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  1. Just text her or send an email, close the loop with her. You don’t have to go into any big explanation.
  2. Dude should have included a check for the 30 large along with his heartfelt note. I’m sure he does have regret but not sure why you would want to have him back in your life. My priest Virginia wouldn’t like that answer but I wouldn’t let him back in my life. You find out who you true friends are when things go bad in your life. A sickness in the family, you lose your job or your woman. Put your efforts into those people. You might have thought his guy was one of those but he proved that he wasn’t. I used to live in San Francisco and I made a ton of friends quickly but I knew they were goodtime friends and it was all on a surface level. If I needed help burying a body at 2am, they ain’t taking the call. The delinquents I grew up with outside of Boston I still keep in touch with, they would take that call and probably have some good suggestions on where to bury them. Focus your time and efforts on your bury the body friends.
  3. Red Sox fans will pack that stadium next week if LA somehow wins tonight, it will feel like Boston has all home games.
  4. Did you make plans to meet up and she was left waiting for you and you never showed? Or did you let her know you had a change of heart? The latter is fine but the former is really a #### move.
  5. So Howard sat out last night because he was literally butt hurt? http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25018772/dwight-howard-misses-wizards-season-opener-sore-buttocks
  6. Between Moreland and Pierce the Sox are getting really good offensive production and defense from 1B. I can’t imagine a scenario where JD plays there.
  7. Not sure how that would work since catchers typically drive the pitch calls and not the bench. Something definitely needs to be done about the length of games, I think there should be a pitch clock and eliminate the batter stepping out of the box between pitches and being allowed to call time. Perhaps if you speed up the time between pitchers it helps to solve the sign stealing issue.
  8. Sox haven’t got much from Sale or Mookie at the plate yet just went 7-2 against two teams that won more than a 100 games this year.
  9. Cora has had an amazing season and if anything he has stepped it up in the playoffs. Pretty much every move he has made has worked out. Additionally, this was a team under Farrell that seemed to play trying not to lose and now they firmly play to win. He shifted the mindset and changed the culture of essentially the same team. This game isn’t over and I expect the Champs to fight like one over the last couple of innings but Cora is the man.
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