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  1. I feel like today is a day to sleep. I’ll worry about DSTs and PKs tomorrow. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Just got my second Covid injection, so if today’s picks are off-kilter, that is why.
  3. Sniped twice, top of my list was Waddle and J. Smith. So I changed my focus and added two solid receiving backs to my inadequate running back position,
  4. Just an FYI, I am with my wife who is having oral surgery. Not sure when I will be back home, so I could be causing a slight delay this morning/afternoon.
  5. Team rzrback77 after seven rounds QB15 Kirk Cousins drafted at 7.1 - lots of questions in this tier and the ones below here, so I wanted to get a QB on board at the 6/7 turn, considered going back to back and then avoid this position going forward, but I really needed another RB as I had waited too long there and forgot about Gordon's DUI that is likely to get him suspended for a few games. RB - Melvin Gordon RB24 drafted at 5.1 - Going heavy receiver led me down the path of hoping for RB2 types. Gordon is a decent receiving back who finished as RB13 in this league a year ago, but as
  6. Update on the comparison of this year to last year --- through the 89th pick QBs in 21 = 13, four more than a year ago RBs in 21 = 27, four less than a year ago WRs in 21 = 36, same as a year ago TEs in 21 = 13, same as a year ago
  7. I have to ask as I am not one who is keen on stacking in early off-season drafts. In this most odd QB off-season, is it a given that Ryan stays in Atlanta? Would you have drafted Ryan regardless or did you select him primarily for the stack?
  8. Doh, you are absolutely correct. His best hope is that the Bears let him go in FA, but a tag is a real possibility and after reading a bit, a holdout is almost a certainty with the tag.
  9. Would not be the worst place, he has done well even with the Bears’ poor QB play.
  10. @OldMilwaukee nabs the IBL team favorite!
  11. I (obviously) am a huge fan of Hunter Henry’s talent, but he also has a long list of injuries, missing games every year and one entire season. In the past three seasons that he has played, he has not yet produced equal to his ADP. I am hopeful that he signs a nice contract, has a good fit, and finally puts it all together.
  12. Team rzrback77 after five rounds RB - Melvin Gordon RB24 - decent receiving back who finished as RB13 in this league a year ago. WR - I love to get several top tier players at the WR position in this league, even though it is a deep position and best-ball. I love my top three players here: WR11 Alvin Robinson has produced admirably with terrible QBs the past two seasons and hopefully gets signed on a team with an improved QB and continues to receive lots of targets WR12 Tyler Lockett has always produced even without the high targets, hoping that Russell stays in Seattle
  13. Was hoping to make turn, but have outdoor work to do now for a friend with tree limbs down. Considering multiple positions so I can’t really pre-draft. Back when job complete.
  14. By position compared to 2020 WSL, QBs are the same, RBs one less, WRs one more and TEs the same. Very close to a year ago at this point.
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