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  1. I am in Piranha and we are starting the draft as early as tomorrow. A couple have already started.
  2. I began a year ago in Guppy and finished second, so I moved up to Piranha for 2021. Anybody else in and what is your history?
  3. Just checking out who participates in the Footballguy Forums and also is an owner in No Mercy Leagues?
  4. Would really like to see our IBL brethren join in on this memorial draft league for @by_the_sea_wannabe. I miss him and particularly his drafting acumen and commentary. @renesauz @Crippler @Aaron Rudnicki @Sweet Love @Ruffrodys05 @Clash of the Titans how about a tune up and some conversation to prepare for the IBLs coming up sooner that expected.
  5. I agree that Ryan is being sold short due to the loss of Julio Jones, but he has been a consistent producer and still has solid weapons. For him to be ranked as low as he has been seems incorrect.
  6. Thanks for the memorial draft name. I will look forward to doing this league annually. I am in.
  7. I was surprised by the number of QBs drafted overall, but particularly late. I get that it is a high scoring position and I see the bonus for Lock, if Rodgers doesn’t go to Denver AND he beats out Bridgewater. I see Newton possibly playing most or all of the season, but what are the chances that players like KC back-up, Henne or Dalton play significant roles. Lots of risk here and a few other QBs when there were only 18 roster spots for 9 required scores. going to be interesting to see this ply out.
  8. I am still on the road, so will hopefully have time this weekend to follow up. even though we drafted well after the draft and free agency and even after the schedule was released, all the dominoes have not yet fallen. Where Rodgers goes, if he leaves GB and where Julio Jones lands could and likely will have a significant impact on a few teams in our leagues.
  9. My plan late for WRs included Marshall and Eli Moore, but some of y’all jumped in too early.
  10. Traveling all day today, if it makes it to the bottom of the round, I will make a pick later tonight.
  11. @-OZ- nabbed the first PK at the top of the 11th round by taking Tucker. Being on the turn, I knew that a kicker run would be imminent and wanted a solid guy that I expected to be there all season. Thought about a couple, but went with Lutz because of his early bye and as a Saints fan that doesn't see the offense scoring as many touchdowns this season. Grabbing one at the top of my list with an early bye provides the potential of going solo at a rather low scoring position that has so much turnover that it is risky. Drafted J. Reynold at 11.15 to add bye week diversity in my WRs and I thi
  12. Do any of y’all subscribe to Matthew Berry’s Rotopass? Just curious on what you find useful theee f you subscribe.
  13. Went back and forth between QB first or WR. Thought a lot about Pittman vs Hilton and went with the veteran over the up and comer. wise choice to go WR first since @OldMilwaukee took two WR, including Pittman just hope I drafted the best one for my team. I also thought about getting Kmet, who seemed to be a bargain left over at TE even though the plan was to go solo there. alas all those guys gone within the next few picks.
  14. Team rzrback77 How about those baseball hogs? ranked #1 for several weeks and have won every series this season with only one to go, Florida at home 1.15 D. Waller - agree with @Mr. Irrelevanthere that he and I both received gifts near the end of the first round. In the WSL drafted a couple of months prior, Kittle went third overall and Waller 4th overall. Big advantage with the top tight ends in a 2ppr TE only scoring format. 2.02 A. Ekeler - Chargers have considerably improved their OL and could be one of the most improved offenses. Ekeler caught 54 passes a year ago in only ten ga
  15. Good thoughts on the picks made. Everybody join in the discussion when you can! nicer pace today, let’s keep it going. @-OZ- OTC
  16. to this point, I like three teams a bit above the others...... @Stinkin Ref @Aaron Rudnicki @nittanylion
  17. Doh, the draft plan is to score the most points in as many weeks as you can, but that is so much harder to do than say, particularly with 16 fairly quality owners and only 18 picks for nine scoring positions.
  18. Urban Meyer’s quitting, particularly how he left Florida sours me on him. When you combine the arrogance of hiring the strength coach that he did with the drafting of ETN and then all the comments about him being a WR first, it is really easy for me to dislike him. Brandon Staley at the Chargers is one that I am looking at to have early success of this year’s crop of new coaches.
  19. Hopefully, we were just all being kind and waiting for you. Since we seem to still be waiting, why don't you give us a rundown on the trip?
  20. @OldMilwaukeeis still on the cruise till Sunday. I propose that we pause the clock to allow him to make his two picks at his own opportunity. He may be back on land by the time his next turn comes up.
  21. To me, there is a line between fantasy and gambling. Season long leagues and best ball can be played either for fun or for stakes among friends. DFS keeps some of the skill components, but is more toward the gambling side of the line. The gambling side seems to be where the majority of the money and interests are. It's not me, my side is more of the football knowledge and friends, both local and here on the boards. But, I see where the interest and money is and that is definitely where the NFL is focused.
  22. I am very interested in this year's in season FBG contest, the first one without David Dodds. Looking forward to whether it has significant changes, particularly in the assignment of player costs.
  23. As a member of the returning IBL Championship winning team, I take a bit of exception to the “all luck” mind set.
  24. Why did you not include yourself in the SSL 21 draft? I was slow on noticing this. Hope that things are ok and maybe you were just too busy at work.

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