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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBNY6soO7SA bught 4 for 10 bux a piece for Isaiah Sharkey and 4 for free for Cedric Burnside...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKTfbXswE-8 kind of hope I go....
  2. How do you all like the 8 year Dickel? I enjoy it.Especially since I quaffed both of my EH Taylor's, Buy them all next time lol...(the Taylor) cheers....
  3. "I am the Motherpuckin' shore patrol Motherpucker" young Jack being his Jack'est...
  4. Bring on the Night, and the tour was phenomenal...https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=iXviYxufvOg&list=RDAMVMiXviYxufvOg
  5. Will the additon of Jason Peters make a positive impact?
  6. Blue corn tortilla chips, 85% dark chocolate, hot Italian Sausauge, bag of jalapenos, bag of mixed mini peppers, russet potatoes, Almond milk, butter, chicken lunch meat and ice cream are always great and a stock up items. They have had 15 paks of Goose Island IPA so no brainer to have on hand. I just place an order and have instacart deliver...
  7. This is a fine do it all for me, laughed with a friend about a favorite grab a goodie on occasion local purveyor and it is the fallback ...thanks for the heads up will grab a spare or three...
  8. Balcones Brimstone brings the smoke, 106 but I am sure you have your own water...or ice...js.
  9. go Cubbies...I mean like go away to the 9 positional players and 3 relievers they traded....better luck next year, to them...
  10. Is a 4th round pick to much to expect from Nick Foles? Bears carrying im and Jimmy Graham for a lot of money...but winning experience can pay off as a historically long season plays out...IMO
  11. Goodwin cost this game, what did Tony do other than sit Eloy?
  12. Thanks to whoever blacks out games and makes me miss games on television that might convince me to buy a shirt or ticket...or god forbid...terrrace for a birthday party...thank you Fox and MLB...for reminding how much I enjoy the players, and hate the modern business of baseball...thousands more to spend on craft beer and bourbon....Go Go Sox..
  13. I have tickets to pre...post Lollapalooza Journey where, I seen pre Steve Perry JOurney headline Van Halen , Montrose show... deciding if I should go, or not lol...Neal and new drummer worth ticket...but if Greg shows up and I skip it....guess I made up my mind...lol
  14. so glad this thread was on first page...lol... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lDIhhoAoa8&t=247s
  15. Schwarbs having a good year. Always a very productive offensive weopon. Would be great to see him back in Chicago in July. Southside of course.
  16. Enjoying watching this team. Sad Twins will finished by August 11th. Hopefully enough time to be fully healthy for playoffs. Depth of pitching and defense along with veteran clutch hitting of Anderson, Abreu and Grandal can potentially carry quite a load.
  17. When someone dumps a pallet of product, drops a beverage or plate of something or any number of noisy miscues I extoll with the proper vigor for the situation...Yahtzee !!! Ussually gets a chuckle and lightens up the situation. Amuses me anyway lol. edit for typo
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_96cCukoklc too make a bit less redundant..for the Muddy Stones version see above post
  19. I remember when sinsimillia first hit the main land. I remember when columbian red and gold were the Sativa and Indica for 35 an oz and a 4 finger mexican lid was 20 bux , unless of course it was Oaxacan . Blonde hash and opium with white tracings were optimal. I was a criminal...according to USA...but I knew better, but alcohol was legal...luckily for me not fatal. With Amazon making marijuana a non fireable offense there is hope I can enjoy before I retire...not an Amazon employee but I work in a major company that rides in their wake. So until my dog passes, or I marry up...I sit and watch the world get well...and maintain with some great bourbon...and the occasional Orange County special...burn em if you have them my friends. edit to add...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_96cCukoklc
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