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  1. There is no reason to keep Gase. He's not the guy for the job. It really is that simple.
  2. Forced to start him (Henry injury) and bought into the hype. Going to lose In large part because Carson got hurt and my opponent had Indy Defense. Too bad, thought we had something here.
  3. The Adjustable Rig is something I have always wanted. I have the swing grate, which is perfect for doubling the size of the cook space, but if I could do it over I would grab the adjustable rig. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/shop-large-adjustable-rig-for-large-big-green-egg After moving last year, both of my eggs apart in the basement and not being used. I really need to build some sort of patio back there to get them going. Wife won't let me put the medium on the porch.
  4. I build in another 6 hours for brisket and then foil towel cooler if necessary.
  5. Did you put the coats on top and bottom of wood to avoid warping or is that not a concern?Does that varnish make for an easier cleanup? Just the top. I used cedar which is already pretty good in weather. Sanded smooth then varnished. MUCH easier cleanup.
  6. I put three coats of marine varnish
  7. My wife is awesome. I will post more pics to that link later, but here you go: Big Green Egg cake.
  8. The night before for me but there's not much difference other than just taking it out of the fridge and putting it on the egg. It allows me to concentrate on other things.
  9. Not sure if anyone was listening, but I just called Mike and congratulated him on his retirement. And then about a legitimate trade.
  10. My new two egg set up is fantastic. The medium is doing the everyday cooking while the two together provides more than enough grill space for all sorts of cooking. I love that I can now devote my large to smoking while the medium does the high heat.
  11. I'm not disagreeing. I only use my Maverick and Thermopen.
  12. You should get a 2 zone thermometer that you can clip on the grate and one probe in the meat. Maverick makes a couple, they're 50 or 60 bucks. The dome thermometer shows about 50 degrees low on mine, and I figure it's way hotter at the top of the dome than the grate. The thermometer on the BGE is basically useless. True statement.I cook a lot of my stuff high in the dome though.
  13. Maybe I am hearing this wrong, but it seems your wife wants you to build an outdoor kitchen.
  14. Never had hangar, but I'll definitely try that cut. I went to Whole Foods and they had a huge sale on skirt steak. I bought it, lightly seasoned for cooking, and by the time my better half was cleaning up, I was buying 5 more packages. The best marbling and tasted I have had on skirt steak. Having a food saver is the best decision I made. I'll have great meals for 10 more occasions over the summer.
  15. I was under the impression that briquettes are a definite no-no foreshadow grills Oops just noticed my phone auto-corrected this. It should have read a definite no-no for kamado grills. I was trying to figure that out - "foreshadow" autocorrected to "kamodo". I know the BGE crowd thumbs its nose at briquettes, but never understood exactly why, other than perhaps the general dislike of the chemical-laden standard charcoal briquettes, similar to using starter fluid. Of course the normal old-school briquettes are bad because of all the chemicals, but there are several new brands that are essent
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