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  1. What is his record and can he stand losing this week to avoid some of the tough drops?
  2. For the AFC, I see the top four holding their division leads, but expect that the Bengals and Raiders to drop out of the playoffs. The Chiefs will climb back in if their defense and offensive line can improve. The Broncos could stay in the fight to the end of the season, possibly with the Patriots. For the NFC, I think that the Rams will overtake the Cardinals for the division, but the Cardinals to make the wild card. I think that the Saints and Vikings could overtake the Bears and Panthers spots.
  3. This is the playoff ranking in each conference after five weeks, not quite one third of the season. Please provide opinions of teams that you anticipate dropping back or rallying forward to make the playoffs. AFC North 12-8 with +43 point differential AFC West 12-8 with +36 point differential AFC East 8-12 with -17 point differential AFC South 5-15 with -129 point differential NFC West 13-7 with +79 point differential NFC South 12-8 with +66 point differential NFC East 9-11 with -24 point differential NFC North 9-11 with -54 point differential AFC Playoff Rank Chargers Ravens Bills Titans Bengals Raiders Broncos Browns NFC Playoff Rank Cardinals Cowboys Bucs Packers Rams Bears Panthers Saints
  4. Very high scoring week so glad to survive and move on. My top two RBs need to find a brother-in-law to step up in their bye week, but otherwise I am very pleased with the overall team production. QB - Brady 4, Darnold 1 & Z Wilson 0 - need Wilson to step up down the stretch in Brady's bye week would be nice RB - D. Henry 5, James Robinson 4, Ingram 1, Stevenson 0, Breida 0, Gallman 0 & Edwards X WR - Pittman 4, K. Allen 3, A Robinson 2, Shenault 2, Hardman 2, Callaway 2, B. Edweards 1 & MVS 1 TE - Andrews 4, Henry 2, J Smith 2 & Arnold 0 PK - Carlson 3, McManus 2 & Lambo 0 DST - Cardinals 2, Cowboys 2 & Panthers 1
  5. This is the challenge with this contest. It is best ball, so you have to expect those drastic swings. My typical philosophy is to lean to the larger roster which hopefully will smooth out the peaks. You almost have to have the studs, particularly in the finals. But those consistent double digit floor players definitely are more effective here. Sorry to see you go and please continue to talk strategy here, because your comments are always appreciated!
  6. Allen Robinson targets by year 2019 - 153 total 9.6 per game resulted in 98 receptions for 1,147 yds and 7 TDs WR12 FBG Scoring 2020 - 151 total 9.5 per game resulted in 102 receptions for 1,250 yds and 6 TDs WR12 FBG Scoring 2021 - averaging 5.8 targets per game and projects to 57.8 catches, 615 yards and 3 TDs Can Chicago recognize that he is insignificant in their offense and trade him, please?
  7. No apologies needed sir, take care of your family time before the fantasy football. God first, family also and then hobbies like this one. Your work is much appreciated here!
  8. Many thanks for putting this together. Greatly appreciated!
  9. Large rosters of really good bargain cost guys so you can fill in the gaps on those stud low scoring days.
  10. 201 by my box scoring math excel sheet madness, thanks to Brady, Derrick Henry Pittman, Carlson and several low double digit folks. I would like to ask what is going on in Chicago with Robinson, where are the targets? Dude is money.
  11. @Anarchy99I am going to be on the road for a lot of the time the next two days. I am still well down the list to make the edit and I definitely want to drop that RB for Atlanta that excelled all pre-season, only to be dropped at the final team cuts. O-something, I forget his name right now as I am really tired. If someone could email me or better yet, text me if someone has my number I will do my best to respond as soon as I can.
  12. Most of my squad underperformed, except for Mr. Brady. I survived by 3.2 points. All of Bryan Edwards' points counted for me, in overtime his final catch for 32 yards put me on the right side of the line.
  13. This thread is going to be dead when everyone has to do manual scoring and there are no team and player ownership stats available. Sad 🍌
  14. I know that a lot was made of the tensions between Rodgers and Team Management, but is it possible that the team lacks cohesion, in part due to all the back and forth involving Rodgers all summer? Football remains a team sport and the Packers just did not look like a team.
  15. My quizomatic has me at 151.95 with Andrews of the Ravens and B Edwards of the Raiders remaining. Right now, with a flex RB the trio scored 33.6 points and only two of the six WRs that played today reached double digit scoring. Thank goodness for Mr. Brady's big game.
  16. QB: K Murray, Cousins and Z Wilson - My plann here was to draft Brady, I have been getting him everywhere and usually about QB8 or so. Dang @Stinkin Refdrafted him at QB3, so I pivoted and went QB early with Murray as QB5 at 5.05. After that, the plan was to supplement with Darnold or D. Carr late. Both those guys were drafted ahead of where I planned, so I opted for Cousins at QB22 and 14.9. I realize that he has not been vaccinated, but that seemed like a really solid floor guy to match with Murray and I almost stopped there. However, I really like Z Wilson so I took him as a third to balance out Cousins potentially missing a game or three. Took Wilson at QB27 and 17.5. I really like this trio and Dominator Classic rates my team as the top QB position. Not sure how much I trust the projections without Mr. Dodds, but we will see. I miss having that guy's opinion to check. RB: Mixon, C. Carson, Edmonds and TySon Williams - Me and @BusManwith the fewest RBs in the league at four each. I have not ever drafted Mixon and I was looking at Hopkins or K Allen in the second round, but both were gone. Mixon seemed the best choice at the time and I thought I could get A Robinson in the 3rd, but no such luck. Carson seems to wind up on lots of my teams and I liked him in the 4th round. I considered Cooper, who went the next pick, but did not want two Cowboys together that early. Ah, what could have been. Edmonds is another RB I have not drafted yet this year and then TySon, just kind of stood out when I grabbed him in the 12th round. I thought then that I would go with four and that is what I wound up doing. WR: Lamb, Sutton, Pittman, Gallup, Hardman, Marq Brown and Terrace Marshall - Seven dudes that should put up scores in a decent fashion, although only Lamb is rated highly. Aside from the two Dallas WRs, all the rest of the corps have different bye weeks so that is a plus. TE - Waller and Ebron - When I drafted Waller in the 1st, I signed up for waiting late for a second. The plan was Henry who I have been drafting like crazy because I really like him in the Patriots offense, but @BassNBrewsniped me on him. Pleasantly surprised to get Ebron, who is ranked as TE26 as the 30th TE taken in the very last round. Hope he can score a few TDs for me, especially if Waller goes missing. K - Myers and Lambo - Got two PKs in the 16th and 19th rounds, both on autodraft loaded into a large list. D - Patriots and Panthers - Have hopes for the Patriots to do well and expect that Carolina improves with all the draft picks on defense. Draft Dominator Classic likes the squad and I sort of do, even though I have several guys here that I have not yet drafted all year. Good luck to all and hope to see someone here in the finals. WPS - Hogs demolish the Longhorns today, so I am feeling great.
  17. Thanks to @BassNBrew for taking some time away from important life work to set up this last draft for the faithful survivor drafters. Best of luck to everyone in all of their fantasy endeavors this season and may your players stay healthy and be productive.
  18. On the bolded, I agree EXCEPT for the weeks he is injured or has COVID or is a close contact. McCaffrey missed 13 games last year and Ekeler missed six and then there is also the fact that all three have a bye week. I would call this extremely risky >>> high risk nevertheless, good luck to you!
  19. I create a quick excel file that tracks bye weeks and cost, both overall and by position. Almost every time I tweak my line-up I edit the file. But I don't keep copies of what I had, I just replace and save so my previous versions are wiped away, just like shaking an etch-a-sketch.
  20. @Hot Sauce Guy- I am a big fan of your posting, but on this one you need to take a breath here. Last night was Prime Brady, he was amazing and he is 44 years old. Enjoy his excellence while you can. He was throwing ropes, including several deep throws on the money. The league is a passing league and when you have Brady, along with Evans, Godwin, Antonio Brown, Gronk, and others then undoubtedly you pass the ball. It was a game that I will remember for a long time and I thank Dak and the Cowboys for their good play that kept it close and helped make the return of the NFL for 2021 a rousing success. Keep on keeping on Mr. Brady. Let's go for 60 TDs and another Super Bowl championship!
  21. When I read the first comment, what would have been if I had...... I thought why would you ever do that to yourself?
  22. Finalized my roster yesterday morning at 10:07 CDT and held onto it through the entry deadline, which has passed but still remains open for those who like to risk editing their roster after the deadline. QB - Brady 9 $17, Darnold 13 $8 and Z. Wilson 6 $8 RB - Henry 13 $32, James Robinson 7 $16, Edwards 8 $11 and a quartet of $3 RBs - Stevenson 14, Breida 7, Gallman 6 and Ingram 10 WR - K Allen 7 $24, A Robinson 10 $23, Shenault 7 $13, Hardman 12 $10, Pittman 14 $9, Callaway 6 $5, B Edwards 8 $3 and M Valdes-Scanling 8 $3 TE - Andrews 8 $16, H Henry 14 $9, J Smith 14 $9 and D Arnold 13 $4 PK - Carlson 8 $3, McManus 11 $3 and Lambo 7 $3 DST - Cardinals 12 $3, Panthers 13 $3 and Cowboys 7 $2 Roster is filled with late risers at lower cost than projections call for including James Robinson, Edwards. Pittman and B Edwards. Took Brady as top QB so I can roster him in the contest and watch his record breaking season, Darnold who will blossom out from under the Gase Haze and Z Wilson who clears up the skies for the J-E-T-S, post Gase. Took Henry as I believe that he will be the first to pass 2,000 yards rushing in back to back seasons and with only 0.5 ppr, he is a bargain here. Love the Patriot TE combo matched up with the rookie QB. I think that both Henry (WPS) and J Smith outperform their cost. Took three on the less expensive side and three fairly cheap DSTs that fit in the Defense by Committee article by Mr. Clayton Gray. Thankful for the contest here at Footballguys.com and looking forward to checking out the stats that the Turk passes along tomorrow or Friday to see how rare Henry and my cheap quartet of RBs are. Keep up the chatter in the thread and may all the thread chatter entries enjoy healthy seasons.
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