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  1. Picked him up in a couple leagues just to see what happens.
  2. My first thought is Ekeler even against the Bears especially with K.Allen being questionable. If JuJu wasn't questionable it would be him against Miami although Xavian Howard will probably play.
  3. Only taking rushing into account does not tell the whole story for any RB in 2019. Any top tier RB would need to be able to do both. I would say both LAC RBs are decent and playing behind a poor line right now, but Gordon has looked worse due to less receiving production as well as just looking like he has lost a step, most likely this is due to his holdout or attitude due to the holdout not getting the result he wanted. Receiving Week 5 MG - 6 targets 4 rec 7 yards 1.75 ypc AE - 16 targets 15 rec 86 yards 5.73 ypc Week 6 MG - 4 targets
  4. I would be shocked if anyone could get a 1st for him at this point in dynasty due to the question marks of where will he play, will he even get a contract with any team due to how many young RBs are out there and the way the game has changed to RBBC. I think he's a selfish player who doesn't even deserve to start on the Chargers right now.
  5. I just came here to say that Gordon is trash and should not have come back. The team was better without him. If he thinks he will get a big contract after this season he is nuts.
  6. Welcome to Austin! We've been here for about 2 1/2 years from Dallas and actually planning on moving to FL next year once our lease is up to be closer to the parents as they are getting to the point that we want to be there for them. You chose to move down south. We lived in that area when we first moved here and then moved all the way north to Leander. We couldn't stand the traffic on I35 going north. But, the traffic headed south sucks too but at least we don't have to us I35 anymore, most of the time. Looks like your wife should be able to just jump onto MoPac to get to work. But, you
  7. If you don't want to play Edelman & Gordon together then I would go with Gabriel. Chicago's offense has been pretty good lately. Has made me think hard about starting Goff over Trubitsky. I'm very tempted to go with Trubitsky.
  8. Standard scoring non-PPR already started DJ on Thursday. Need to start 2 out of these 3: Mark Ingram @BAL Sun 4:05 p.m. Sony Michel @CHI Sun 1:00 p.m. Nick Chubb @TBB Sun 1:00 p.m. Thinking of going with Ingram and Chubb. But, I held onto Ingram all year waiting for his return and I am having a hard time benching him even againts Baltimore's Defense. Any thoughts?
  9. I have Chubb and DJ. Would have benched DJ if I knew about the trade. I will be very hesitant to start DJ going forward until I see improvement. Happy to have the option now with Chubb. I expect Duke to remain in a similar role he played before the trade.
  10. I'm not saying some morons get dogs cause they think they're cool. I would say the majority of responsible owners are not looking for a cool dog, they are looking for a family member, a companion, you know, normal reasons to own dogs.
  11. Noob? I was here 13 years before you joined. You’re not the dumbest person on the planet, but you sure better hope he doesn’t die. Mosquitoes kill more than 700,000 people every year and account for 17% of the estimated global burden of infectious diseases. Think again genius.
  12. Right now starting Chubb, Mark Ingram and already started David Johnson. Sony is on the bench until I know he is starting then Chubb will be benched. I would have started Chubb over Johnson. But, that disaster is over now, nothing I can do about it.
  13. If we are talking about human deaths, then maybe we should be talking about Mosquitos, Humans & Snakes. Mosquitoes are responsible for around 725,000 deaths per year and approximately 475,000 people die every year at the hand of fellow man. But, if you want to stick with dogs. The most common contributing factors in fatal dog attacks were: absence of an able-bodied person to intervene, no familiar relationship of victims with dogs, owner failure to neuter dogs, compromised ability of victims to interact appropriately with dogs (e.g. mental disabilities), dogs kept isolated f
  14. That is some insightful wisdom you have bestowed upon us. Thank you for your input.
  15. OK, you are entitled to your opinion. You may be of the opinion that the moon is made of cheese as well. Just because it's your opinion does not make it reality.
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