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  1. I feel you pain....Kittle put the dagger in me last night! we have 2 divisions 12 teams and 6 playoff spots... The 1st/2nd place team in each division go to the playoffs.... The 5th/6th place teams....the “wildcards”....come from either division and are the 2 HIGHEST SCORING TEAMS out of the remaining 8. So you can be, say 5-8 and still make it....takes some randomness out.
  2. I’ll start. Decided like every year to take QB early 2nd/3rd round and let my “superior drafting” fill in the blanks. Missed Mahomes so went Lamar in 2nd, decided to go RB heavy since this was the year WR was “so deep” in later rounds. That and Higbee, choosing the wrong “late WRs” doomed my start. Will probably miss the playoffs for first time, but will have more time to work on golf game and watch Masters in November! anyone else?
  3. The Rams regime hates Henderson.....Akers is the announced one....they gambled with Brown over the more dynamic Henderson to “grease the skids” for Akers when he’s back from injury.
  4. McVay is a rat fink bastard pure and simple. He’s killing Higbee and now Henderson’s value....and nearly lost at home to a doormat Giants team. Lesson learned.
  5. He is on a team with a high octane offense, a top 3 QB, a terrible defense, excellent offensive coaches, and multiple weapons where he is receiving single coverage. If you put Jeudy or a healthy Ruggs in this situation they would have equal success....
  6. Yep started this thread to have a crystal ball especially if you know you have low waiver priority.... I don’t think anyone saw Saquons injury coming but yes Freeman might be in play now
  7. DARRELL HENDERSONRB, LOS ANGELES RAMS Darrell Henderson rushed 12 times for 81 yards and a touchdown in the Rams' Week 2 win over the Eagles, adding two receptions for 40 additional yards. Pegged for a bigger Week 2 role by NFL Network's Mike Garafolo before the game, Henderson ended up leading the Rams' backfield in touches after Cam Akers departed early with a rib injury. Malcolm Brown was apparently also limited late by a finger issue. After struggling to get on the field as a third-round rookie last season, Henderson looked dangerous side to side and like a gear shifter going do
  8. No love for Darrell.....breakout game this cat has A LOT more juice than Akers or Brown. And Akers is hurt.
  9. Wanted to start a thread to get players before Sunday kickoff particularly for those teams with lower waiver priority due to record and/or points scored. QB- Gardner Minshew- schedule coming up . Also may be Tua time in Miami. RB- Carlos Hyde, Devonte Booker- both looked good last week defined backups in run heavy offenses. Also Devonta Freeman visited Eagles. WR- Bryan Edwards..camp darling most snaps last week Riggs already ?. Willie Snead has great rapport with Lamar. TE- Jordan Aiken Texans- athletic TE could evolve into major weapon as receivers are so so and Watson lo
  10. They will continue to stack the box against Barkley.....Jones is a gunslinger....Defense is not good...Garrett’s offensive philosophy if to go vertical And Slayton is the real deal. what’s not to like?
  11. Merry Christmas MOP....and “thank you for your service” to our message boards over the years. Much appreciated!
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