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  1. Ok does trump have a way to cook these numbers? I have to ask because I would not put it past this administration.
  2. Oh a ban would absolutely crush me. JFC what a bunch snowflakes. I call them like I see them. You dont like it, I dont give a ####.
  3. Question, who compiles these economic numbers? I'm asking because I honestly dont know.
  4. I posted the same several months ago in one of these threads. My feelings have not changed in the slightest.
  5. Oh, well then, I guess we should just drop any inquiry into it. I mean, why care if our elections are not real? No big deal. Just how do you "know" the election was not hacked?
  6. I know you don't realize this, but you have absolutely no idea what is actually happening. You may as well be completely in the dark on this thing because everything you post is a fantasy.
  7. Obviously, I dont have proof of this, but there are stories I have read about some of these voting machines and its not good. If you follow Twitter, JennyCohn is a good follow. She is about the only person in the country right now that is raising serious issues about these machines. She has been sounding the alarm on this for well over a year. https://twitter.com/jennycohn1?lang=en
  8. Yep, I told my daughter that something like that will not be exposed in our lifetimes.
  9. It's really a problem nation wide. I swear there are people in this country on both sides of the aisle who dislike the other side more than they dislike a foreign adversary. That's a big problem. Where does it all end? You talk with some people on the right and they absolutely hate liberals. I'm not a big fan of conservatives but I think I would choose them over another country. It's not going to end well, this division, and I dont know the outcome , but I fear its going to be very ugly.
  10. I still maintain that Trump did NOT win the election. Votes were changed, I would be willing to bet on it.
  11. Love the Sternberger pick. I saw him play some last year and he's got talent. I prefer Hockenson but getting this guy should be good too.
  12. I remember back in the day we used to call it "Hawaiian". It was some of the best pot I could get in those days and it came around rarely.
  13. Happy 4/20 to all my fellow pot smokers! I'm in an illegal state enjoying some gorilla glue. Laws? What laws?😎
  14. It certainly could happen. Tiger is playing very well right now so if he keeps it going, who knows? This past weekend is one of the better ones I have had in a long time. Had some good golf buddies of over 40 years at my place for the tournament on Saturday. We live in different places now, so its pretty rare for us to see each other. The final round on Sunday was so good I watched it again. That being said, I dont think Tiger will catch Jack. I would love to see him do it. I just think there are too many good players now, and none of them are afraid of him. It will be fun to watch him go after it. Majors are tough to win and Tiger is getting older. I wont doubt him, not that guy, but if I had to bet, I would put money on him not catching Jack.
  15. Take a look at the guy in the oval office, the leader of your beloved party, and you post something about Biden and sexual assault?
  16. I recall the 70's too. My father bought the only brand new car he would ever buy in his life. It was a Buick station wagon that cost about 1/9 of his annual salary working in a meat packing plant.
  17. I have friends and other acquaintances who I thought I knew a few years ago. These last few years have been a real eye opener for me. Let's just say, I think much differently about these people than I used to.
  18. I'm aware. Are you? We have had president tweet storm for the last 2+ years.
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