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  1. wOw - first vote for 21-25. not a car guy - only ever bought one car new ('75 Audi 100LS) ever - only pride cars were a Rockford 'bird and my beloved '75 cherry Eldo convertible (in which my Mary & i would tailgate tourists to places we werent even going on our Sunday drives, then home where she'd give it a thorough washing in her leopard, 3-triangle berkini which had the neighbors either pulling up lawn chairs or calling in the children) & they werent performance buggies. but i'd say i drove best when it mattered to me most and how can it matter to one more than when one fir
  2. i re-watched the original series before watching the reboot when it first came out, enjoyed it as well - adjusting for lack of surprise factor - and thrilled to the reboot, but STILL couldnt abide Fire Walk With Me
  3. boy, does he. Brooks' inconsistent mgmt of his younger players' minutes would have put me thru at least 3-4 screens if they were my home team. even tho it took him less than a season to understand that running around cuz you dont know what Russ will do is better than standing around cuz you dont know what Russ will do, his rotations havent gone the same way twice in a row. and, if a scrub has consecutive good games in spite of that you can almost guarantee that the coach will go another direction the next game. heck, i might break this screen just thinking about watching em...
  4. Dame was like this a couplefew yrs ago. All he had was ungodly drive/jam and pop trey skills and he worked the game for chances to exhibit both no matter what it had to do with the outcome. that's why it didn't add up to Ws of substance. Stotts never did help Lillard integrate it and Jenkins is even worse for Morant cuz he doesnt coach any D at all, which is about the only way players learn gamesense anymore. more of game-v-win occurs to Dame each year and one can hope a similar light will flicker in JAM. Point guards are the only position both born & made, and the makin' aint too stellar
  5. i fear there will never be too many occasions where posting MLK's Drum Major Instinct speech is the most appropriate way to address the American psyche. there's about 4 minutes of sermony stuff before he gets to the point but, once he does....our mail got read a loooong time ago. text
  6. interesting Big Red facts: - the avg equine heart is 9-10 lbs. Secretariat's weighed in at over 21. - while his Belmont was awesome, his Derby may have been even more impressive. only classic race i know of on dirt where a horse ran each quarter mile faster than the previous one - 25.2, 24, 23.8, 23.4, and 23. - it's a terrible chewing gum
  7. The Unsers are the Royal Family of Albuquerque. Bobby's the only one i met, at a reception decades ago where he was fronting for development of Albq's first suburb, Rio Rancho. He musta made some dough, cuz RR was about 40 Brooklyn refugees and a deli out there when i moved to NM and it has an Intel plant and 100,000 people now in a town completely owned & chartered at the beginning by one real estate company. There's no way to do so here in VT, but all i wanna do right now is make a gravel cloud on one of them roads in the Rio Puerco that Breaking Bad likes to shoot scenes in, cuz ha
  8. i get weepy every time i think back to, just before driving cross-country the spring of '84, calling Claiborne Farms and using the fact that i was a "breeder" - minor partner in some mares who'd been covered by Claiborne sires - to be allowed to visit Big Red in his paddock when i passed thru Kentucky. when we drove up, he was at the far corner of a hillock, enjoying some shade. as if on cue, he came out into the sun to dawdle & daisypick as if we were no big deal and then thundered down his acre upon us. he was 14yo (55-60 for a human) at the time, not as lean as when he was young, but lo
  9. no accident that they both came from the quarterhorses (altho a LOT of bums from the QH world were subsequently engaged by TB owners with little result). it's not an awfully complicated notion to imagine that a racehorse's excellence lies in his speed, but neither was the concept that on-base % is more important than batting avg in baseball or the devastatingly complex basketball theory that treys add 50% more to one's total than 2-pt shots, but those both took decades to rule the day in their sports
  10. fake num. the running shonuff did not look hundredish to me, and 2:01 & change on a day when other 3yos busted 1:08 6f fractions? nuh-uh
  11. i watched an earlier race, once around. track looked sealed, as Churchill often is on wet weeks, but old friend Smiley Sobotka faded just when he was supposed to and the rail did not prop the other speed up either. pretty even - neither cuppy nor hard/grooved, in that one
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