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  1. He is a tempting start for Week 1 going against Indy. I can only start 3 WRs and also have Julio Jones, Josh Gordon, Marquise Goodwin and Kenny Stills. Going to be tough pulling the trigger on him but I feel like he probably goes off against a crappy defense and becomes the Week 1 waiver wire darling in leagues where he went undrafted.
  2. Following Otis and some other elephant battling to see who can lose 3-4 pounds in 90 days isn’t exciting. It would be great to see a contest where whoever puts on the most weight wins. Let’s see these fat pigs do what they do best, release them to the hog trough with no restrictions and watch the numbers fly.
  3. I have a brother who is an alcoholic and my family overall fall into the category of heavy drinkers. Yeah, we are Irish! I’ve always defined an alcoholic as someone who is pretty severe, think Nick Cage I’m Leaving Las Vegas. Certainly don’t define it to just that extreme but to me an alcoholic probably never skips a day of drinking and certainly can’t go multiple days without drinking. I suspect others have different definitions of one though. I’m always concerned because I’m in sales and travel a lot which leads to a lot of drinking with clients and co-workers or frankly to kill the bo
  4. Weighed in this morning at 165 which was my goal weight. Just got out ahead of this latest Nor’easter and on a flight to Cabo right now.
  5. I’m on day 18 of the Whole30, going through until next Friday and stopping there as we have friends over that night and don’t want to be the weird couple serving paleo food and not drinking. I feel really good but weight loss has leveled off and haven’t been able to get lower than the 170 I’m at now. Would like to lose 5 more lbs and then maintain at 165 for the rest of the year. Unless I’m traveling for work, hitting the gym regularly and really over trying to max out my bench or any other muscle group. I’m 47 and fine with lifting moderate weights and increasing cardio.
  6. I’m on Day 10 of the Whole 30 and feeling really good. I’m not really getting that hungry between meals and if I do I’m having a piece of fruit or more likely some nuts. I’ve gotta say that hopefully my biggest takeaway once I’m off this diet is eating more fruits and nuts when I snack. They taste good and provide me more energy than some crappy snack. I’m on a flight to Dallas right now so next couple days will be a challenge. I’ve got a dinner tonight with a few executives of a client of ours and we are trying to land a huge project with them. They have happy hour with our competition first
  7. I’m a week into the Whole 30, has to travel for work on Valentines Day so did cheat with two single malts and a glass of wine at Del Frisco’s when I had a meal at the bar by myself but got a steak cooked in olive oil and asparagus grilled. I’m eating a lot of eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables so feeling good about that and hoping to incorporate nuts and veggies for snacks once I’m off of it. Booze is the toughest part for me but the lack of it probably helps me stay the course. Weighed myself even though you are not supposed to and I’m down 4 pounds. I’d like to lose 9 more and at the point I
  8. Starting this up in another week with my wife, just waiting to get past her birthday next weekend. We have a work reward in Cabo towards the end of March so we both want to be in good shape. Booze is going to be the hardest part for me.
  9. I believe the O/U on you sticking with the diet was 13 so those that went under (37 out of 38 bets) have to be feeling good.
  10. I’ve dropped 7 pounds since the beginning of the year just by not drinking beer. I did start adding more cardio when I’m in the gym as well but pretty amazed how much I’ve dropped minus the beer. Have cut down on my alcohol consumption as well and when I’m drinking it is now vodka sodas. I f’ng love beer though but heading to Cabo in two months for a work reward trip and want to be in good shape.
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