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  1. This might be the most first-world problem question ever, but does anyone have a wallet suggestion that keeps the Apple Card from getting beat up? Went non-leather because it stains the card (can't believe I'm typing this), but the metal wallet I pick has beaten the card up. Thanks, will hang up and listen.
  2. Trogg - 11.08 - Patrick Corbin - SP - WSH @FishTacoTuesday
  3. This one hurts. Flipped a coin between him and Jesus and was hoping and praying he made it back around.
  4. Really sad news. Loved both roles he played in NWA. Made a special show even more special.
  5. Yep. Same here. I have not used my debit card in years. In fact it's been locked for sometime because some running magazine tried to renew a subscription and the card blocked it as a scam. I have yet to turn it back on. There is a single store, Winco, that only uses debit or cash to pay, and I normally just go in with cash. Side note, Wells Fargo ATMs always give you your most common transaction as a first choice on the ATM and forever it was Cash Withdrawal for the amount I would get to go to the strip club. Just this year, it has flipped to my most common transition as deposit. Thanks C
  6. 9.07 - Jesus Luzardo - SP - OAK Probably the AL Cy Young winner this year @trogg78
  7. This pick had to happen. I hope to someday find a woman that loves me the way Frosty loves Kyle Lewis.
  8. 7.07 - Dinelson Lamet - SP - SDP Cy Young winner this year @trogg78
  9. Jericho talking Christian Metal is one of my favorite things ever.
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