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  1. Agreed. Looks like he and Ryan are not on the same page. Hoping for more chemistry in the second half as the budding superstar TE draws more and more attention.
  2. Fitting for Halloween... the "ghosts" are back. 👻
  3. Looked like it was raining (hard)... sideways! Could be a wild night for the kicking game.
  4. Nothing beats fresh legs 6-7 weeks into the season. Congrats to those that scooped and played him last night.
  5. Agreed. I thought the sentiment all along was that HOU was being proactive in keeping him off the field and that was the only thing keeping him off the exempt list. Legal proceedings scheduled for Q1 2022 IIRC?
  6. Yes, that's the one I remember. He was lying on his back out of bounds and trainers came over to him. Announcers missed it completely. I'm pretty sure he never came back out on the field after that.
  7. Looked like he got INJ on that sideline play late in 4th QTR? I don't remember him coming back in the game after that.
  8. Fire up the "We want Fitz!" chants.
  9. Maybe COVID has effected this, but more than a few of my colleagues have received passports the next day after setting up a live interview at the passport agency in NYC (our CHQ was an hour away)... just needed letter from our employer, confirmed (reserved) itinerary, and $$$. This was post 9/11, but pre-COVID. Visas too (as needed)... same day... interview in the morning, pick up visa in the afternoon, then straight to JFK.
  10. He's on a BYE this week and "Q" without update as he left the team for a personal matter prior to the London game. FBG still has him ranked top-10 overall WR, no... am I looking at something different?
  11. Anyone catch the brutal assessment of the Eagles offensive scheme from the TNF crew post game? Interesting comments... Steve Smith describing it as a "high school" playbook. Joe Thomas ripping them for their screen heavy approach. And of course all agreed on the "WTF no Miles Sanders touches in 1st half" philosophy.
  12. I share your concerns w/ Hopkins, but would probably still play him. Massive ceiling when he goes off. If the Buc's do salt away the Birds early, I think you might see more Ronald Jones as they want to keep Fournette as fresh as possible for a long season. Also, Philly not that easy to run on, correct?
  13. With Gronk out and Godwin <100% I would expect Antonio Brown to be heavily involved. Marquise Brown would be my other choice. Could be a high scoring game and he is really having a great season. Woods... is it his week, or Kupp's? Riskier vs the others. Indy might control that game and limit Cooks. Having said that, the last two aren't terrible options, but I would play Hollywood Brown (AB is a lock IMO). ____________________________________ I have a QB issue... currently on the bench is Tom Brady @ PHI tonight... my start (at the moment) is Kyler Murray @ CLE on Sunday, but has a "shoulder thing" that seemed to give him quite a bit of discomfort last weekend. 3 pts for passing TD, 6 pts for rushing TD Hate to pass on Brady tonight and find out later in the week that Murray's shoulder is concern. Thoughts?
  14. Don't think that was the issue... for $$$ you can get an expedited passport (<24 hrs)
  15. That is the $64 question. Saw a report that Eagles have inquired on Mack as well? Must be the asking price. KCC can use him... they need to change something up... can't be this easy to take away Hill and every other part of their offense collapses. Teams are daring them to run? Then they gotta find a way to run it!
  16. Fully agree. That catch will stick with Wentz... Pittman could be his 50/50 ball guy, just like he had in Alshon Jeffery back in Philly.
  17. I was thinking something a little different... despite constant criticism that Any Reid mishandles RBs, his offenses always seemed to produce a top-10 fantasy back... until CEH. The fact that they asked about Mack while CEH was still healthy is the intriguing part to me. We'll see. Worth a flyer IMO.
  18. FWIW - Dan Campbell has NFL street cred and seems to be liked/respected based on that experience. His team goes 0-5 and he is in tears at the presser dealing with the pain he feels for his payers that lay it on the line every week. Urban Meyer has a checkered history at the JV level, has made questionable moves as a NFL newbie, and dealt with his 0-4 start by sending his team home unaccompanied while he got an impromptu lap grind from his watering hole's PR girl.
  19. It is the dirty little secret in this whole Gruden thing... he wasn't sending the emails to HIMSELF... I'm sure there were OTHERS engaged in similar activity... where are the "leaked" emails on all the others? As the OP states, not defending Gruden at all, but hard to imagine that 650,000 emails and Gruden was the only source of morally-bankrupt thoughts/content. Even in a completely aloof scenario... over a 3-yr period, you'd think somebody would have told him to stop. Right now it looks like a (successful) vendetta targeting Gruden.
  20. Anybody doing a "speculative add" on Marlon Mack this week? Jeremy Fowler reporting that KCC "looked into" acquiring Mack prior to CEH getting injured... now that he is injured (IR)... Mack's skill set certainly transfers nicely to KC's offense... one would assume that they are RE-looking into a possible trade, no?
  21. They're trying to trade Mack... deadline's approaching... no takers initially so get him some quality carries under a national spotlight... looked good. Might be a win/win (for IND & Mack).
  22. I believe the Ravens 4th QTR and OT consisted of 4 straight TD drives... each was 70+ yards. Fantasy points ringing up like a pinball machine!
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