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  1. Excited to see Dane Dunning wear glasses and throw baseball tonight.
  2. Went down the Jim Steinman rabbit hole last night, even listened to the Bat Out Of Hell: The Musical. Bad For Good is pretty much the Bat Out Of Hell II demos, even stealing the spoken dialogue. And completely forgot that the intro from Stark Raving Love is used for Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero".
  3. Would have been good to mix in a hit with all of those free passes. Ohtani is entertaining to watch, that is for sure.
  4. Yeah. Pretty cool he wrote the biggest hits for not only Meat Loaf but for The Dan Band.
  5. I bet I have listened to Meat Loaf's version dozens of times, but never heard this one. It's good. Off to Spotify to listen to Bad For Good.
  6. Jim Steinman at 73. The brains behind Meatloaf's brawn for his most successful songs.
  7. Can Kohei Arihara be the next Yu Darvish? No, probably not. But, he throws baseball pretty good.
  8. Drove like 6 hours for Cheer competition this weekend, so caught up on some of Bill's podcast. I still enjoy most of them, but can't defend this statement, paraphrased, but close: "Josh Allen just has a body that you know is made to last, not like the skinny guys like RGIII, Lamar or ... Josh Allen". Ran it back three times to make sure he compared Josh Allen to Josh Allen.
  9. Kyle Gibson current ERA: 2.53 I think that's good, is that good? Goodish? (Fun what-if math: take away Opening Day and his ERA is 0.42)
  10. Adolis Garcia is the 1st player in Rangers history to hit a go-ahead HR in extras as his 1st career HR. This stupid team is going to suck me in by pretending they can compete.
  11. Those that say injures played a part in Samoa Joe getting cut: WrestleMania was just headlined by a guy that beat cancer and two guys who retired from career ending injuries and told they would never wrestle again. It wasn't about Joe's injuries.
  12. And Bo Dallas. That man deserves his own post.
  13. Holy hell, Samoa Joe also released today. That one is a shock.
  14. WWE with their yearly cuts: Billie Kay, Chelsea Green, Tucker, Kalisto, Blake, & Mickie James all wished the best in their future endeavors. I would want to see Tucker show up on NWA and just dominate.
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