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  1. Wrestling Twitter abuzz with Friday Night Ratings Smack Talk. Raw data shows WWE(866K) beating AEW(578k), but Tony Kahn is able to claim victory in the male 18-49 demo, 328k for AEW vs. 285k for WWE. In the end, we are all winners here. WWE knows they have to bring their A game. Tony Kahn is ready to spend the resources to really compete. It's the 1990s all over again.
  2. Roman Reigns completely dominating Wrestling Twitter today. Really looking forward to both companies' shows tonight. And a big shout out to @JB Breakfast Club for planting the first and biggest flag on Reigns island. Our boy has been right about Reigns all along.
  3. She's making about 15k per Indie appearance compared to Cardona making 25k. I would say the relevance is there.
  4. Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki this Friday Tony Khan: "Bryan, welcome to AEW!! We are really excited to have you. Some of the booking ideas we have...." Bryan: "Here's a list of guys I want to fight, no matter the company." Tony: "Yep. Let's just do that."
  5. Season One of Heels finished up this weekend. Told a great story overall and left plenty of meat on the bone for Season 2. And the ability to move cast in and out going forward could give the series legs for a few seasons. Great cast that could have really messed up parts of the story in the wrong hands. And I'm buying all the stock I can in Kelli Berglund. As Disney/Marvel starts lining up the next decade of films, she could easily be the lead female character in the Brie Larson mold.
  6. My favorite part of that play is they were a good 2-3 seconds past time running out on the play clock and the officials were like "please, just run the play. Damn it, we have to throw a flag anyway?"
  7. I was hoping for an SE drop on both and watch as mine are both about to die(Series 2 watch/iphone 8 plus), but no such luck.
  8. Tessa Blanchard will be a good soldier for WOW. There is no doubt that CBS did their due diligence on the alleged incidents and felt good enough to bring her on. I doubt AJ Lee would attach her name without feeling good about the situation as well. Tessa got a year in purgatory and knows that if she wants to sniff a WWE or AEW or New Japan ring in the future, she has to be respectful every day from here on out. I still think she's the best woman's wrestler on the planet and I will be tuning in. Hard to separate the performer from the character. Darby Allin is getting praise daily and getting a rub from a top five iconic wrestler ever, but he has allegations that dwarf what Tessa is accused of. Still we are watching on AEW every week.
  9. Probably paid endorsements but the media seems to like the new Maverick: Car and Driver ARS Technica The Drive This is honestly the kind of vehicle I need. My commute is too long for a real truck guzzling gas, but would like something to carry a bike, occasional DIY projects and still drive like a car. Then again, I liked El Caminos as a kid.
  10. Glad to see all the chatter about the very important WWE Draft for the last two shows. The impact is going to be earth shattering.
  11. It doesn't really matter what you do or say I'm never going anywhere anyway 'Cause when I'm dying for you I've never felt so alive
  12. Really wanted to go Sunday, just to say I was there, but kids and cheer practice and volleyball tournments and birthdays ruined those plans.
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