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  1. Cracked open Wilderness Trail single barrel BiB, and Widow Jane 10 year this eve. WT seems like it will be a nice sipper, Widow Jane will be great for my female bourbon loving friends I think. Followed up with an Ezra Brooks 53.5, Binny's select I powered through with Q tonic ginger high balls loI to decide if I might want to grab another. Think I might reup on the Wilderness, partly to have a limited quality release, numbered of 260 on hand. Sweet mash so I need to taste test more in a week or so to see if it is in my wheelhouse or mainly a guest offering. Ezra I enjoyed the sl
  2. I would pour a glass of best juice with decent quantity in it, maybe mention anything I might have wanted to try but appeared low, and have an eye on followup commenting I couldn't pass up the Wellers? Elmer? especially since I know it will go well with the Eagle Rare/OGD 114 or some such I brought as dinner gift.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsAfL8wKRDo&list=RDpmtNgsYgLfc&index=9
  4. Please listen with headphones ,Marantz through solid speaks etc...no preconcieved notions on bandname please, and give song time to develop ...this is 45 + year old music...before pop singer added...metal fusion for me but what say ye'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If1LFy2Y9RE&list=RDDFiTTj_B2ek&index=2
  5. EW BiB / Q ginger ale highball is swell...js. can't wait to see if it is better with OGD 114...once I replace my empty
  6. I judged a band in Memphis for International Blues Challenge. The guitar player was phenom..for me, right up my alley, he/they had fun/killer show. they knew they lost on blues content but just enjoyed being themselves...real deal Blues band out of St Louis...didn't advance. A person who I am now friends with, did pretty much what lawyer dude did, not as well, played polka dot strat, walked Beale (actually cool enough)...but when you front Buddy...better bring emotion/soul and a bit of an idea you know what dynamics are...pretty please with sugar on top... she advanced, saw her play a song o
  7. Smith Act might end the bliss a few weeks early...and no future office.,
  8. FBI, National Guard and US military say hi, and are less infiltrated by ultra right extremists IMO.
  9. Saw Rush a couple dozens times between 76 and 79, Yes, probably 15, Utopia 6 to 8, Gentle Giant a few, Rennaissance a few, so I appreciate the beginning of prog rock along with the original hard rock bands which Rush was early, don't listen to much after that. This was kind of an in jest / in drunky musical post. I think their has been some very funny and interesting posts. Good times.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nx_GIji9EGw here you gom make it easy for you...
  11. Not sure how legit it is...small town near Indiana...we have had a few businesses remain open and lose licenses etc...some good people but much misinformation as well...Indiana ,Illinois border pretty lawless. Illinois also has covid restrictions by regions so possibly this rural region is way above curve where I live , home of University of Illinois, and my hometown of Chicago? With the total disregard of our elected officials to represent their constituents...I choose not to judge too much.
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