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  1. So my wife is due to give birth in early February and is off for bed rest. Her Dad came over to spend some time with her and my 3 1/2 yo son Peter. My FIL goes to the can to take a leak, and Peter shortly follows to investigate (i.e. pester him). Here is the conversation as my wife heard it from the living room, and GB her for calling me at work to relay this to me... Peter: Hi Papa, what are you doin? Are you going pee? Papa (mid-stream): Peter, please go back outside the bathroom and give Papa some privacy. Peter: Hey Papa, your penis is different (i.e circumcised) from mine and Daddy's
  2. She claims it malfunctioned and complained to the race organizers so they just matched up her times with that of her trainer's...
  3. Baba Booey on David Letterman last night I thought he did well...he couldn't stop himself from licking his lips though...
  4. At bedtime, my 5 month pregnant wife is reading a book about Peter becoming a big brother as well as the changes that happen to Mommy during the pregnancy. Peter looks at me excitedly and yells, "LOOK MOM! DADDY'S GONNA HAVE A BABY TOO! You're just pretending to be pregnant, right Dad?" SJ96: Uh, yeah...right... :lmao: :lmao:
  5. This.Keep in mind...he's an admitted fan...so maybe he's not a fan of all that stuff, he sees the humour in having it on air. And if it does bother him, then that will be funny too...
  6. I'm a big Breuer fan and although I liked it, I thought it was a little too constraining for him. Someone called the wrap-up show and completely fell for it, still thinking it was Pesci the whole time.Love the new Gary the retrd confusion prank call. Breuer is awesome and he was fantastic during the Eric the Midget call. But agree that just doing Pesci is too limiting.Any chance that - if the show were to continue - Breuer takes Artie's place?He's really kind of a clean cut family guy. I don't know if the depravity the show gets in to would suit him.I think he'd be perfect.
  7. Just got of the phone with my wife, and she told me about dropping Peter (3 1/2) off at her parents' this morning. She unbuckled him, he got out of the van, and then made a beeline for the front door, shouting "BYE MOM" without even looking back. Obviously not satisfied with this goodbye, she yells, "HEY!? Wait a second!" He stops and turns around and hurries back to the van and climbs inside... "I almost forgot my backpack, thanks, bye!"
  8. The other night...as my 3 1/2 yo son is getting undressed for his bath, he's peppering me... Peter: I have a penis. SJ96: Yes you do. Peter: Daddy has a penis. SJ96: Yes I do. Peter: Does Mommy have a penis? SJ96: No Peter, only boys have a penis. Girls do not. ...Peter thinking... Peter: Does Mommy want a penis? SJ96: You wouldn't think so lately. ...Cut to bath.... ...Fade to Peter reading in bed with Mommy and Daddy.... Peter: Mommy? Mrs. SJ96: Why don't you want a penis? SJ96: :lol: :lol: Mrs. SJ96: :shuked: What made you say that? Peter: Daddy said you don't have a pen
  9. Lately, my 3 1/2 yo son has been prone to (1) car sickness and (2) bouts of insane tantrums... Also, his latest kick is he wants to do everything himself, such that he'll throw a fit, then undo what you did, and then do it himself. If you help him with his shoes, he'll put them back on and then take them off himself. Carry him up the stairs? He'll climb back down then go up himself. Anyway, it's nice that he wants to be independent, but when you're in a hurry, and he gets in a fit about you helping him...look out. So we go to get in the car, and he's goofing off as he gets into his seat, s
  10. My Mom is watching my 3 1/2 year old son (every Monday) and he usually dictates an email message for her to type for me, and another for Mommy.Today, he insisted on typing it out himself.My Mom explained how to use the space bar between each word, and she told him when to hit the Enter key. Here is my response.
  11. In an elevator with my 3 year old son...and as it starts to rise, I stand in the centre and pretend it's really wobbly...WOOOAH... He backs up against the wall and puts his bum against the wall and shouts, "LOOK DAD, MY BUM IS ON THE WALL! WOOOOAH!" I roar back with laughter and he says, "That's funny, right Dad?"
  12. Same thing happened to my Mom's brand new iPod last night.Except it won't restore either and is now "bricked" as I've come to learn.
  13. LMAO @ ACP's comment.

  14. furley loves him some chode. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

  15. Arg...that's just awful.You're not just robbed of your money, but the show too.
  16. No Way and fatal in of themselves make this a great show IMODig the Unthought Known opener alsoEncores seem kinda shortBand apparently sounded greatI will be getting this bootThey were talking about this show around 5 pm on the WGR AM Sports Radio and mentioned that they were going to be giving away bootlegs of the show free to those in attendance.That's pretty sweet.
  17. Class C Doosh: You go out and get a ringtone like this, or any song for that matter, and put it on your phone.Class B Doosh: You purposely allow your phone to ring longer than it has to so others can "enjoy" your tone and think you're super cool and/or witty. Class A Doosh: Fulfilling the C and B requirements and on top of that jacking up your volume.
  18. You need to make fun of him by copying him or even better, beating him to it.Just make sure you let someone else in on the joke and you can have a good laugh over this fool.CW: There he is!kupcho1: No no...there YOU are!
  19. Is this a sign language joke? Or an Italian joke? ...because I'm not Italian...Think of it this way...your wife of many years is sitting on the couch next to you...you turn to her and say, "Babe...could you get me a cup of coffee, please?"Now consider Psycopav's reply as your wife's response.:unsure:TDoss knows stuff.FWIW, I AM Italian, and have no problem hearing at all, but I feel like I've been in this exact situation many times.The good part is that I married an Italian, so after she asks if my arms are broken, she gets me a cup of coffee. I'm a lucky man, married to a saint, and don't I
  20. Not prescribed. That is a whole different rant on how the pharmaceutical industry works. Ordering full strength online and mixing it myself. I have been taking it about 6 months now. Felt better from the start but that could have been wishful thinking. 5 days in was when the drastic improvement in the tinnitus happened. That was the first concrete proof that the ldn was doing something and that I wasn't just feeling better because I wanted to feel better. The wikipedia page is kind of hit and miss on accuracy. lowdosenaltrexone.org has a lot of information. Basically a catchall drug.
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