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  1. @OldMilwaukeeis still on the cruise till Sunday. I propose that we pause the clock to allow him to make his two picks at his own opportunity. He may be back on land by the time his next turn comes up.
  2. To me, there is a line between fantasy and gambling. Season long leagues and best ball can be played either for fun or for stakes among friends. DFS keeps some of the skill components, but is more toward the gambling side of the line. The gambling side seems to be where the majority of the money and interests are. It's not me, my side is more of the football knowledge and friends, both local and here on the boards. But, I see where the interest and money is and that is definitely where the NFL is focused.
  3. I am very interested in this year's in season FBG contest, the first one without David Dodds. Looking forward to whether it has significant changes, particularly in the assignment of player costs.
  4. As a member of the returning IBL Championship winning team, I take a bit of exception to the “all luck” mind set.
  5. Why did you not include yourself in the SSL 21 draft? I was slow on noticing this. Hope that things are ok and maybe you were just too busy at work.

  6. You are back up in the SSL draft. You might need to send BassnBrew your email address to get the website coordinated

  7. Week 6 - Four - Atlanta, New Orleans, San Francisco & NY Jets Week 7 - Six - Dallas, Minnesota, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville & LA Chargers Week 8 - Two - Las Vegas & Baltimore Week 9 - Four - Detroit, Washington, Tampa Bay & Seattle Week 10 - Four - Chicago, Houston, NY Giants & Cincinnati Week 11 - Two - Denver & LA Rams Week 12 - Two - Kansas City & Arizona Week 13 - Four - Cleveland, Green Bay, Tennessee & Carolina Week 14 - Four - Indianapolis, Miami, New England & Philadelphia
  8. 2.2 Austin Ekeler RB LAC Ekeler remains solidly at the top of the Charger RB depth chart and they greatly improved their offensive line in free agency and the draft. I was concerned that being in the same division as the Raiders, they might have the same bye week but they did not. Easy pick for me here.
  9. I will follow the initial post by @BassNBrewquoted above by @nittanylionand wait until tomorrow night's schedule release.
  10. You are correct, I have Bible Study every Tuesday night at my home and am teaching our life group class on Zoom about an hour later and had it in my mind that I would not be able to follow. So, I realize that @OldMilwaukeemade two consecutive picks, but I think that he is cruising. I am going to delay my second round pick per @BassNBrewpost here. I do like that I have options, at least three guys I really like to choose from.
  11. 1.15 Darren Waller - woo hoo, glad to take Waller at the bottom of the first round. Two ppr here combined with over 100 receptions a year ago. Sign me up! Also kudos to @BassNBrew for delaying the start a bit and waiting for an additional day to get the schedule out there today. Looking forward to this draft with all you special people, post draft 21 and also post schedule 21.
  12. I agree if you are a Chargers fan, championships are the hope, but if Herbert is that good, it’s a blessing regardless of winning championships or not.
  13. That would still be an awesome career, there are a lot of top QBs that never win championships. Seems like high praise here.
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