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  1. Still 95 away... the dream is dead... until Pace re-signs Trubisky next year.
  2. Don't the Dolphins have a pretty bad OL on top of no proven QB? Gaskin's salary is $850k. If he's even 70% as good as Jones that's good enough for me at like 3% of Jones's price.
  3. BREAKING--Area man on brink of understanding biological sex and gender aren't same thing.
  4. Just remembering how much it rocks that this guy is banned forever.
  5. I don't want the Bears to get Watson but it would be funny if that happened and then Ryan Pace got fired anyway.
  6. Jones probably wants $30m+ in guarantees and good luck to him in getting it. I hate to lose him as a player but those huge RB contracts usually kill you after a couple years.
  7. I wouldn't have flipped out if they kept Pettine but am slightly relieved they are moving on. There are some assistants I would like to keep like Jerry Gray (likely DC candidate) and Mike Smith but maybe the whole staff gets wiped, who knows.
  8. Doesn't he lead with the crown of his helmet and clock the WR right in the ear hole as first contact?
  9. Noted draft bust Rashan Gary with another multi-sack game. Let's finish this thing.
  10. I have to imagine offensive mastermind Matt Nagy knows his job is safe if he was punting with 8 minutes left.
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