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  1. my baby sister has come to visit my 95yo father for a coupla days most wks since me Ma died last summer. every weeknight she's here, @ 10pm they watch repeats of Johnny Carson (God knows why anyone shows it) on a cable station. i've never had a prob w watching movies made 100yrs ago or records 50-60 yrs ago, but watching dead people on a dais yakkin their lives creeps me the #### out!
  2. i know the league dont think so, but there's sumn dead wrong about a team with a $164MM payroll being allowed to sign players being paid $25MM not to play. plus, except for sick P&R's, it aint gonna help. i watched one of Blake's last game s w the Pistons and all i could think of was the old Drew Carey joke: Brownsfan Drew, "Ever seen my Bernie Kosar impression?".............................*violently knocks over mike stand*
  3. 2.14 Clyde Drexler SG 90s. I know no one else is, but i'm building teams. only reason i do these things. oversized guys w hops and handles. shonuff, one spray of MagicGlide will wipe all a coach's troubles away. speaking of troubles, i bet this guy still has Jordan dreams, not only for the titles, but he'd probably be considered Top 20 if he played in another era @timschochet
  4. longest reign as best at his position of the OGs (til Mailman, really) and probably still brought the most aspects to the PF position. i've never been able to find a link to one on youtube, but he had a hook shot that was a corner trey and it was deadly enough to work as a two. his brother Bill was a runner for mob-connected books (laying off bets) in Reno for years. largest human i ever seen - 6'7, closin in on 700lbs when his heart 'sploded
  5. by the sub patterns for the ultimate 6th man, guard in the 60s, fwd in the 70s ETA: if i hadda choose and wing wasnt an option, yes, SF
  6. dayum! might shoulda been gone by now (1st rd in the last one), but he got close enough for me to hope... y'all younguns have seen modern equivalents of Baylor, West, Big O, even Wilt, but y'ain't never seen a Hondo. non-stop hustle but never a wasted action. one of my great pleasures as a sportsfan was to watch him live most winter Sunday afternoons of my youth.
  7. yeah, the solo in "I Know What Boys Like" is soooo much better...
  8. when Ma was setting this up, i wanted to insist that, unlike recent FFA drafts, judges actually read the writeups. they have lately been avoiding that so not to be biased qbout the drafter, but it makes less sense to avoid the case made for the selections. i WANT people to look at my briefs...
  9. takes some getting used to, esp since the whole reason for this all is really the dialogue, the comps...
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