phenix to make sure he knows he's up.
  13. PMing next. Poor dpeease is now down to a whopping 7.5 minutes to pick.
  14. 16.12 Shaun Suisham, K - PittPMing peease (aka Mr. 15 Minutes)
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