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  1. 4.14 Dave Cowens C 70s Gotsta have a major Celtic. Proud its this one. My Uncle Jimmy took me to Celtics games every Sunday afternoon they were home from 1962-70. Spring of '69, we were at a game and Bill Russell went down ugly. Sprained ankle but looked worse. I've never felt so much dread in one room. Going into the playoffs without #6 (our coach as well, mind you) was that inconceivable. He made it to the playoffs and won us another title, then promptly walked away. The dread was real now - that was it. We suffered thru an awful year (i've told my Hank Finkel story already) o
  2. he played center better than i ever seen it played, but i'm tired of fighting longevity biases.
  3. I always wanted her to marry Steve Perry in South Detroit, honeymoon in East California, then retire to NW South Dakota so i wouldnt have to listen to em anymore
  4. Ewing's Knicks went toe-to-toe w the Jordan Bulls for Eastern supremacy with no better a supporting cast than XXX ever had in achieving his .388 lifetime or whatever. Cant say would Ewing have developed skills for the trey game any more than that XXX could ever play an honest post. but when was the last time XXX had a stop of any kind? dude's a genius crossing guard, dunno if my guy can keep up with that...
  5. More importantly, a prime figure in the ascendancy and success of National Lampoon. He put a lot of very talented people together by being one of the few people on the scene willing to be the brave in a Land of Chiefs. RIP -
  6. 3.03 Patrick Ewing C 90s The Knicks argued with the Bulls & Pacers for Eastern supremacy during arguably basketball's best era and werent no one else even close to AllStar on that team that Patrick didn't make em so. He hauled the only worthy squad in the best basketball town in the world's last 50 yrs like Atlas. He did it with the first perfectly-proportioned body i ever saw on a 7 footer. I had some floor seats to those teams and marveled that he ran without height being a factor in his locomotion. everything else he learned hard & well. proud to have him in the middle @Ja
  7. my baby sister has come to visit my 95yo father for a coupla days most wks since me Ma died last summer. every weeknight she's here, @ 10pm they watch repeats of Johnny Carson (God knows why anyone shows it) on a cable station. i've never had a prob w watching movies made 100yrs ago or records 50-60 yrs ago, but watching dead people on a dais yakkin their lives creeps me the #### out!
  8. i know the league dont think so, but there's sumn dead wrong about a team with a $164MM payroll being allowed to sign players being paid $25MM not to play. plus, except for sick P&R's, it aint gonna help. i watched one of Blake's last game s w the Pistons and all i could think of was the old Drew Carey joke: Brownsfan Drew, "Ever seen my Bernie Kosar impression?".............................*violently knocks over mike stand*
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