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  1. FFPC regular Gave: Reagor, Gaskin, 1.12 Got: Mike Evans Roster consolidation trade. Gaskin was on my roster bubble.
  2. That probably has as much to do with the roster consolidation issue prior to cutdown as it does to the value of the QB. If you offered Baker + picks you'd probably have a better chance to get a deal done. Adding in the extra players makes the deal less desirable.
  3. A lot of teams are trying to consolidate. When you were shopping him around I'm guessing you were asking for picks, not for players. Player values go down a lot this time of year in FFPC leagues if you are willing to take on extra players. Picks and roster spots go way up in value.
  4. I don't disagree that the reason the Dems are pushing this now is because it will give them more power. I think we all know that if DC was majority R, then the GOP would be pushing for it and the Dems would be against it. That would be true on this board too. You would be on here arguing in favor of it and most of the Dems on here would be arguing against it. Anybody who doesn't believe this is not being intellectually honest with themselves. But that's the politics of it. Whether it is the right or wrong thing to do is a separate question. I'd like to hear the arguments why it's
  5. I kind of liked the way you said it though. Players like this have a wide range of outcomes. It's important to look at them in terms of their ceiling and their floor.
  6. This is true but my understanding is the only way it would get to SCOTUS is if the DOJ charges him with something and he tries to claim that he can't be charged because he's been pardoned. That's when the legal battle would ensue.
  7. Wouldn't the Senate have to hold a trial and convict for that to happen? No way that happens in the next 12 days. The house won't even vote to impeach until next week.
  8. Clearly Biden was waiting on the GA Senate results before making this decision. I'm guessing if the GOP had maintained control Doug Jones would have been the pick.
  9. I like how Cruz says "unprecedented allegations of voter fraud." Yeah, what's unprecedented is the losing party continuing to make unfounded allegations despite all the evidence proving them wrong.
  10. He obviously believes this will help him in his 2024 Presidential run. Maybe he's angling for Trump's endorsement (assuming Trump doesn't run himself).
  11. She did cooperate but she did get sentenced to 8 months home confinement which she's still serving. She did not get pardoned.
  12. So Duncan was pardoned but not his wife? Isn't she serving time as well?
  13. i would say it's like shooting the Titanic's officers while the lifeboats are being loaded. Ideally, you want the experienced people there to oversee the transition.
  14. It's not an either or. If he can do both, he will.
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