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  1. FWIW - Jay Glazer reported that Mahomes' dizziness was more of a "choke out" situation as opposed to a shot/shock to the head or neck. Didn't seem too concerned over it.
  2. Looked to me like the Cowboys... uh, defense?.. is in self preservation mode. Unintentionally tanking rest of way. Could regroup in 2021 with new DC and return of Dak. Eagles seem to be financially ****ed with a franchise QB riding the pine with the *YIPS*... 2020 is bad, but 2021 will be worse.
  3. Agreed. I actually think he will come and try to do the right things... be decisive, let it rip, but also make mistakes. Just hope they don't ruin him by throwing him to the wolves before he's ready.
  4. Evaluation time. Hurts doesn't seem ready IMO, but Wentz has been "deer in the headlights" on/off the field... more/less forcing the move. Tough situation for the Birds going forward.
  5. (FantasyPros) ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Falcons WR Julio Jones (hamstring) is expected to play in Week 13 against the Saints. Analysis: Jones was listed as questionable entering the weekend and is expected to give it a go in this pivotal divisional matchup. Fantasy managers should consider him an unquestioned WR1.
  6. I can see why Tomlin was livid last night. Game should have been a blowout. If it went that way, maybe the starters are resting 4th QTR, and Bud Dupree is still playing. WRs and TE playing like they got paid to put the ball on the ground yesterday.
  7. Feels like we saw his floor yesterday, and all due to DJ... dropped a likely TD, dropped a big gainer that fell right in his lap... the 10+ targets seems like a guarantee at this point. Imagine a game where the Steelers are playing catch-up/loss. He could see 20 targets with some garbage time.
  8. I got burned by AB yesterday. Looked to me like the plan was to simply send AB off on a fly route every time he was on the field to clear out space for underneath patterns to TE or Godwin. Seemed like Brady never even looked his way. Whether that was the game plan or an adjusted game plan... that's that what I saw. I only played him because I had little confidence in the PIT/BAL game actually getting played. Turned out the point differential between AB and nobody was a lot closer than anticipated.
  9. Seems like a hundred years ago. I think BAL already stated that RGIII will be starting on Sunday.
  10. He will be. They're close. Few pieces. New head coach.
  11. Which one? Both 2nd half picks were inexcusably terrible... Wentz-like... rookie mistakes. Always risks it, and rarely gets the biscuit (BA that is). If Tampa wanted a strong-armed QB to chuck it down the field every other possession... should have stayed with Winston (seriously).
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