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  1. Oh. I misunderstood. I was doing other things last night so not paying that close attention. I still prefer running a play on 4th down that gives them a chance at a TD or a 1st down like what CalBear said.
  2. I don't see it. 22 seconds with no time outs. After the QB sneak there's a big pile of players with a lot of the Tenn players on top of yours. I think it would be difficult to get all your players lined up without using up most of that time. I doubt they could get off more than 1 play, maybe 2 max.
  3. The most important job of a college Head Coach, by far, is recruiting. If you can load your team with top recruits you'll win whether or not you are good at game planning or coaching. That's why it's difficult to predict what successful college coaches will be successful in the NFL. Going by college wins and losses is a terrible metric to use.
  4. Just as an aside, whether he was past the LOS when he punted the ball the second time or not, it was still a really smart play by the punter. If I understand the rules correctly, even if they call a penalty, the result is they re-kick it from 10 yards back but that's still a way better result than him getting tackled and turning it over on downs.
  5. This was my first thought, although I wouldn't have used the term unusual. That's being too polite. His team is 0-4. Any other NFL head coach would have not only flown back with their team but they would have been in their office bright and early Friday morning watching film and trying to figure out how to right the ship. This guy's an embarrassment.
  6. True, but 5 catches for 47 yards in a game where the team had 109 total yards and the QB only threw for 87 yards is pretty good. I don't think anyone drafted him as a starter. If 9.7 PPR points is his floor I'm happy with that.
  7. It was sudden death. The game would be over no matter how much time was left. I'm not sure Gruden realized that.
  8. Right. This looks like he plugged the players into a trade calculator and it came out pretty even so he clicked accept. Terrible deal especially for a bad team that is building.
  9. Gave Kenyan Drake (to the Jacobs owner) Got: Gabriel Davis I'm not winning this league this year so I'm happy to get the younger guy with more long term upside.
  10. I like Fant a lot but I still think that's really cheap for McLauren. Good deal. I'm also one of the bigger Jacobs truthers here but I prefer the Najee side of that one.
  11. I also thought this was a pretty fair deal. I actually like your side a little more. Waddle is the most valuable asset in this deal by a pretty wide margin IMO.
  12. Wow. Just catching up on this thread. This one hits home. I played golf with Sam a couple of times back in the 90's. He used to play regularly at Recreation Park golf course in Long Beach. He crushed the ball well over 300 yards off the tee every time. Really really nice guy. The only real insider tip I ever got in fantasy football was when Sam told me his brother Randall was going to sign with the Vikings. Randall had been a free agent for a while and there were no rumors about this in the national media but I went and picked him up off waivers which took my buddies in my league by surprise. He signed with Minnesota a week later.
  13. The whole reason for this thread is because Rondale Moore measured in at 5'7" at the combine. I'm not sure where FFToday gets their numbers but they don't seem like a very reliable source. They might just be taking the numbers from what they were listed at in college which is often overstated. BTW, I believe Tyreek Hill measured at 5'8" at the combine, so there may well be other outliers in your list if someone wants to take the time to check the actual combine numbers for all those players. I don't have time to do so.
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