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  1. frozen strumpet reaction to Bink ETA: does Sara Lee still make frozen strumpets? useta love them backinday, donchaknow
  2. there was some discussion as to whether getting out the scissors in that scenario would be treated as assault. there are vids of folks gumming & spilling on similar offenders.
  3. sometimes he feels like a motherless child...
  4. that might actually make it in now that we've reminded him
  5. there's actually a TV sportstalk show out of Vegas that has a WE’RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY! segment. this pic was this morning's offering
  6. No longer care enough to count the number of Peter Gabriel, PFunk, Tom Waits & Television songs will sit on the sidelines so Lola can be a showgirl and Golden Girls can have a theme song.
  7. one of the fondestly remembered of the boomer memory files was moving from the "ow, you're on my hair" era to the "ow, you're in my hair" era
  8. the coaching feat of the century would be Vogel figuring out how Westbrook fits in the Lakers offense. he has no idea what to do except what he's worst at - catch&shoots behind the line
  9. Not saying they do, nor that being on the spectrum must have a negative effect on performance. Merely suggesting that great talent, plus the professional Sportsego™ plus subsequent enabling from talent representatives might both hinder an autistic player in meeting their personal growth and interpersonal markers and magnify any difficulties in being coached or integrated into a system.
  10. this is half unfair. until i sensed that he was personally devolving as a basketball player, every FFA hoops fan knows that i thought Simmons could be the best baller in the land. Magic Johnson & Bill Russell are the only players i've seen in sixty years as a fan with better two-way court vision. Add that he's a 6'10 guy with a handle and almost anyone would have chosen his future over almost anyone (Embiid Included) else's present or prospects. my guess is that i would have picked up the deadly cues much earlier than most, but the Sixer org handicapped themselves further by having a whiteboard guy with paltry people skills like Brett Brown having to conjugate complicated talents into performance.
  11. the non-existent eye contact, seeing advice as attack (altho that's not the rarity it once was), the social separation, capped by the savant nature of his remarkable court vision. wouldnt surprise me at all - ETA: i worked with autistics in school/hospital settings on & off for 15 years, starting in 1972
  12. holds up after a dozen years. those testers really DO know their stuff!!
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