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  1. you'd think, but not really. i'm very glad no one has ever quite engaged me on the subject of my love for Almodovar flicks, cuz i'd be lost. i'm very linear in my film fandom, but this master helps me disengage and ride tandem with the random. in his movies, we are all trans pixie whores with deep grooves that life keeps preventing from spending the time we want in and our hormonal dials spin like midway game features, but our hearts all beat in the same time. HTH
  2. A one-man Three Stooges. The closest The Funny ever got to Dostoevsky. To watch revelation play across that hare-brained face before he slapped us silly with syllables was the most closely i've ever been invited to art in progress. Pure alchemy...Norm MacDonald was the philosopher's stone of comedy. RIP -
  3. i learned the vocal trill in Moondance for a perfectly filthy reason. in the moonlight....on a magic night
  4. i'm just old enough to still sing "poop, poop, poop, stinkin' up my back door" to that song
  5. Howling ol' Granny drives out in the woods Flattens a horned back toad Dont spray paint my next roadkill dinner To make your yellow brick ro-o-oad
  6. no matter what the world is, @CrossEyed2 holds the velvet rope.
  7. every fiber of my being resists acquiescing to this point but musically, it's open for consideration. culturally, it's still not close and not only cuz i was rolling my eyes at what McCartney was doing in Oct 1980 when i was actually writing Letters to the Editor on what was lost with Lennon's assassination. to be honest, though, i was more a fan of what Double Fantasy meant than how it sounded. then, it really didn't matter. John was 'bigger than Jesus', singlehandedly moving the leading edge AND reporting from the front lines while he did it. DF was him quitting the world for his kid, working on himself for his wife and letting us watch & listen while he looked in the mirror at his changing face. that boldness and honesty opened the door for a lot of dads to actively love their kids and forge real partnerships with their mates when they might not have otherwise. so the sound of the music of that was more than the clicks & decibels, y'now? - even if the songs were on the prosaic side sonically. i guarantee you that the hope in Beautiful Boy or nakedness of Woman struck me more powerfully than any cleverclever la de da that ever came from his old partner, even tho i'm now a gigantic fan. i'm sad that's lost on you, tho i completely understand how it would be. sometimes, it's about more than the notes (at which McCartney always surpassed Lennon) but i have to believe John would have brought life to us with similar urgency for decades more if he'd had the chance. then, you would know.
  8. With two out in the 9th inning of the Cle-Bos game, the local Red Sox broadcast flashed a graphic saying that new closer Adam Ottavino had gone longer without giving up a home run than any Boston hurler since 1895. Indian OF Franmil Reyes cleared the Monstah with a game-tying homer on the very next pitch.
  9. got a feeling both of us were 50/50 chances to be disgust lesbians had we been born XX
  10. *the killer furtively unspools the guts of an 8-track cartridge, twisting the mylar into an impromptu garotte*
  11. i'm reminded of a guy i used to know in NY who was an early comedy partner of Chase. he was a very funny but pretty neurotic guy and had a fitful, obsessive way of interrupting himself when he talked. EXCEPT when the opportunity arose to gush over his pal Chevy's deconstruction of the preppie - then he would fawn like a dreamy tween over how his friend had weaponized glib for comedy's sake. the Fletches arent much more than setups for the repulsive majesty of Chase's rugpullings, but that's enuff for a lot of folks.
  12. i'd say Holyoke - that's the first place young ladies attempted to instruct me on how to debauch them. i was a bad boy
  13. so glad i dont have to look @ that lil MuscleHamster in green anymore. Juancho's the poor man's Markkanen! He sometimes wasnt PF3 in Denver and almost beat out a late-first rookie in Minny last year. one might even say he's the rich man's Hernangomez!!
  14. that'd be throwed out da van by Scranton. i wouldnt throttle him till he'd not stop whistling Carpenters and Morrison afterwards...
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