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  1. Gave Kenyan Drake (to the Jacobs owner) Got: Gabriel Davis I'm not winning this league this year so I'm happy to get the younger guy with more long term upside.
  2. I like Fant a lot but I still think that's really cheap for McLauren. Good deal. I'm also one of the bigger Jacobs truthers here but I prefer the Najee side of that one.
  3. I also thought this was a pretty fair deal. I actually like your side a little more. Waddle is the most valuable asset in this deal by a pretty wide margin IMO.
  4. Wow. Just catching up on this thread. This one hits home. I played golf with Sam a couple of times back in the 90's. He used to play regularly at Recreation Park golf course in Long Beach. He crushed the ball well over 300 yards off the tee every time. Really really nice guy. The only real insider tip I ever got in fantasy football was when Sam told me his brother Randall was going to sign with the Vikings. Randall had been a free agent for a while and there were no rumors about this in the national media but I went and picked him up off waivers which took my buddies in my league by surprise. He signed with Minnesota a week later.
  5. The whole reason for this thread is because Rondale Moore measured in at 5'7" at the combine. I'm not sure where FFToday gets their numbers but they don't seem like a very reliable source. They might just be taking the numbers from what they were listed at in college which is often overstated. BTW, I believe Tyreek Hill measured at 5'8" at the combine, so there may well be other outliers in your list if someone wants to take the time to check the actual combine numbers for all those players. I don't have time to do so.
  6. I get that. My question is why is there 12 picks in each round in a 10 team league?
  7. The 1.12/2.12 in a 10 team league? What am I missing here?
  8. Lawrence has the most talent and has the highest career upside IMO but Wilson looks like the most NFL ready right now from what I've seen in preseason and heard from training camp reports.
  9. I just turned 64 and recently started having birthdays again. Getting one year closer to retirement is something to celebrate.
  10. FFPC: Gave: Akers Got: Ronald Jones, 2022 2nd (should be a non-playoff team) I have a lot of shares of Akers and I'm looking to selectively reduce my shares. This is a league where I am a strong contender but my biggest weakness is lack of depth at RB.
  11. Has any RB ever come back from an Achilles and been close to what they were? I can't think of any.
  12. Layne Flack dead at 52 https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/poker/6-time-wsop-bracelet-winner-layne-flack-dies-at-52-2403080/
  13. It depends on who else you have at QB and who are the two extra players you get to keep.
  14. I voted 70% skill, mainly basing if off my own results. I've been playing FF since the early 90's but over the last 6 years I've been playing in a high volume of leagues and keeping detailed track of my results. Over those 6 years I've made a profit in 4 of the 6 and the 2 losing years were only small net losses (as opposed to the much larger net profits in the other 4). Maybe I've just been lucky over that time but I don't think so. I've had my share of bad luck. To answer your question in the title, I'd much rather be good than lucky. Luck will even out over the long term. Skill won't.
  15. Actually, I think the poll is flawed in one respect. Different people can interpret it in different ways, depending on whether they are looking at it at macro or micro level. Luck absolutely plays a bigger role than skill in any given league in any given year, so I don't disagree with what Harry Frogfish is saying if looking at it from that perspective, but the more leagues you play in and the more years you play, that little bit of skill advantage you have over your opponents adds up to the point where it makes you a profitable player. So, over the long term skill wins out.
  16. My first reaction was if he's trading Carter for Lockett he must think he's a contender.
  17. Looking at the FBG staff consensus projections they have the three WR's combining for 235 receptions for 2700 yards. When you add Ebron in it goes up to 285 for 3209. Add in James Washington it goes up to 313 for 3559. Ben's projections are 369 completions for 3802 yards. This seems pretty reasonable to me. I think it's just a situation where they believe the targets will be heavily concentrated on the top 3 WR's and Ebron. They're not expecting the RB's and other ancillary receivers to catch many passes and they don't expect Ben to offer much rushing production, which really hurts his ranking.
  18. You might be able to make a case that Goedert is a better all around TE than Hock right now because he has more experience, and TE is a position where experience helps, but I doubt that there are very many NFL GM's that would take Goedert over Hock if they had their choice between the two.
  19. I'm pessimistic about Mim's upside with Davis, Moore and Crowder all probably ahead of him on the depth chart (although I did like his talent coming out of college). I'd take him over Meyers though. It's worth a gamble at that price.
  20. I’m Team G. I’ve been pretty busy at work this week and I missed the chat last night so I’ll just go briefly through my thought process here. First, I’ll say that I expect most people here to hate my draft. I kind of went against the consensus in some cases. I have mixed feelings about it myself as usually I’m a big believer in loading up on young WR’s early but I went with a little different strategy here. 1.12/2.1 – I went with AJ Brown and Swift here. If Metcalf had fallen to me here I would have preferred going with Metcalf/Brown here but with him gone I thought there was too big a dropoff to my next WR (Lamb) so it came down to a choice between Swift and Najee and I went with the more talented player (IMO). 3.12/4.1 – DJ Moore/Josh Jacobs. I was really hoping for Hockenson here and I probably should have traded up to get him but I didn’t. Jacobs is one of the anti-consensus picks. At RB20 he’s a huge bargain IMO but I know many people see him as an avoid. I’m happy with the pick though. 5.12/6.1 – Gaskin/Michael Carter. Gaskin was my second anti-consensus pick at RB24. I know he’s undersized, not particularly fast no draft capital but every time I watched him last year he looked good as a runner, receiver and in pass pro, and he has no real competition for the starting job. I think the Miami coaching staff likes him a lot more than the fantasy community does. The two players I was targeting here that didn’t fall to me were Goedert and Claypool. 7.3 – I traded up to get Chase Edmonds. Who I considered to be the last of the fairly young starting RB’s. 8.1 – Russell Wilson. In FFPC 1QB leagues the QB position should be treated as if it’s a redraft league. There’s always plenty of good QB’s to be had in the middle rounds of rookie/FA drafts. I love Wilson this year with the Rams passing game coordinator taking over as OC. I traded away my 9.12 as part of the deal to move up to get Edmonds. I was expecting to take a TE at 10.1 but all the guys I was interested in went off the board in the TE run in round 9 so I traded down. At this point I knew I wouldn’t be taking a TE before round 13. 10.10 – Corey Davis. Another anti-consensus pick here. I’m still a believer in his talent. 11.10 – Kenyon Drake 11.12/12.1 – Brandin Cooks/Darnell Mooney. Cooks should way outperform his draft position this year and probably for the next few years regardless of who the QB is. A screaming bargain at this price IMO. 13.12/14.1. Everett/Firkser. I finally break the TE seal here. I was thinking about Hayden Hurst here but since his ADP in recent FFPC drafts was round 18 I thought for sure I’d get him at the end of round 15. I should have known that wouldn’t happen here. As it is I feel like I got one high ceiling guy (Everett) and one high floor guy (Firskser). 15.12/16.1 – Ebron/Hunter Long. Since I waited so long on TE’s I figured I needed to take 4 of them. We'll see how this plays out. I don't think I've ever waited on TE this long in FFPC startups. 17.3 – Baker Mayfield. The best of the remaining QBs on my board. 17.12/18.1 – Byron Pringle/Rams Def. Pringle was the last of my position players drafted, which usually will be a player I end up cutting in one of the first free agent bidding sessions. For that reason I always try to go for someone who has a chance (even if it’s a small chance) to increase their stock in preseason. 19.12 – Jason Myers. No comment needed. He’s a kicker.
  21. None of these strategies are new. It's just that all the wannabe experts think if they can come up with a catchy name it will boost their stock in the industry.
  22. FYI, there was zero chance that Hockenson would have gotten past me at 3.12. He was the guy I was targeting there.
  23. I think those numbers came from a court filing by Dea Spanos (Dean's sister). She's trying to force a sale of the team. I don't think any of us have any way to verify them since they're not a public company. I do know that for years they've been the second lowest in terms of annual revenue (only ahead of the Raiders). I think Dean is expecting the move to LA to increase the revenue enough to solve all their financial problems.
  24. FFPC SF Best Ball Gave: Waddle, 2022 2nd (should be late) Got: Aiyuk
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